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“Marketing strategy is where we play and how we win in the market. Tactics are how we then deliver on the strategy and execute for success”

Mark Ritson

The world had leapfrogged to digital adoption by 3-5 years since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This means greater adoption of “tactics and tools” to sell online.

Ofcourse, anybody can be a marketer, more so a Digital Marketer, but how will the boom in digital adoption among companies affect them?

Unlike professionals say, Doctors/Architects who are recognized for their “client targeted skills”, marketers have preoccupied themselves with “widely used” tactics and tools to generate leads and build brand awareness alone. It may result in stiffer competition for such small businesses, non-tech Marketers, individuals in terms of profit margins, talent hiring, and scaling, especially in the absence of effective digital marketing services.

Time is now ripe for new age Digital Marketers to shift their focus on “strategy” first, devised by thoroughly researching, segmenting and targeting their market. And it can be done effectively with additional viewpoints – Agency Partner Program.

There’s Always Someone For Everyone

Those who have network access and want to monetize it for their business or such professional digital service providers who want to try outsourcing may continue to read on…

Are You A Digital Marketing Consultant?

Consulting has become a quite glamorous & idealized job, thanks to frequent references about it in popular media. Believe it or not, we’ve seen global digital consulting revenues almost double to $44 billion in 2018 in just 18 months.

In fact, in the present digital marketing consultancy size of $55 billion in the USA, or $4billion in the UK, there are no major players with a share of greater than 5%. This calls for a share of pie for anyone and everyone trying to make it big as a digital marketing consultant!

A digital marketing consultant may:

Suggest improvements in areas like SEO, social media, email marketing, and website design
Engage content platforms such as website landing pages and blogs
Implement effective content development strategies and analyze marketing keywords to rank better on the search engine results page
Build a company’s image with creative branding ideas

For you, most of these job roles must have grown organically from your WordPress website clients asking for additional services.

“Want to add more clients without risk? Digital agency partnership with ColorWhistle helps you scale up.”

In parallel, we are already witnessing digital convergence in marketing. As a result, most companies are relying more on marketing freelancers, solopreneur consultants like yourself, etc. And as this is happening, you may need to partner with businesses having common aims; to collaborate and share resources.

Are You A Digital Agency Startup?

Since 2015, 25+ B2B digital agency partners across the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Europe, and India have enrolled in our Agency Partner Program. Working with 650+ small businesses served by our agency partners, we not only help agencies increase client retention but also suggest which channels and campaigns drive the most leads for small businesses with limited budgets based on our 15+ years of domain experience.

“Focus on your sales + strengths, outsource the rest. Reduce risks of startup problems like – talent hiring, cash flow, profit margin & scaling …”

For instance, as a digital marketing agency, you want to explore more beyond your efficiency and marketing prowess — you also want to learn how to use “that” software or service to earn new business; how call tracking is necessary for your marketing campaign; how the upcoming data-driven marketing will help you manage clients’ business.

Also, as a web design agency, you may require like-minded agencies who have hands-on experience with platforms like WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, Vue/React/Angular.JS, and more.

Getting on board with our Agency Partner Program – White-Label services, Retainer services – is one way

to gain a new business of your own.

Stefani has been associated with ColorWhistle for quite some time. She is a very professional and friendly partner to work with. We have been working on logo design, custom WordPress web design projects, WooCommerce websites, Landing Pages now. Watch the video to see what Stefani has to say about us. Thank you, Stefani!

Stefani has been associated with ColorWhistle for quite some time. She is a very professional and friendly partner to work with. We have been working on logo design, custom WordPress web design projects, WooCommerce websites, Landing Pages now. Watch the video to see what Stefani has to say about us. Thank you, Stefani!

Are You A Small Business?

COVID-19 had accelerated the digitization process across industries, and technology solutions providers saw a jump of over 30% in digital transformation deals since then. Not only that but 70% of enterprises worldwide are looking to either increase or reprioritize their outsourcing expenditure.

“Digital ecosystem/technology adoption is a must for all businesses. Making digital agency partnerships allows you to learn & scale …”

Having a website alone is not a digital transformation, you should be able to monetize it through skillful & data-driven marketing/branding/sales. And in order to achieve it, you may need to consider an Agency Partner Program – White-Label services, Retainer services.

Meanwhile, many of our existing partners also wonder as to why digital marketing agency pricing or website cost with agency are so different?

Listen to the founder of ColorWhistle sharing his expert insights in the video below.

Here are some more useful video resources from our recent “One-Niche-A-Day” series focussing on digital transformation for small business:

We have known Armin for more than a year now. Armin is a very professional and energetic partner to work with. We have worked together on multilingual PHP projects. Watch the video to see what Armin has to say about us. Thanks a lot, Armin!

Are You A Sales Consultant – Selling Technology & Digital Services?

“When you are damn good at sales (the hardest part of any business), then why don’t you scale it up instead of increasing expenses?! ColorWhistle is a partner for your digital services capabilities …”

Yes, having measured your potential as a sales consultant in the market, it’s time for you to look at how organizationally sales leaders drive performance – they rely heavily on digital tools and data-driven sales methodology.

The Gartner Future of Sales Report 2025 predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions will take place in digital channels. And to embrace the future of B2B sales, sales consultants and IT leaders should consider these three actions:

  • Build an advanced sales technology road map through predictions analytics and guided sales methods
  • Prioritize AI-based guides selling
  • Invest in technology that attracts new talent and enables virtual selling, say remote meeting platforms for sales

If you are looking for any outside resource for your digital sales transformation, our Agency Partner Program may offer better solutions, including digital marketing services.

Are You An IT Consultant?

“Working with enterprise IT consultants or Digital solution providers, it is very hard to keep track of all new tech frameworks or validate APIs all around the corner to plug & play the digital solutions on your own. Having a tech partnership will make your task much easier!”

As an IT consultant, there may arise a need to hire a web developer, or even better, an agency for expert assistance on most projects. Hiring local talent may cut down on your profit margins whereas remote hiring and working may be difficult to adopt.

Joining our Agency Partner Program – White-Label services, Retainer services – is one way to help yourself. With 15+ years of domain experience, our teams are capable enough of resonating with your needs.

Evelyn is a friendly yet professional client of ours. We have been working for a long time together now. We have worked with Custom WordPress plugin development, Custom WordPress solution for Opt-in pages, and Genesis framework development projects. Thank You for such a sweet recommendation, Evelyn!

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of Digital Marketing Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.

Concluding Remarks – Why Partner With Us?

Unless a digital agency finds themselves a like-minded partner who is able to offer-

  • niche marketing/design/development support;
  • remote workforce;
  • showcase a track record of professional conduct; and most importantly,
  • know their own limitations-

will they be willing to partner with a fellow agency.

Our Agency Partner Program is exclusively designed for such digital consultants and agencies offering a “fresh perspective” to their ongoing projects. We provide incremental and practical solutions to help businesses handle their clients across various areas such as design, development, and digital marketing services.

“Over the last 5 years, ColorWhistle has helped to grow the online image of many established companies around the world. And as a matter of fact, more than 60% of our regular sales/jobs come from our B2B agency partners.”

It was not long before establishing a full-service digital agency, the founders of ColorWhistle worked as freelance consultants. With good networking and expertise in our niche, we are now handling clientele from the USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Europe, and India. We are working with direct digital agency partners who are:

  • Specialized in SEO, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation
  • IT consultancy services, Saas companies
  • Real-estate, Travel, Education, Healthcare Industry focussed partners

You may never know how our Agency Partner Program could benefit you!

But it is sure a stepping stone to what someday; as a consultant, you may end up running your own agency; as an agency owner, you may run a successful business; and as a small business owner, you may end up gaining a formidable online presence.

Give us a call at +1 (210) 787-3600 or write to us using the contact form.

And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below on forging a better partnership between digital consultants, agencies, and businesses.

Pavithra Samuel
About the Author - Pavithra Samuel

I'm a word-aholic copywriter who always loves to share a close bond with digital marketing. Google, being my father of research, accompanies me shoulder-to-shoulder in every step of writing. I always look up to copywriters who generate educative, persuasive content impeccably seasoned with creativity & innovation. I can deliver content for web service pages, blogs, social media, emails, and so on. I can engage myself in content-related works for B2B, B2C, SMEs, niche-specific businesses. Other than reading & writing, my other two escapes are sweets & songs. My dream desk would be more of creative writing projects, desserts, music, & minions.

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