How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks?

Software as a service(SaaS) delivers applications over the internet as a service. These services can be easily accessed, to liberate you from complex software management. The SaaS market experiences rapid growth with SaaS applications flooding the market. The statistics say that the arm seems to reach $623 billion by the year 2023 with an annual growth rate of 18%. According to industry statistics, the digital marketing service for the SaaS market seems poised to reach $623 billion by the year 2023 with an annual growth rate of 18%.

The below screenshot illustrates the growth of the SaaS market.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Growth of SaaS Market) - ColorWhistle

Image source: PR Newswire

This clearly illustrates the popularity of the SaaS business and it’s quite a daunting task to stand unique in the industry because of its competition. This is where some marketing techniques are important for your success. In this article, we have featured some of the proven marketing strategies that would help your SaaS CRM to stand out from the crowd.

Characteristics of a SaaS Application

Some of the key characteristics of a SaaS application is as follows,

  • The software architecture servers multiple customers in a single deployment and is known to be the “Multitenant Model”
  • The applications can be easily customized, tailoring to the users’ business requirements
  • As the SaaS applications are shared by multiple users it will be highly available around the globe along with managing privileges, monitoring data use, and also ensures that the same information is viewed by everyone at the same time
  • The pricing does not involve complexity. The applications are available on subscription-based pricing making the users purchase or discontinue the application whenever required
  • Ensures to protect data/business information from unauthorized access with the help of external key management frameworks
  • Allows to limit the number of transactions by enabling “Rating Limiting/Qos” for a better user base

Strategies To Promote SaaS Frameworks

Below listed are some of the proven digital marketing strategies that could help you out to diversify your business in the SaaS industry,

  • Easy Sign-Ups
  • Get listed on SaaS review sites
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Clear CTAs

1. Employ Content Marketing

Content marketing is very essential and is being used by businesses around the globe for building their brand, attracting visitors, and generating leads. Content marketing is one of the proven strategies of lead generation for any SaaS website. The very basic level for getting website traffic involves publishing quality content at your website and it must also be ensured that the topics are to the trend and in line with the interest of your users/readers. In addition to producing quality content, it must be optimized for both your targeted audience and keywords.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Employ Content Marketing) - ColorWhistle

You must be able to track from where the potential users are and ensure to have content answering their queries and concentrating on their pain points. Make a backlink analysis and generate backlinks to the content to rank it. This may help your content to be more visible, developing a reputation in the SaaS industry.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Evaluating the entire website for SEO and optimizing it for relevant or high-ranking keywords is essential for boosting your site’s traffic. Implementing comprehensive SEO strategies with content marketing helps in bringing organic traffic to your website by increasing its online visibility.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Search Engine Optimization) - ColorWhistle

Understand your primary audience and go for related keywords. Review your website content, meta descriptions and improve them for ranking. Some of the SEO tasks like guest posting, social media SEO, and more work well for SaaS websites. Implement high-quality SEO strategies and tweak your website content to increase its online presence. SEO tools like Yoast SEO, AIOSEO, Semrush, and more can help you in implementing this strategy to your SaaS website.

3. Paid Search or PPC

PPC is a paid marketing tactic that helps you in achieving quick traffic to your SaaS website. This marketing strategy is considered to be an excellent alternative to content marketing and SEO. Here, you will have to try different variations of ad copy and analyze the ones that work best for your brand.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Paid Search)- ColorWhistle

Explore and try using relevant keywords in your ad so that they get displayed in all the related search engines. Analyze, explore and experiment until you find the best combination for your business. Though, this is a paid strategy most marketers utilize it as it can help in diversifying traffic if you don’t get enough organically.

4. Refer and Earn Strategy

Referral marketing seems to be an effective and digitized word of mouth advertising. Run a loyalty program that rewards your customers for their referrals or offer them incentives for referring your products/services to others. This is an effective marketing strategy as it brings in qualified leads, new prospective customers and also works well when it comes to retaining your customers.

Offering extra space or a higher version of your software and more for a referral are some of the good instances. To make it more clear, checkout DropBox as it offers an extra storage space of 16 GB for a referral.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Refer and Earn Strategy) - ColorWhistle

5. Free Product Trails to Attract Your Customers

It is quite difficult to find a SaaS business offering a free trial of its products/services. It is an efficient strategy for customer acquisition and will incentivize visitors to sign-up and start using the freemium products/services. Offering a free trial will help users to understand your product in a better way, and it is also an easy way to make them continue with the paid plan.

Have a look at the below screenshot, Pipedrive is a SaaS CRM tool that offers software for ambitious sales teams.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Free Product Trails to Attract Your Customers) - ColorWhistle

If you want users to understand and realize the benefits and value of your products/services then offering a freemium model is the way to make them take an initial step

6. Easy Sign-Ups

After establishing your website and drawing users to your business with efficient marketing strategies it is essential that you need to convince a prospective customer to sign up. For this, you should ensure that the signing up process is no hassle.

If you want more people to try your products/services, you have to remove the complications from your sign-up process. Collecting credit card details and making users enter quite a lot of information during sign-up could chase away the potential customers. Hassle-free signup is a key element for a SaaS company to be successful.

7. Get listed on SaaS review sites

People look for reviews and ratings before making a purchase decision. When it comes to software, they check for online comparisons between similar products before making a decision. Therefore, it is very important to get more industry exposure for your business on some SaaS review sites. Try to get featured in some review sites like G2 Crowd and Capterra. Your presence across these review sites will help in providing social proof and convincing customers regarding the feasibility of your business.

The below screenshot illustrates the product comparisons given by Capterra.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Get listed on SaaS review sites) - ColorWhistle

8. Enhanced Customer Experience

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Enhanced Customer Experience) - ColorWhistle

Customer experience is every interaction a customer has with your business. Right from navigating your website, interaction with your support team, knowledge base, forums, and more. Everything counts and does impact your customer’s perception and decision to continue or come back.

Customer experience is a key to your success, hence ensure to deliver a better experience for your customers. Sending personalized emails to your customers at the time of signups, when active customers are slipping, non-active customers and more can help in creating a great and appealing experience for your customers. Implementing live chat to your website can also help your customers with their queries and navigation in your website.

9. Clear CTAs

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Clear CTAs) - ColorWhistle

Incorporate clear and well-organized calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website. This would help your customers to move around and perform their actions without any hassle. Do you want them to sign up? Or make them purchase? Ensure to implement clear CTAs into your content marketing strategy throughout your website. Experiment with different CTA buttons in terms of size, text, color, and more. Run a split test to analyze the best working CTA.

Below is the example of WPEngine where their CTAs are clear and simple at the same time intuitive. Here, the CTAs take the users directly to the pricing plans and to explore other products.

How Does Digital Marketing Help To Promote Web Application (Saas) Frameworks (Clear CTAs) - ColorWhistle

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Are you ready to try it out altogether?

Above mentioned are some of the functional steps along with some real-time examples that could help you out to achieve in your SaaS business. Either try implementing all the marketing strategies in your website or choose the most required/suitable one that could help in diversifying your business values globally.

Are you confused about where to begin?

We are here to assist you in incorporating the best suitable marketing strategies that would reflect your brand and SaaS business model. Contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (210) 787-3600, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide services tailored to your requirements at a favorable price.

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