Interesting English Websites of Japan

Japan is a popular destination with unique and high-tech culture but, how widely English is spoken there? The frequency of English speakers is quite low, and you could hardly find natives speaking fluent English.

In spite of this language barrier, some organizations in Japan have established their websites in English language. The Japan websites in English clearly illustrate their interest in attracting new visitors from all over the world.

It looks like English websites in Japan would be more appealing for the customers globally, which might bring in more conversions to their business.

Hence, there are few businesses that are really helping out visitors/customers around the world with their websites in English language. Are you interested in knowing more about the English websites in Japan?

Then, you are at the right place. In this article, we have curated Japan websites in English language, which might help the readers to understand and look for websites matching their requirements.

1. The Japan Times

2. Genie Marketing

3. Japan Guide

4. Japan Today

5. Web Japan

6. cdJapan

7. Dannychoo

8. Japan Cupid

9. Fujitsu

10. Mercari

11. Uniqlo

12. Yoox

Japanese are always good explorers and in spite of the English language barriers, there are businesses who show their interest in launching their Japan websites in English.

— Steve Jobs

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