Most Popular Healthcare Apps & Features

Best healthcare apps are like a virtual doctor in your pocket, minus the questionable advice and the awkward “turn your head and cough” moments. Over the last couple of decades, the healthcare industry seems to be booming with tech advancements. Covid has exposed the breaches and quality of the healthcare industry. Healthcare firms consider healthcare website development agencies as a great choice to provide excellent online services across the world. It acts as a perfect medium for patients and doctors to communicate with each other. 

Healthcare apps built on GIS solutions (Geographical Information Systems) improve finding the right doctor in a nearby location and connect them with a few clicks. It is compatible with Android and iOS with a secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system. Users can download healthcare apps for patients and doctors for free or at a low cost.  

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Doctors) - ColorWhistle

Health care applications have a few extraordinary features to reduce the complexity of the digital healthcare system

Patient app features
  • Sign Up
  • Search Doctors
  • View Doctors’ Profile
  • Appointment Booking
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Virtual Consultation with doctor category
  • Symptom Checker
  • Choose a Payment Method
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Book a lab test and MRI/CT scan
  • Direction and Location
  • Account Login/Sign Up
Doctor app features
  • Doctor Panel
  • Accept or Reject the Appointment
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Video Call
  • In-app Messages
Admin panel features
  • Option for price estimation
  • My chart
  • Donate
  • Insurance
Admin panel features
  • Marketing ToolsDatabase
  • Manage Doctor
  • Check Availability

How do Top Healthcare Apps Work?

  • Doctor creates a profile
  • Administrators check the doctor’s qualification
  • The user/patient creates a profile by using email registration
  • Permits users to search right doctor depending on the location
  • Patients can book doctor appointments with the date and time of an online visit
  • The patient can take a symptom check test or seek personal help if needed
  • Users can share e-prescriptions or tests via the app
  • Patients can make a secure online payment

The utilization of digital technology in healthcare has been escalating over the years. Mobile/Web app development has become key for healthcare providers to meet their patient’s needs. Providers team up with digital experts to build quality to stay ahead of competitors.

Doctor on Demand-Video doctor visits, 24/7

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Customer interests) - ColorWhistle
  • Doctor on Demand is an innovative healthcare app with several features that helps patients and doctors communicate remotely. Through this application, you can visit a doctor 24/7
  • Using the doctor appointment booking feature, doctors can provide video consultations and prescriptions for simple cases such as mild fever and colds in a matter of minutes
  • This application is built to handle the whole nine yards, from medicine scheduling to video consultations
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Dr+) - ColorWhistle
Features of Doctor on Demand app
  • Book an Appointment
  • Video Conferencing with Doctors 
  • Reminders and discounts
  • Payment Gateway
  • Doctor Review
  • Ordering prescribed medications
  • Tools for Scheduling
  • Access to Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems
  • Doctor Panel

Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Doctor Visits) - ColorWhistle
  • Amwell is the best affordable health app to visit a doctor from home, office, or anywhere you are. It helps you connect with certified medical providers 24/7 
  • Amwell’s registered doctor provides urgent care, psychiatry, therapy, nutrition, lactation consulting, etc.,
  • Consultation fees start at $70. 103k+ providers and 55k+ health plan partners use Amwell
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Amwell) - ColorWhistle
Features of the Amwell app
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Easy access via phone or web
  • Cooperation with multiple insurance companies


Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Healow Doctor Visits) - ColorWhistle
  • You can access your medical record, appointments, personal information, and lab results with the healow app. You can easily find and book doctor’s appointments
  • It is a secure and convenient app to send and receive messages and health alerts from doctors
  • Users can set and track sugar, blood pressure, and BMI with their weight management and activity tracker options
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Healow) - ColorWhistle
Key features of the healow app
  • Patient Notes
  • Medicine Management
  • Trackers
  • Request a medication refill
  • Interactive Alerts
  • Online Booking
  • Automated Reminders
  • Telehealth
  • Manage Multiple Accounts

WebMD: Symptom Checker

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Symptom Checker) - ColorWhistle
  • With the WebMD health app users can learn about drugs, check symptoms, find nearby doctors, get medication reminders, and get prescription drugs at their nearby pharmacy
  • Over 95 million people access this healthcare application every month. The WebMD healthcare app partners with huge pharmacy chains to find low-cost drugs. It also gives you the daily medication schedules, timing, and pill images with dosage
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (WebMD) - ColorWhistle
Key features of WebM: Symptom Checker
  • Symptom Checker
  • Allergy Tracker
  • Medication Reminders
  • Doctor Finder
  • WebMD Rx
  • Conditions
  • Drug Interaction Checker
  • Customization and Saving Functionality


Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Medscape Rating) - ColorWhistle
  • Medscape offers medical databases, medical news, disease information, drug information, and CME for health professionals, physicians, and medical students worldwide 
  • It gives you unlimited access to the entire network membership for free. It provides 8000+ prescriptions, 7600+ diseases, drug monographs, and procedure articles with images
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Medscape) - ColorWhistle
Features of the Medscape healthcare application
  • Drug Interaction Checker
  • Access 400+ Medical Calculators
  • Pill Identifier
  • Step-by-Step Procedural Videos

Telehealth & Therapy | Teladoc

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Telehealth & Therapy) - ColorWhistle
  • Teladoc is the best app for telehealth and telemedicine. It constantly delivers high-quality care from the board and state-certified physicians 
  • General medical service fees start at $75. With insurance, the general medical service fee starts at $0
  • After a doctor’s visit, users can send the prescription list directly to their preferred drugstore by using the pharmacy selection option
  • The Teladoc healthcare app service is available 24/7 from anywhere in the U.S
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Teladoc) - ColorWhistle
Features of Telehealth & Therapy | Teladoc
  • File Sharing
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Live Chat
  • Medical Billing
  • E-Prescribing
  • Two-way Audio & Video
  • One-to-One Messaging

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Calorie Counter) - ColorWhistle
  • The MyFitnessPal healthcare app acts as a nutrition coach. It allows users to track weight loss, water goals, fitness, and nutrition habits. This healthcare app has one of the largest food databases to track the calories of 14 million foods 
  • It also offers a 30-day premium trial to access exclusive expert guidance, tracking, and fitness tools. Users can customize meal plans for their target calories for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, nutrition, and fitness
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (myfitnesspal) - ColorWhistle

Here are the few extraordinary features of the MyFitnessPal healthcare app

  • Macro Tracker
  • Water Tracker
  • Fast & Easy Food Tracker Tools
  • One of the Largest Food Databases
  • Calorie Tracker
  • Nutrition Tracker and Insights

mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Diabetes Tracker) - ColorWhistle
  • The MySugr diabetes app is a free diabetes logbook for diabetic patients. It helps users to keep their diabetes data under control. With mySugr’s personalized dashboard, users can share daily, weekly, and monthly reports directly with their doctor 
  • It also recommends insulin dosage with its Insulin/Bolus calculator. The MySugr app allows users to access and download blood glucose (BG), estimated HbA1c, and activity data anytime, anywhere
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (mysugar) - ColorWhistle

Did you know?

The MySugr healthcare application was thrice ranked as a top diabetes app by Healthline Media.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Mindful Meditation) - ColorWhistle
  • Headspace is a relaxation app that supports you in relaxing and sleeping well everywhere you go
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Headspace) - ColorWhistle
Features of the headspace healthcare application
  • Daily Meditation
  • Sleep Meditation
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Meditation Music for focus
  • Practice Mindful Fitness
  • Meditation for Kids
  • Auto-Renewing

NOOM: Health & Weight

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Health & Weight) - ColorWhistle
  • The cold war between the stomach and the mind is a universal problem. Whenever your stomach gets bored, it asks you to fill it with delicious foods, right? But your mind asks you to lose weight and be healthy. No worries! The NOOM is a psychology-based healthcare application. It offers a weight loss course; you can complete a series of 10 mini-courses at your home
  • The NOOM app helps users gain awareness about weight loss and change their habits. Its auto-recurring plan starts at $59. It also offers 3 optional add-ons for an additional cost to customize the user’s experience

Additional Add-ons

  • Customized Workout Plans
  • Customized Meal Plans
  • A DNA Testing Kit
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Noom) - ColorWhistle
Features of the NOOM app
  • Food Logging
  • Over 1,000 Interactive Lessons
  • Weight Tracking
  • Helpful Tips
  • A Virtual Coaching Team
  • Biometric Tracking
  • Weekly Challenges and Educational Information

Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Flo Ovulation Tracker) - ColorWhistle
  • With advanced AI technology, Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker makes your reproductive goals relevant and unique. It is a comprehensive solution for females to track their well-being and health. Users can track everything in one app; period date, flow intensity, ovulation day, birth control, PMS symptoms, sleep, water intake, etc.,
  • Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker is the first application to attain ISO 27001
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (flo) - ColorWhistle
Features of Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker
  • Period Calendar and Menstrual Cycle Tracker
  • Ovulation Calculator and Pregnancy Calendar
  • Lifestyle & Fitness Tracker
  • Reminders
  • Secret Chats
  • Available on your Smartwatch
  • Anonymous Mode

GoodRx: Prescription Coupons

Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (Prescription Coupons) - ColorWhistle
  • GoodRx is a medication app that lets users compare prescription prices and discounts without a hitch. It offers digital coupons and discounts for affordable Rx drugs. With digital coupons, users can save money at 70, 000+ drugstores
  • For example, 30 tablets of 40mg atorvastatin cost only $9 with a GoodRx coupon

GoodRx care services include

  • Short-term Medication Refill
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Medication
  • Start or Refill Birth Control
  • ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
Popular Healthcare Apps & Features (GoodRx) - ColorWhistle
Features of the GoodRx healthcare app
  • GoodRx online coupons can save you up to 80% on prescription drugs.
  • Get Free Coupons
  • Save your Prescriptions
  • Search and Compare Prices
  • Medication Tracker & Prescription Reminder Notifications
  • Online Medical & Senior Care

Looking for Healthcare Digital Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of healthcare digital services with ColorWhistle.


Healthcare apps can be the ideal tools to share health-related awareness at a new level altogether. Additionally, by communicating with the doctor’s office via an app, users can check the estimated bill in real time. So, they won’t be surprised after getting a final invoice as they can plan their budget ahead of time.

The popularity and number of healthcare apps created are decent indicators to conclude that the demand for healthcare development is growing these days. These healthcare apps also help physicians and healthcare professionals upgrade their medical knowledge.

The emergence of mobile and web apps in the healthcare industry has been phenomenal, as has the healthcare website development service. Investing in mobile/web health is an awesome pick to boost your healthcare business’s reputation and revenue. Not all healthcare web app development service company expenses will pay off. You need the right place to develop your application at a fair price. It is to be considered that not all healthcare applications reach the right audience for this, you need to approach a suitable healthcare digital marketing services company to drive user engagement effectively.

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Ratings and the number of downloads mentioned in this blog are based on Google Play Store and Apple App store by October 2022.

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