eCommerce Sites – How to Price and Arrange Your Items for Maximum Sales

When it comes to eCommerce website development, there is a clear and concise goal for your web design and for the site as a whole. Ultimately, your objective is always to try and increase sales and increase profits. Of course you also want it to look attractive, to be functional and easy to use and to represent your brand in the right manner but all of this is really just in service of creating a web design that helps you to make more sales.

If you use the right eCommerce website development company, then you should find that their experience and expertise informs their decisions and results in the best possible turnover and profits for you. Nevertheless, it is still always useful to understand the theory and principles behind it so that you can continue to implement best practices yourself – especially when it comes to aspects that fall outside the realm of design such as price.

Here’s how the right combination of pricing, positioning and design can help to make your items sell more effectively.


Contrast can of course be aesthetic and making choices such as using red ‘buy’ buttons is a great way to make particular elements stand out and get more clicks.

The other type of contrast though refers to the way that you position items next to one another, with the objective being to place expensive items next to cheap ones. Why? Because this makes the cheap items appear even more affordable and the expensive items appear even more premium.

Say you have a $10 tie next to a $50 tie. Someone who wants the very best tie might be all the more impressed by your premium offer, knowing that it’s five times more expensive than the cheapest product. Meanwhile, someone who doesn’t have as much money to spend and who feels guilty about buying a new tie can convince themselves that the $10 tie is a great deal. They can compromise and convince themselves they’re being sensible by choosing the cheap tie. They’ve ‘saved’ $40 even though they’re still buying something they might not have otherwise. This way, the right pricing can really help to sweeten a good deal and good eCommerce website design should take full advantage of that.

POS and Upselling

What’s important to consider when looking at eCommerce website design, is that in order to make a sale you have to overcome certain psychological barriers. This is actually often the most important step in making a sale.

These psychological barriers include such things as customers not wanting to spend any money and not being bothered to go through the process of checking out.

Good eCommerce web development should take this into account first and foremost by making it as easy as possible for customers to make purchases. This is why Amazon’s ‘buy with one click’ feature is so instrumental to their success.

At the same time, webmasters need to make the most of customers who have already overcome some of these barriers. When a customer commits to buy any item on your site, they will instantly become much more susceptible to increasing their order. Why? Because they’ve already decided to make a purchase.

This is why physical retailers use POS (Point Of Sale) displays that sell extra items while customers are in the queue. It’s so easy for them to add extra things to their basket that it would be foolish to miss this opportunity. eCommerce sites can do the exact same thing by adding making it easy to add extra purchases at the checkout.

Similar is ‘upselling’ where you give your buyers the opportunity to upgrade their order once they’re already buying. Once they’ve committed to buy, tell them how for just $10 more they could have the very best service or product instead of the cheaper but ultimately inferior option they’re currently buying. It’s the smart decision after all!


Sometimes a buyer will want some of your items but will not all of them. Other times they will want to combine multiple items but won’t want to pay for extra shipping or to pay full price when they’re essentially buying in bulk.
Thus, letting your customers combine their items into a single large order can often encourage more sales and is known as ‘bundling’. What’s great about bundling is that it can also be used to sell additional items that they perhaps wouldn’t otherwise have bought. Adding extra items to bundled packages is also a great way to shift unsold stock.

Other Strategies

There are many more strategies that good eCommerce web design can use to psychologically encourage purchases too. These include the use of limited-time deals, social signals, Google remarketing and more.

The best way to get well versed in all these things and to ensure that your site is taking full advantage of all of them is to use a top tier eCommerce website development company like ColorWhistle!

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