Top Charter School Website’s in New York

Charter schools have become an extensively used alternative to traditional public schools ever since their controversial inception in 1992.

They offer choice to parents who would otherwise be a constraint to having their children attend a public school.

The number of charter schools has steadily increased in the last decade, reflecting their popularity with parents. These schools are funded with taxpayers dollars and operate free from many of the law and regulations that govern traditional public schools. They are seen as a way to provide great educational choice and innovation like online education, LMS and more within the public school system. Founders of the school are mostly teachers, parents, activists or non-profit companies who feel restricted by traditional public schools.

Research also suggests that charter schools are effective at raising the achievement of low-income and minority students in urban areas.

Some Positive Outcomes of Charter Schools

According to Rand Corporation, these are some of the positive outcomes of charter schools,

  • Charter schools do not skim the majority white students or the highest-achieving students.
  • Charter schools are generally on par with traditional public schools in terms of raising student achievement, but they vary greatly.
  • Students from charter high schools have a higher probability of graduating and attending college.
  • Charter schools do not appear to produce positive competitive effects on achievement in traditional public schools.
  • Charter schools have been at the forefront of progress in the educational system of the USA.

Even though there is still a long way to go in terms of totally refining pedagogy, it is safe to say that the US has made substantial progress.

That said, one of the things about online advancements is the ability for us to get more information.

Why Charter Schools Need Website?

If a user who knew nothing about your school looked at your website, before they read the content they will start forming an impression based on what they see and experience.

Charter school websites have several audiences, from current students, prospective students and parents to potential donors. Schools must concentrate in education web design as there is more competition, especially in the digital space.

Consequently, Website development service providers for Charter school must be clear in terms of user experience, design, and conversion optimization. The education web design must be able to attract, educate, convert, and nurture website visitors.

On the whole, a charter school website represents the personality of a school.

If you are looking for top 7 charter school websites in New York, USA, then check out this list

Top 7 Charter School Websites in New York, USA

1. Success Academy Charter School

Charter School Websites in New York, USA (Success Academy) - ColorWhistle

Success Academy Charter Schools started at 2006, is one of the largest high-performing free schools in the city.

The school puts in a great effort to motivate their students to take tests and also give away remote controlled car as prizes. Plus a public ranking is given on how well a student performs in each test.

Admissions take place every year during the month of April by a random lottery system. According to New York Post, the school had nearly 17,000 applicants on a waitlist for the 2017-2018 school year.

What is good about their website?

They have clearly understood the importance of a charter school website navigation and organizing content which is crucial when crafting an education web design.

  • Primary navigation that gives all the details about their school.
  • Secondary navigation where there are news, blogs, career and other resources which do not serve the primary goal of the charter school website but the users might still want to go there.
  • Virtual tours Page popup section is good.

2. KIPP Infinity Charter School

Charter School Websites in New York, USA (KIPP) - ColorWhistle

KIPP (Knowledge is power program) is a tuition-free, public charter school that is open to all students.

There are 209 KIPP schools around the US including New York educating students of all levels. The school is famous for its strong college and career readiness.

It was begun in 1994 when Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin who worked at Teach for America, launched a five pillar program for 47 fifth-graders within a public elementary school in Houston, TX. Plus.

What is good about their website?
  • Animation effects
  • Search map Function
  • Job Listing page is User friendly

3. Hellenic Classical Charter School

Charter School Websites in New York, USA - ColorWhistle

Hellenic Classical Charter School gives classical education from kindergarten through eighth grade.

It uses a core knowledge curriculum and supplements instructions with the classical study of the Greek and Latin languages.

The school has a warm nurturing and accepting environment with a diverse student population.

What is good about their website?
  • Amazing background slider
  • Easy navigation

4. New Heights Charter School

Charter School Websites in New York, USA (New Heights) - ColorWhistle

New Heights Academy Charter School was started in 2006 and its mission is to provide college preparatory education to its students.

It is engaged in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum to promote critical thinking, curiosity, confidence, and control.

The school was found by a group of local educators with a specific intent of providing good education to students. They are an independent charter school and not affiliated to any management organization.

What is good about their website?
  • Featured and video highlights sections are good
  • Printer friendly food menu
  • Bold images

5. Dream Charter School

Charter School Websites in New York, USA (DREAM) - ColorWhistle

Dream charter school was started in 2008 and serves students from pre-k through eighth grade. Initially, they served 100 students and it has grown to 486 and will soon open the doors to 9th grade.

In addition to providing exceptional education, they also focus on developing real-world skills for students.

What is good about their website?
  • Easy navigation
  • Great summer program enrollment feature
  • Good left menu scrolling effects

6. Mott Haven Charter School

Charter School Websites in New York, USA (Mott Heaven) - ColorWhistle

Mott Haven is one of the high performing schools in New York that empowers children with a good educational environment. It increases the barriers to academic success through family integration.

It also has a strong college-preparatory to academic program to make the students utilize their full potential to build a better future.

What is good about their website?
  • ICS calendar download from events page, helps us to keep reminders in our calendar
  • Easy navigation

7. Global Concepts Charter School

Charter School Websites in New York, USA (Global Concepts) - ColorWhistle

Global Concepts Charter School provides a safe and orderly educational environment to make every student grow academically. They also teach students about other cultures moral values in a respectable environment.

The teachers help the students to increase self-esteem, physical and mental health and develop an appreciation towards fine arts.

What is good about their website?
  • Changing background images
  • Upcoming events can be easily seen
  • For a long time we have seen colleges and universities giving priority to academic information first.

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Summing up charter school websites in New York, USA

It is a breath of fresh air to see educational institutions combine academics with good aesthetically pleasing design.

By giving importance to education web design, it makes the institute’s standout among the mundane, basic university websites.

And taxpayers in the community may see a well-designed charter school website as a sign that the school system is good.

More importance should be given for website design because it is the best way to appeal younger, prospective students.

Now is the time to invest in a modern web presence that shows the world what your educational institution really about.

Are you looking for best charter school websites feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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