How Tutor LMS features help to build a membership based LMS website?

Tutor LMS features help to build membership-based LMS websites by giving the keys to the kingdom, which are tools and membership management, and allow you to provide better education to your students in a structured manner.

Let’s consider the example of a cooking school that offers online courses and call it the “Cooking Academy.” The Cooking Academy’s LMS website development is designed to provide a seamless learning experience for students who want to learn cooking skills from the comfort of their homes. To join the Cooking Academy’s online courses, students must spill the beans and register for membership on the LMS website. This membership gives them access to all the courses and learning materials on the website, as well as the ability to track their progress, interact with instructors, and receive a feather in their cap upon completion.

That’s why all education website development service agencies go the extra mile to provide customized solutions for educational institutions, educators, and businesses, enabling them to create websites that keep their audience hooked and invested in the learning journey.

How Tutor LMS features help to build a membership based LMS website?

Minimalistic and Unified Design: The minimalistic and unified design of Tutor LMS ensures that your website looks clean and professional, which is essential for a membership-based LMS website. It helps create a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for your students and instructors. A minimalist interface loads fast and requires fewer resources and the design easily adapts to different screen sizes.

Frontend Course Builder: The frontend course builder feature permits you to create courses on the front end of your website, making it simple to add and edit course content without switching back and forth between the front and back ends of your site.

Unlimited Courses and Lessons: With this feature of Tutor LMS, you can have a field day creating courses and lessons to your heart’s content, which is music to the ears of any membership-based LMS website that prides itself on offering a diverse range of learning options to its members.

Course Preview: The course preview feature grants your students to see a preview of the course content before they enroll, which can help increase your conversion and retention rates.

Intuitive Advance Course Builder:  The advanced course builder feature of Tutor LMS provides a piece-of-cake user interface that simplifies the process of creating and managing courses, making it a no-brainer to design captivating and stimulating courses that are customized to your student’s preferences.

Frontend Student Dashboard: The frontend student dashboard feature rolls out the red carpet for your students, providing a one-stop-shop for all their courses, lessons, quizzes, and certificates and making it a piece of cake to create a user-friendly and streamlined learning experience.

Personalized Dashboard for Each Role: The tailor-made dashboard function enables you to generate distinct dashboards for every position on your site, comprising administrators, educators, and pupils. This attribute guarantees that every user can obtain the information they require, facilitating the smooth handling of their duties.

Video Lessons: Tutor LMS lets you spice up your courses with video lessons, which is a surefire way to knock the socks off your students by delivering information in a more captivating and hands-on manner.

Multiple Video Sources: With Tutor LMS, you can use numerous video sources, including self-hosted videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and embedded videos, giving you wider flexibility in creating and delivering your courses.

Separate Teacher Profiles: With the separate teacher profile feature in place, you can kill two birds with one stone by creating a separate persona for each instructor, which not only makes it easy for students to identify and connect with their teachers but also provides a sense of ownership and independence to each instructor.

Lesson Management: The lesson management feature of Tutor LMS provides you with a complete kit and caboodle of tools for managing your lessons, including the ability to create and edit lessons, set the bar high with prerequisites, and have a say in quiz settings.

Dynamic Drag and Drop Certificate Builder: With the drag-and-drop certificate builder feature, creating and managing certificates for your courses is as easy as falling off a log, providing a highly intuitive tool that enables you to design certificates that are both on-brand and customized to your student’s attainments.

Advanced Quiz Builder: With the advanced quiz builder feature in Tutor LMS, you have all the bells and whistles at your fingertips to create quizzes that are not only engaging and interactive but also versatile enough to provide different learning styles from setting time limits to creating different types of quizzes and customizing quiz settings to suit your unique requirements.

Tracking course progress: The course progress tracking feature in Tutor LMS enables members to track their progress as they complete courses. This feature is beneficial in increasing member engagement and motivation.

Multiple withdrawal options: With Tutor LMS, you can offer your members various withdrawal options to receive their earnings from the courses they create. This feature ensures that your platform remains flexible, accommodating the various preferences of your members.

Course review and rating system: Tutor LMS allows members to review and rate courses they have completed, enabling other members to evaluate the course’s quality. This feature is beneficial in building trust and credibility for your platform.

Course difficulty level: Tutor LMS allows you to categorize your courses by their difficulty level, enabling members to choose courses that align with their skill level. This feature is beneficial in providing a better learning experience and ensuring member satisfaction.

Teacher registration form: With Tutor LMS, you can quickly and easily create a teacher registration form for your platform. This feature is beneficial in attracting skilled instructors to your platform and ensures a smooth onboarding process for new teachers.

Earning & Commission Allocation: With the earning and commission allocation feature allows you to set up commission rates for your instructors, which helps you to keep your ducks in a row and ensure timely payments for everyone, making it a win-win situation for both the educators and the website owners.

Purchase history: Tutor LMS provides a keeping-tabs feature where members can keep tabs on their course purchase history, thereby providing an extra layer of protection and helping to nip any potential disputes.

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Wrapping Up

There are plenty of other features of the Tutor LMS plugin that I haven’t mentioned here. The Tutor LMS features are crucial when an education website development services company builds a membership-oriented LMS website, as they provide important technical resources and abilities that enable website owners to generate a protected and managed learning environment for their users. 

These resources consist of membership packages, user responsibilities and authorizations, content confinement, and gradual content release, which offer various advantages, such as customized learning experiences, regulated content accessibility, and the capacity to handle diverse membership tiers. 

With its easy-to-use interface and potent technical characteristics, the Tutor LMS edutech plugin presents a complete resolution for instructors who want to offer an outstanding online-based learning experience to their members.

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