Custom WordPress Plugins and Websites – Building a Scalable Business Solution

November 23, 2021
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With 41 percent of the web powered by WordPress, the open-source software commands the bulk of the CMS market share followed by Drupal and Joomla. A blessing for non coders, WordPress websites can be set up in a few hours, the requisites being just a domain name and hosting. That’s not to imply that WordPress is a sparse solution for a website. WordPress powers websites from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites such as Quartz, BBC, Time and probably your business site too.

What we will be exploring here is

  • How WordPress can serve as an information & marketing tool, a marketing medium, and even as a CRM/CMS platform with proper tool integrations
  • See how it hosts full-fledged applications and powers big names in several industries
  • Learn about how businesses can create their unique brand with custom-built plugins and themes

There is virtually no limit to its capabilities given its integration with APIs. You can upgrade your hosting as your business scales, and your website becomes more resource-intensive.

Custom Plugins for Custom Business Features (Secret Sauces)

A WordPress blog has numerous functions. However, you might want to get a particular function or a feature specific to your blog that stays irrespective of the theme changes you make. That’s the time to get a custom plugin coded for your website.

Custom functionality plugins also come in handy when you require to change your site’s design. This involves making changes in the theme while retaining all the functionalities of your old theme.

Following are some of the case studies that provide a better idea about how powerful WordPress is in the development, migration, and above all, customization of your website:

Why Choose a Custom WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes go a long way to determine the functionalities, features, and also limitations of your website. Custom WordPress themes are designed keeping your specific needs in mind. They provide all the necessary features and functionalities that you need and none that you don’t. They make your website unique in terms of design and also give your brand an identity.

This case study on improving Brand Presence for US Based Energy Solution Company can be taken as a reference here.

Though it is an expensive option compared to a plethora of ready-made WordPress themes available online, if you are looking forward to converting your business into a brand, it is a key point to consider.

EXCLUSIVE for WP Developers: WordPress Functions list for Custom Theme Development.

Website is not just about Development but also involves the “subjective” proportions of Design, Branding & Marketing. So what’s the secret sauce for your website?
Let’s find out

WP Marketing for Scalable Marketing Solutions

With the increase in the amount of the audience online, most businesses have adopted the digital mode of marketing. Whether it is a bakery or an auto parts store, your WordPress website can be a complete marketing solution for your business.

With over 50,000 plugins, you can be sure to be able to implement your marketing strategy through your WP website. Whether it be tracking website analytics, testing headlines, or building landing pages, you have a plugin for everything.


Compresses your site’s images to optimize for faster loading

Schema – The All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Filters out broken links in your blog

One of the fastest tools to produce high-quality landing pages

Carries our A/B test on every element of your blog

Exports leads directly to your sales CRM

Add CTAs to all your blog posts

Optimize your posts for shareability

Adds SEO to every blog post

Syndicates content to other sites

Shrinks, beautifies, tracks, manages, and shares any URL on/off of your WordPress website, and creates links that look how you want them using your own domain name.

Filters out spam comments

Functions as a pop-up builder and much more

A plugin designed to protect your website from malware and hackers

Manages multiple contact forms

A plugin that displays a list of related posts, giving your readers the option to visit related content before leaving your page

A tool that allows you to create “Click To Tweet” boxes, making it simple for readers to share on social media

Helps you create an attractive author box setup with a few clicks, and also to add a headshot, content, social media buttons, URLs, etc.

Assists you in bringing your podcast to the world with the help of a range of tools

A plugin that can improve the performance of your blog

Simplifies the process of sharing your content by users on over 20 social media platforms

i. WordPress SEO

Most businesses choose WordPress to build their website as it is one of the most SEO-friendly frameworks. There are quite a number of plugins to help you take care of your SEO.

  • WP Smush: Large images are a critical thing that leads to slow loading times causing visitors to ‘bounce’ off your website. WP Smush compresses your image size and simultaneously maintains the image quality.
  • Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO plugin makes handling all your on-page SEO seamless. It also generates an optimized sitemap for your website. Yoast enables you to add perfect title tags and meta descriptions as they are considered as the important ranking factors in SEO.
  • W3 Total Cache: It reduces site load time by leveraging features like content delivery network (CDN) integration.
  • Schema Rich Snippets: The All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin configures rich snippets by easily inserting the rich snippet code into any website.
  • Broken Link Checker: Broken Link Checker automatically analyses your posts to reveal the broken links directly from your dashboard.
  • SEMrush Plugin: The SEMrush plugin helps you create great content that can easily be optimized to ensure high visibility.
  • Schema Markup: This plugin allows you to create content that appeals to Google by adding appropriate context. It also enhances visitors’ experience by providing them with useful content.

ii. Website Design

In addition to SEO, your website design is a single point that can make or break your business purpose. Design defines the persona of your site. A good design leads to a good user experience and acts as a visual aid. Here are some latest WordPress Website Design Ideas and Inspirations for your reference.

Being mobile-friendly is another primary necessity for websites, accounting for over 54 percent of the internet traffic in Q1 2021. A good design combined with great content is the perfect marketing tool your website can use.

We have compared the pros and cons of making a Custom WordPress Design vs Ready-Made WordPress Themes for your Business. Take a quick read here.

iii. Landing Pages

Landing pages are a key component in a marketing campaign. They are very effective conversion tools even if you are selling a product or a service. Whether you drive traffic through organic or paid methods, if your traffic lands on your product landing page, the probability of it converting increases.

Landing pages use all the elements of copy and marketing quite efficiently to give you a great conversion factor. You can easily create a landing page in WordPress using Page Builder by SiteOrigin. It has a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to use without any technical know-how.

iv. Branding Through Content Marketing

There are quite a few businesses that have become prominent by using content marketing extensively. To mention a few, Hubspot and Neil Patel. They are popular names in the online marketing industry. Both these brands have leveraged content marketing to gain a huge following, trust, and as a result, customers.

Content marketing is the use of content—text, audio, video, and images—to market your business, product, or service. Just like this blog. Content can be educational, informative, entertaining, and so on. Content helps you connect with your customer by providing solutions to their problems and helping them accomplish a task or learn something new. This creates an indirect appeal of your brand to the users who later might become customers, refer their friends, or share the content on social media.

WP Development for Scalable Website Needs

There is an incorrect notion among the masses that a WordPress website is a clumsy and bloated website. Nothing could be far from the fact. In fact, WordPress is a very versatile platform for building websites with exceptional functionality and applications.

Some of the biggest brands in the world use WordPress for implementing specific features on their website to enhance the overall User Experience. You can experience this when you go through the websites of popular companies, including The Walt Disney Company, Fortune, Microsoft News, Toyota Motors Brasil, The Mozilla Blog, Sweden’s Official Website, Katy Perry, TED Blog, and more.

Also, there are WordPress-powered websites that tackle millions of hits per month. A few of them are with estimated traffic of 5.9M, with 15.2M monthly visitors, TechCrunch with approximately 7.4M monthly visitors, and a handful more (traffic data sourced from So, you can assuredly rely on WordPress given your traffic stats don’t exceed the mentioned ones!

Learn more about how WordPress can be used as an Enterprise CMS.

i. WP with APIs for All Tech Frameworks

The WordPress Developer Resources states, “Using the WordPress REST API, you can create a plugin to provide an entirely new admin experience for WordPress, build a brand new interactive front-end experience, or bring your WordPress content into completely separate applications.”

APIs are amazing tools for a WordPress site. In simple terms, an API is a piece of code that lets your website connect with external services such as other applications, devices, servers, etc. WordPress integrates with REST APIs, which allows it to communicate with just about any site or web application.

However, this might require someone with coding know-how (and it might also inflate your budget).

ii. WP for Scalable Digital Ecosystem Connectivity

Is WordPress scalable rhetoric?

From personal blogs to huge companies, WordPress is the go-to resource for their website marketing needs. All top CRM solutions integrate with WordPress.

Since your website is hosted with a hosting provider, the resources available to your website depend on it. The website uses CPU, RAM, and storage space for its operation. In addition to this, your hosting provider also might equip your website with services such as SSD storage, CDN, SEO, and email marketing tools.

As your business and your website grow, the visitors to your site increase, and there might be times that see a spike in traffic, e.g., a sale event or when you run paid campaigns. There are varied options at your disposal to handle such an event. You might want to upgrade your hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is where the provider provides diverse features to manage, secure, and speed up your WordPress site. There are also options of switching to Dedicated Server hosting or Cloud Hosting for large organizations with considerable traffic.

And that’s why we have suggested to many of our clients in the past to Start with Wix, Switch To WordPress, for the sake of scalability & convenience.

How ColorWhistle Scaled Its WordPress Business?

The best thing about WordPress is that it’s accessible to all. This prompts developers to build business solutions on such open-source platforms. And that’s how ColorWhistle got into building and scaling a WordPress business.

A WordPress business can be anyone from an individual running a professional site to Enterprise companies utilizing the power of WordPress CMS.

Throughout its journey, ColorWhistle has developed custom WP plugins for businesses not limited to, but mostly towards SEO agencies (Auto Review Sliders, Schema Automation, Sitemap Solution, etc.). We have also put a lot of WooCommerce solutions to use addressing unique business needs on Checkout, Memberships, Payment Gateways, Product Detail Pages, Shipping Management, etc. We have also worked on custom WP plugins with APIs, custom user journey flows, DIY visual builders, custom automation workflow for retirement benefits for non profits and much more. One particular project of interest was building DIY kitchen visualisers.

Apart from Custom Plugins at ColorWhistle, we mostly work with Custom Web Designs and WP Themes with Advanced Custom Field and highly backend managed content.

In a nutshell, you can use WordPress as a fully scalable business solution. And in case you are looking for CMS Migration Services, WordPress Custom Development Services, consider giving us a call at 944-278-9110 or simply fill-in your requirements here.

You can also connect with ColorWhistle’s Founder & Mastermind, Sankar, over Skype to discuss your business requirements at length.

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