Healthcare & Medical Industry Website Design Ideas and Inspiration

The success of healthcare providers relies on the quality of their service. On the other hand, in an age where most of us search for information online before making a decision, a well-designed healthcare website is the most important marketing asset.

According to the research conducted by LSA Insights, consumers researching nursing homes, physical therapists, and chiropractors are most likely to call healthcare providers after performing a search. In a lot of healthcare verticals, consumers also shift from online search to phone calls.

Most of the people who visit healthcare websites are looking for information. So, these websites must be aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Based on these criteria, we listed some of the best medical and healthcare website design inspiration that will give you an idea on how to make your website look professional.

The Best Healthcare & Medical Industry Website Designs

The healthcare industry provides many services to support the needs of a community or individual. It classifies the different products/services by sectors. However, a universally accepted classification does not exist. So, we have broadly classified the industry into 4 main subsectors.

Healthcare Website Inspiration Segment 1: Hospitals

Hospitals offer diagnostic and medical treatment services for inpatients and some outpatients. This category includes general medical and surgical hospitals, psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, specialty hospitals and more. Let’s, take a look at some of the well-designed hospital websites.

1. Virtua Health System – Site
2. Vidant Health – Site
3. Rush – Site
4. Regional One Health – Site
5. Northwestern Medicine – Site
6. Mercy Health – Site
7. Memorial Healthcare – Site
8. GW University Hospital – Site
9. Columbus Regional Health – Site
10. Cleveland Clinic – Site
11. Children’s Hospital – Site

According to Google, search is by far the preferred way for patients to find healthcare providers online.

Healthcare Website Inspiration Segment 2: Nursing and Residential Care Facilities

They provide residential care combined with nursing, supervisory or any other care that is required. This category includes nursing care facilities, urgent care centers, mental health centers and more. Let’s, take a look at some of the well-designed websites in the nursing and residential care sector.

1. Venturi Healthcare – Site
2. Split Rock – Site
3. Morningside Nursing – Site
4. Office of Mental Health – Site
5. Harlem Center – Site
6. Four Seasons Health Care – Site
7. Burrell Center – Site
8. Avera Health – Site
9. Atria Senior Living – Site
10. Advinia Health Care – Site

Healthcare Website Inspiration Segment 3: Ambulatory Health Care Services

They provide healthcare services to ambulatory patients. This category includes outpatient care, diagnostic laboratories, ambulance services and other ambulatory health care services. Let’s, take a look at some of the well-designed websites in the ambulatory health care sector.

1. UT Southwestern Medical Center – Site
2. Quincy Medical Group – Site
3. Prolific Homecare – Site
4. NYU Langone Health – Site
5. Mount Sinai – Site
6. Memorial Sloan Kettering – Site
7. Acute Medical Services – Site

According to Deloitte, Blockchain, RPA, cloud, digital and virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and internet of medical things (IoMT), are helping with improving patient experience.

Healthcare Website Inspiration Segment 4: Medical Practitioners

This category includes medical practitioners, chiropractors, homeopaths, psychologists, dieticians, therapists and other alternative healthcare providers. Let’s, take a look at some of the well-designed websites in the medical practitioner’s sector.

1. Therapy Group of NYC – Site
2. Mary Jane Detroyer – Site
3. Integrative Medical NY – Site
4. City Chiropractic – Site
5. Chelsea Pharmacy Medical – Site

According to Google, patients who booked healthcare appointments ran 3x more searches.

Healthcare Website Inspiration Segment 5: Medical Devices, Equipment, and Hospital Supplies Manufacturers

These are companies that are involved in supplying their products to the medical industry. The sector has many different players such as surgical instrument manufacturing, surgical appliances and supplies, dental equipment, hospital bed and furniture manufacturing, vital signs monitor and more. Let’s, take a look at some of the well-designed websites in this sector.

1. Viant – Site
2. Venus Concept – Site
3. primed – Site
4. Optimum Medical – Sit e
5. Medtronic – Site
6. Getinge – Site
7. Freudenberg Medical – Site
8. Argon Medical Devices – Site

According to eMarketer, US healthcare providers spent $2.84 billion on digital ads.

Healthcare Website Inspiration Segment 6: Medical Insurance, Medical Services and Managed Care

This sector deals with companies that provide medical insurance to patients and corporate companies. They use many techniques to reduce the cost involved in availing health benefits. Exclusive providers include medicare, medicaid, healthcare consultants, medical patient financing and more. Let’s, take a look at some of the well-designed websites in this sector.

1. VisitorsCoverage – Site
2. Mutual of Omaha – Site
3. Combined Insurance – Site
4. Cigna – Site
5. Blue Shield of California – Site
6. American National – Site
7. Aetna – Site

According to HubSpot, the average cost for a healthcare lead is $286.

Licensed pharmaceuticals produce drugs for inpatient and invasive care services. They are subject to various laws and regulations to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drugs. This sector consists of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, prescription drugs, biopharmaceutical drugs, generic drugs and more. Let’s, take a look at some of the well-designed websites in the pharmaceutical sector.

1. Vertex Pharmaceuticals – Site
2. usp – Site
3. Teva USA – Site
4. Takeda – Site
5. Sunovion – Site
6. GSK – Site
7. AbbVie – Site

Why Health Service Providers Love Our Healthcare Website Design and Development Work?

Many healthcare providers have uninformative websites. At this point, a greatly made website will set you apart. The strength of your website depends on the web design and development agency you choose to partner with.

ColorWhistle team of healthcare designers and developers specialize in building custom and revenue-driving websites. We have created websites that range from enterprise-level web portals to small private practices. From design, development and digital marketing, our team can take care of everything. All the websites we design & develop will have,

  • Simple and professional web design
  • Clear and user-friendly navigation
  • Clean coding, good hosting and great security
  • Mobile-ready version
  • Crucial business information
  • Social media integration
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Web compatibility
  • And more!

If you are in the healthcare service and in need of an awesome website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can also help you to revamp your existing website.

Which healthcare website design did you like? Do share it in the comments section below.

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