Importance of APIs in Education

According to the e-learning industry, the global e-learning market will reach $325 billion by 2025.

To provide a hassle-free learning experience to the students and to reduce the manual activities of the teachers, education website development company started relying on custom API development.

As an educational institute, you will have to enroll students, secure their details, collect fees, take attendance, conduct exams, distribute the test marks, send reports to the parents, share lesson materials, and others. To carry out all these operations, you no need to build separate systems.

Versatile APIs follow a few protocols that allow you to communicate with the server and retrieve the data to your e-learning website.

In this blog, we will unveil the mystery about the importance of API, how to integrate API, and best education APIs as well.

Let’s get started.

How does API Work on an Education Website?

API development uses the concept of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and contributes a lot to give a new shape to the education industry. An API is an intermediary between the developer and the system server.

The developer requests the server regarding what he/she is in need of through an API. Then, the server will process the request and send back the data or service through the API.

Just imagine you are developing an e-learning website. Now, you want to engage students. For this, you planned to provide rewards and bonus points by conducting small quizzes in the middle of sessions and playing fun games. Without separately building a quizzing or gaming platform, you can just initiate an API call.

When the API enters the scene, magic happens. API will connect with servers of dedicated quizzing platforms like Kahoot, Socrative, Quizlet, etc, and integrate them into your website.

The easiest way to understand the working of APIs is to think about a common scenario between a customer, a waiter, and a restaurant. A customer talks to the waiter and tells the waiter what he/she wants. The waiter takes down the order and communicates it to the cook. After the cook prepares the food, the waiter delivers the food to the customer.

API on Education Website Development - ColorWhistle

This is exactly how an API works. The customer here is the e-learning website developer, the waiter is the API, and the cook is the webserver. APIs are a set of protocols that allow software devices to communicate with each other using a simple set of commands.

They act as messengers delivering one application’s request to another and return a response in real-time. If you like to explore more on the importance of API integration, then take a look at our blog.

How to Choose API for Your Education Website?

We live in an API-driven world. There are millions of APIs in the market for various purposes. Based on your requirement you should choose the right API. Here, we have listed a few important things to look for in an API before integration.


Know what features are required for you and filter your selection based on that. For example, Paypal API provides an authorized-capture process for funds whereas Stripe does not.


Documentation must have clear examples in such a way that we can get the gist of ​​how it works at a glance. For example, the TVmaze API provides clear documentation with sample code making it possible to implement it extremely quickly.

Data Formats

Data was expressed in various lighter and easy-to-use formats including XML, JSON, etc. Some APIs still return data in a URL encoded string. The type of data format is easy for humans to read. Choose the right format that you require.


Go through the documentation and personalize the parameter names as you prefer.

API Limits

The API limits in systems open to the public are set to avoid abuses by API customers but based on the type of customers these limits can be flexible. Managing the API limits can lead to complexities because we must know how to administer them in such a way that we do not exceed the limit.

Language Support

Depending on the API’s complexity, it is important that your provider gives examples of code in the programming language or a library that talks with the API in the language in question. For instance, Google Analytics and its large number of libraries covering the most current programming languages.

Community & Support

The API provider should provide support forums, the community should be helpful and active. For example, the eBay API has had great success not only because of its magnitude but also because the application operates as a platform, in such a way that it greatly facilitates its use both inside and outside of eBay itself.

Keep this checklist as a reference and choose a perfect API for your e-learning business.

Top 5 Education APIs in 2024

Technology in education is transforming how teachers teach and how students learn. With education becoming increasingly tech-savvy, there is a need for advanced resources. When it comes to user-friendly resources, API would top the list. Below, we have listed the top APIs that can be great assistants in schools and colleges.

1. Google Classroom API

Without manual handling, teachers can conduct and grade assignments using Google Classroom API. It enables students to incorporate data concerning classes, passwords, invites, students, instructors, and individual users.

2. Khan Academy API

Khan Academy API is an online resource that provides free educational tools including more than three thousand-two hundred online videos from subjects covering economics, physics, mathematics, and art. It provides programmers with access to almost all of the playlist-categorized information stored on the web, where users can explore videos or get knowledge about the assignments for each. Also, the API provides badge award details through the exercise dashboard.

3. Quizlet Flashcards API

Quizlet Flashcards API has over seven million flashcard sets and about two million registered users. The API allows programmers to utilize more than two hundred million flashcards database which covers virtually every subject. It allows users to download, scan, submit, and modify flashcard sets, scan for definitions, create, update, and enter groups, mark sets as favorites, and more.

4. API for WizIQ Virtual Classroom

API for WizIQ Virtual Classroom provides interactive online learning resources like online classrooms, pupil recruitment software, and processes for collecting payments. Using the WizIQ API, programmers can link WizIQ with their learning management system, CMS, or website. The API’s accessible features include holding live classes for multiple users, taking part, posting and handling content, and more.

5. OpenEd REST API

OpenEd REST API utilizes machine learning to match teaching resources with learning principles such as TEKS, NGSS, Common Core State Standards, and comprehensive conceptual frameworks of delectable learning goals from ACT, Renaissance, and more. It provides information about resource search, participation, and requirements. Content producers can submit high-quality K-12 resources to OpenEd through the OpenEd API.

These APIs are recommended because they are the most trusted APIs in the education industry. They are widely trusted because they provide not just students, but also teachers, parents, educational institutions, and other stakeholders in the education industry with a great learning resource to transform the learning/education experience for all.

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Over to You

By integrating with a lot of systems, API integrations help you create a full-fledged e-learning platform with student-friendly features. Also, they make your work easier and save a lot of time and manual effort.

Therefore, success lies in your education website development with API compatibility. If you want to personalize the API as you prefer, then take assistance from proficient custom API developers.

Our team has mastered the end-to-end process of API integration and development that includes managing, monitoring, and monetizing. We are also experienced in developing high-performance custom APIs, open-source APIs, WordPress REST API, and third-party APIs.

You can get in touch with us via message or call us at (+1 210-787-3600) any time. Our end-to-end API solutions can help drive more business opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding our custom API development services, then let us know in the comments below. We are ready to answer your questions.

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