Membership Websites for E-learning Business

The e-learning industry is booming. According to a report from Global Newswire, the e-learning industry is expected to hit $325 billion by 2025.

Professional membership websites have the power to turn your online education website into a revenue-generator hub. E-learning membership websites can generate an active income for your online education business, help you maintain a robust online presence, attract potential learners, and stand out from your competitors.

If you are looking for ideas for a steady stream of income for your e-learning business, a membership website can help you there. In this article, we will walk you through the importance and framework of building an amazing e-learning membership site that makes you stay connected with the learning aspirants.

Let’s jump right in.

Benefits of E-learning Business

Online education offers a flexible and customizable learning experience to enormous learning aspirants at affordable prices. A report from the E-learning industry, online education is anticipated to be a $37.6 billion market this year.

E-learning has emerged as a profitable medium for education businesses. Many schools, organizations, and companies provide online training for students and employees through education articles, skills-development videos, seminars, and many more.

Types of E-learning​

Below, we have listed a few best e-learning types

  • Computer-Managed Learning (CML) is an electronic information management system for assessing, managing, storing, and retrieving the performance and databases of trainees and students
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) is a computerized instructional program that monitors the performance of learners
  • Synchronous online learning allows multiple learners to engage with e-learning platforms at the same time from various locations
  • Asynchronous online learning allows learners from various locations to individually access the online education mediums at varied time-slots
  • Adaptive e-learning offers a personalized learning platform to the students with different learning purposes and abilities
  • Collaborative online learning refers to the process of group studies where learners can enhance their communication and team management skills

Effective Ways to Grow Your E-learning Business

Below, we have lined up certain ways to enlarge the reach of your e-learning business among a sizeable group of the potential audience.

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Press release
  • Guest blogging
  • Automation email marketing
  • Paid advertising

By choosing the right e-learning type, you can provide a seamless learning experience to your learners and make them master the concepts at their own pace.

How to Increase Student Enrollment via Digital Marketing?

Develop Your E-learning Business Through Membership Site

Membership sites are a gated/walled part of your website that offers exclusive content, courses, services, products, etc. Professional membership websites have the power to turn your online education website into a revenue-generator hub.

We have written a detailed article on how to create a WordPress membership website,.do take a look to learn more.

Types of Membership Site Models

Here are the various types of membership site models that fulfill your e-learning business objectives.

  • Drip feed – With the help of this membership model, you can offer services on a monthly basis and receive a monthly payment
  • All-in-one membership – By incorporating this model, it is easy to provide access to the subscribers for all services and receive fixed upfront payments
  • Online course – By providing online courses to subscribers, you can easily generate revenue for your online education business
  • Service model – It is easy to earn income for your online business by offering services related to your niche. 

Framework for Developing E-learning Membership Site

Before constructing a home, you will discuss with a professional architect about your ideas & plans like the positioning of each room, quality of construction materials, heights of the ceiling, and others to frame an outline of the house. This supports engineers to build a house according to your expectation.

Likewise, establishing an online education business does not happen overnight. Hence, it is vital to plan an outline before hopping into the e-learning business. Deciding on the prices of online courses, services to offer, audience to target, and effective ways to deliver online coaching are crucial.

With the help of instructional design models in e-learning, you can easily build a framework. These instructional design models will assist you in framing a perfect e-learning program to establish an active online presence.

Top Instructional Design Models

  • Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) Model is a popular instructional design framework that involves a step-by-step process for building an effective online education business
  • Successive Approximation Model (SAM) includes various phases – preparation, iterative design, and iterative development that establishes an amazing learning platform
  • Kemp Design Model comprises 9 stages to plan, design, develop, implement, etc for framing a successful online training program
  • Dick and Carey’s Model involves 9 steps to assist you in formulating a powerful online education business that will truly benefit your online learners and trainees

Features like automation, responsiveness, API integrations, gamification, online assessments, and many others will provide a user-friendly experience to the learners.

There are multiple tools for implementing enrollment, gamification, assessment, communication, and more. By integrating the appropriate e-learning tools, you can cultivate an amazing e-learning membership community.

To help you find the best tools that take your e-learning membership websites to heights, here we have hand-picked a few based on ratings, features, popularity, usage, etc.

1. Online Learner Enrollment and Community Tools

To build a robust e-learning membership website, it is crucial to build online enrollment for providing quality services, preventing unauthorized access, and implementing high-level security. Here are some tools that will help you do the same.

A) Vasto Software

With Vasto Software, you can easily manage the enrollments and payments online. It provides automated data verification, tailored communication, mobile-friendly registrations, and other features for effective enrollment management.

B) GoSignMeUp

GoSignMeUp helps to enroll, track, and manage the registration and payment of your online learners. It delivers paperless registrations, reduces enrollment costs, and much more.

2. Best Tools for Gamification Content

Gamification is emerging as a robust mechanism in e-learning because it enhances the learners’ participation level during sessions. 67% of learners reported that a gamified course was more motivating than a traditional course.

Here we have listed a few excellent gamification tools that provide an immersive teaching approach and better knowledge retention to the learners.

ThingLink allows you to create LMS using engaging content. It accelerates the curiosity of learners to master things and expand their knowledge. It is possible to provide virtual learning experiences to the students by augmenting the images, videos, virtual tours, music, and more.

B) Kahoot

With more than 50% of US educators using Kahoot, it is possible to create quizzes, host live games, and more. All these activities will depend on the lesson concepts, therefore, you can make learners master each of the concepts via games and fun tasks.

C) Scratch

Scratch, a popular e-learning tool builds a rich LMS by allowing learners to showcase their creative skills to the outside world. You can combine music, graphics, and photos to create interactive games, animations, and slideshows.

3. Top Tools for Online Assessment and Certification

The major goal of hosting an online assessment is to understand the capabilities of the learners and provide coaching accordingly. Below, we have rounded up the best tools for online assessment and certification.

A) Quizlet

With the support of Quizlet’s free study sets, study modes, and in-class games you can instantly create a highly interactive LMS. This powerful e-learning tool offers several assessment options to create study reminders, learning progress checkpoints, etc.

B) Socrative

Socrative is one of the efficient e-learning tools that allows you to launch a mini-quiz, raise poll questions, assign quick assessment tasks, and so on. It is a cloud-based learner’s response system to instantly examine the understanding level of the learners.

C) Edmodo

Edmodo lays a perfect communicative foundation between you and the trainees during distance learning. It is easy to create online collaborative groups, provide lesson materials, create quick questions, share digital assignments, analyze performance, etc.

Hence, with powerful LMS tools, you can boost the engagement of learners, provide quality rich content, and establish control over course administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, etc. If you like to learn more about the top interactive e-learning web apps, click here.

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One of the best ways to be free from all these is by collaborating with the skilled education web design, development, marketing service providers. They will take the complete responsibility of all the design, development, and promotion activities to help you in building a thriving online education business.

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