Hybrid Digital Solutions with Flutter Development

Specialized teams don’t scale.

For businesses that believe in:

  • autonomous, agile, cross-functional teams,
  • working together from Inception to Production, and
  • being responsible for the quality, and evolution of their products,

It is often seen that single teams develop features end-to-end and deliver more value, faster.

This calls for embracing different hybrid digital solutions, which in our case is the need for hybrid app building platforms like Flutter by Google or React Native by Facebook.

Flutter is a UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications on Mobile, Desktop, or Web, that too from a single codebase. It eliminates the wasteful process of writing the same feature twice, only in different languages and platforms (iOS/Android).

Execute Your MVP Strategy With Flutter-Based Application Development

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategy is the quickest and most utilized approach by modern startups, medium-sized companies around the world to validate their business idea. It also holds a massive prominence in the app-building market.

The whole idea behind MVP is simple; it looks to create a minimal version of an application and share it among a pool of users. Further, the entire application is built by gauging their responses and user feedback.

Instagram, Airbnb, Dropbox, Uber developed their products with MVP first.

Moreover, validating a business idea becomes more comfortable when you have an MVP of your product. Statistics reveal that almost 70–80% of startups fail within 20 months of their first financing because of poor market research.

Flutter fits in well with the entire MVP scheme of things. It allows businesses to develop one code solution for Web, Mobile & IOT via seamless API integration. Moreover, it provides:

  • Ready-made designs that attract investors: Flutter supports widgets that are accessible and allows the developers to customize the widgets to fit their design needs.
  • Accelerated app development process: Thanks to the Hot Reload feature, it makes it much easier to view the changes made in the app simultaneously.
  • Creating cost-effective applications: Flutter offers a single codebase for app development on Android and iOS platforms, thereby saving a considerable amount of resources.


  • Tencent – product development
  • Google Ads – app for Android
  • Grab – food delivery app
  • Greentea – internal customer management
  • Emaar – global property finder

Banking & Finance

“When using Flutter, 90% of the code became multi-platform and only needed to be updated once.” – Fei Song, Senior Software Engineer, Tencent

“Flutter had everything we needed out of the box including great documentation, community support, and tooling.” – Igor Borges, Software Engineer, Nubank

At this point, we find it noteworthy to present an overview of the study conducted by Nubank before deciding to use Flutter as their primary technology for cross-platform mobile development.

As a mobile-first Fintech, Nubank was quick to adapt Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS back in 2013. Later in 2016, they chose the then-leading hybrid solution, React Native for its new product development.

Switch to 2019, the engineering team at Nubank still faced some issues such as:

  • High entry barrier: Engineers had to be proficient in different languages to contribute to different products being offered by the company. This prevented their ability to become full-stack developers.
  • Staffing nightmare: The company was relying on specialized native platform developers for every new feature or product launch. They were always short of enough developers in a team.

Nubank then chose Flutter for their native app development.

In their internal assessment, Flutter performed exceedingly well on its testing capabilities like built-in testing infrastructure for Unit, Integration, and End-to-End tests without the need for rendering to the screen. In contrast, React Native requires third-party dependencies, which makes it more prone to breaking changes.

App development experience with Flutter was also found to be superior with features such as better hot reload capabilities, robust official documentation, and a more stable API.


  • My BMW – car utility app
  • Philips Hue – home utility app

Health & Fitness

“Getting started with Flutter was truly awesome. The huge power and productivity you get with instant stateful Hot Reload were mind-blowing.” – Jacob Kristensen, Co-Founder, Reflectly

A car manufacturing giant like BMW has instilled tremendous confidence in the market with the launch of its new My BMW app which is completely developed using the Flutter architecture. Flutter’s scalable universal architecture will support future requirements, allowing new functions and customer requests to be implemented easily.


  • Dream11 – a fantasy sports app
  • Hamilton – a Broadway musicals app
  • Stadia by Google – gaming app
  • Topline by Abbey Road Studios – music application app
  • Helo by ByteDance – video app
  • The New York Times – puzzle app


  • eBay motors – selling & buying app
  • Alibaba – online marketplace
  • Baidu Teiba – communication platform

“Flutter significantly reduced the time we need to develop new features from 1 month down to 2 weeks.” – Bruce Chen, Senior Development Engineer, Alibaba

“With Flutter, the iOS version of our app was up and running in two days, which was really amazing.” – Amit Sharma, CTO, Dream 11

The story of Dream 11 as a fantasy sports app in India is inspiring. They are known to have begun with just 3 developers, all having expertise in different technical backgrounds.

With Flutter, the onboarding of developers became simple as they had to create native applications essentially from a single codebase. Eventually, this led to Dream 11 becoming one of the popularly used Android/iOS apps in India in a quick time.

Explore more useful apps built with Flutter here.

Any seasoned developer will need no introduction to the mentioned online community and forums. However, for the sake of the record, Flutter developers and enthusiasts around the globe are actively expanding their community online on these platforms:

Stack Overflow, Gitter, Slack, Hashnode – Ask questions about specific Flutter coding problems, or find answers to questions that have already been asked.

Discord – Now have a voice chat with Flutter experts and share useful resources to benefit the community.

FlutterDev on Reddit – There are nearly 70,000 active Flutter experts on Reddit to help you with your Flutter-based development.

Flutter channel on Youtube – Watch informational videos to learn from Google and developers as you build with Flutter.

Medium – A popular online forum to receive the latest news and insights from users building with Flutter.

FlutterDev on Twitter – Follow the Flutter team to get real-time information on new features, events, and more.

Meetup – Joining community events around the world to develop your Flutter development skills.

UX Research by Google – Sign up to participate in the UX research plan and have a front-row seat into the progression of Flutter.

Alternatively, there’s a healthy number of online forums to React Native on GitHub, Stack Overflow, Meetup, and communities on Medium, DevTo, Discord, and prominent other social media platforms.

Amplify Your Digital Presence With ColorWhistle

Today’s API technology allows to build & connect as many digital devices with data. From Manufacturing applications to Field applications to Healthcare applications to consumer applications – Flutter-based development fits the bill.

Learning one hybrid solution such as Flutter or React Native will reduce the entry barrier for those inclined towards full-stack development.

It may also depend on your use-cases, like…

  • Does your application require intuitive graphics? Choose Flutter or React Native
  • Is there any heavy work going on your application? Choose Flutter
  • Does your application have a performance issue, for example, each frame drop is important for the stock trading app? Choose Flutter
  • Does your application have multiple user input features like chat app/forum? Choose React Native

For anyone considering Flutter, here is a full report with detailed data, pros, and cons from Nubank’s feasibility study on Flutter as their primary native app building platform.

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