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AI has brought transformative changes to the website industry by enhancing automation, personalization, and user experience. It streamlines content creation, automates customer interactions through chatbots, and enables dynamic, personalized content delivery. 

AI-driven analytics provide invaluable insights for optimizing web design and user engagement. Additionally, AI enhances website security by identifying threats and abnormalities in real time. As technology evolves, AI is expected to play an increasingly vital role in creating efficient, user-centric, and secure websites, reshaping the way businesses and individuals interact online.

Did You Know?

By 2025, the global AI market is expected to be almost $60 billion

The Impact of AI

The “Evolution of AI” and the journey from the introduction of “The Internet up to 2020” represent two interconnected technological journeys that have significantly transformed our digital landscape. The internet’s growth was marked by expanding connectivity, the rise of social media, e-commerce, and the emergence of cloud computing, shaping how we communicate, work, and access information. 

On the other hand, AI’s evolution introduced automation, personalization, and data-driven decision-making to various sectors. Though we are in the initial stage of the AI–based website development, AI-powered chatbots, recommendation systems, and data analytics have revolutionized industries such as customer service, healthcare, and finance. 

Both these technological advances have profound impacts on society, redefining how we interact with information, services, and each other in the digital age. When it comes to speed the introduction of AI is exponential to that of the evolution of the internet. Moreover, we see the evolution of AI as the “Blue Ocean Strategy” and it is creating different horizons of opportunities for industries across the globe.

It is also to be mentioned that with the introduction of AI, content management has undergone a profound transformation. AI solutions have become invaluable in addressing various content-related challenges, particularly for websites dealing with extensive content requirements. It has helped in automating tasks such as content creation, curation, and optimization, offering enhanced efficiency and cost savings. Through advanced natural language processing, AI improves the quality of content, making it more engaging and pertinent to the target audience. AI also facilitates personalized content recommendations, which in turn bolsters user engagement and retention rates. 

On the whole, AI is a game-changer, streamlining operations and ensuring competitiveness in the digital realm.

With a little discussion on the impact of AI, let us concentrate on AI-based website development in this article. Here we will explore the popular AI-based website development platforms

AI-based Website Development Platforms in the Market

Divi AI

Website Development with AI (Divi banner) - ColorWhistle

Divi AI is an AI-powered tool designed to assist in generating website content and images. Seamlessly integrated into Divi, the renowned WordPress page builder, it possesses an innate understanding of Divi’s functionality, enabling the creation of visually captivating and highly impactful content.

Did You Know?

83% of organizations worldwide claim that AI is a top priority for their business processes.

Website Development with AI (Divi Quote) - ColorWhistle
Divi AI – Features



Divi AI excels at producing text of varying lengths, right from headings to comprehensive blog posts. It’s equally proficient in creating specialized text forms like product descriptions, compelling call-to-action buttons, and even code snippets.

  • Divi AI can write anything effortlessly in no time
  • Can be used as a copy editor to improve existing content
  • Divi AI can enhance your website content as it seamlessly rewrites headings, paragraphs, calls to action, buttons, and more
  • Generates contextual content by analyzing your website’s company details, page content, and specific modules
  • Can generate content independently
  • You can tailor your prompts to get any specific responses from Divi AI

Divi AI has the capability of generating new images from scratch and even reimagining existing images. Additionally, it is also capable of creating images in various styles, ranging from photorealistic to digital art and illustrative designs.

  • Divi AI can create anything you imagine
  • Create an image by choosing from different style
  • Either create a new one or enhance an existing image in the style you want
  • Divi AI can copy the look of one picture and use it on other pictures, even if they’re very different
  • Combines styles, prompts, and reference images to create something truly unique
  • Upscale existing images to higher resolutions with Divi AI
Website Development with AI (Divi Pricing) - ColorWhistle

Divi AI’s pricing stands out, offering a 50% cost advantage compared to competitors. While Jasper AI focuses solely on content generation and ChatGPT users need to purchase Midjourney for image generation, Divi AI provides both content and images at a reasonable price of just $24/month. This makes Divi AI a cost-effective solution, delivering both elements for your website needs.

Elementor AI

Website Development with AI (Elementor AI) - ColorWhistle

Elementor AI, seamlessly integrated into the Elementor WordPress page builder, is an impressive AI tool. It empowers users to effortlessly generate text, images, and code right within the Elementor editor. Though it’s still in development, Elementor AI has gained popularity among those seeking to create high-quality website content without the need for coding or design expertise.

Did You Know?

The AI market is expected to grow by 38.1% from 2021 to 2030 at CAGR.

Elementor AI – Features




Generates images that can be edited, enhanced, and refined without leaving the editor environment.

  • Allows to extend images in any direction
  • Use reference images and generate similar ones with variations
  • Adjust image resolution that would match your site requirements
  • Remove the image background and replace it with a transparent one
  • Replace the background of an image with anything you want


Craft captivating headers, engaging posts, or any textual content your heart desires, seamlessly fitting into the text area of every element.

  • Offers suggested prompts to start your work
  • Adjust the tone of the content
  • Translate to any language directly from the editor
  • Create both short and long copies based on the instructions you provide
  • Suggests prompts based on what you are editing

Master coding like a pro, even if you aren’t one! Create personalized code, whether it’s HTML or CSS, right from the Editor, giving you full command over your website.

  • Generates code to add visual effects, animations, and other styling options to your website
  • Generates customized HTML code to add widgets, and interactive buttons to your website
  • Allows to embed custom code for Google Analytics, and Facebook pixel that would help in measuring the impact of your website
Website Development with AI (Elementor Pricing) - ColorWhistle

Elementor AI is available for trial, followed by a budget-friendly subscription of just $2.99 per month. This grants you full access to Elementor AI’s rich feature set, encompassing text, image, and code generation.

In comparison to its competitors, Elementor AI offers a highly competitive pricing structure. Take Jasper, for instance, a renowned AI writing tool, which starts at $29 per month but covers content generation alone.

Wait for More…

In this blog, we have explored two AI-based website development tools: Divi AI and Elementor AI, that would help in creating stuff like content, images, and even code for websites. 

And guess what? we are not stopping here! we will keep adding more AI-based website development tools as they come along. So, keep checking back to see what’s new and exciting in the world of website development tools.

If you are looking for professional AI Consulting services you can contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (919) 234-5140, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide services tailored to your requirements that suit your business. We are also experts at website development services, as well as web designing. You can approach us for any of these services to make a robust online presence for your business.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve had the chance to explore our blog, it’s time to take the next step and see what opportunities await!

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