Top Examples of WordPress Sites for Your Inspiration

WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool for publishing content online and can be highly effective in helping you to generate content. What really makes WordPress such a powerful and effective tool, is the fact that it lets you build sites so easily in a way that has been proven to work. In other words, Google knows how to index the sites making SEO simpler, users have grown accustomed to typical WordPress layouts and countless other sites have become very large and very profitable using WordPress.

In other words: we know that a site made with WordPress can be highly successful. And we know that it’s relatively simple and easy to build WordPress sites. So that way, you take the guess work out of site creation and instead can focus on just creating the best content you can and doing promotion. You know that if your site isn’t a big hit – it wasn’t the CMS that let you down.

This also means that there are tons of examples of highly successful, beautifully designed WordPress sites out there – all of which are within your reaches to emulate. This is a fantastic way to get inspiration and motivation, so read on and we’ll take a look at some of the best examples of well-designed and highly successful WordPress sites out there…

Consider this a tour-de-force of WordPress web development

The Four Hour Blog

The Four Hour Blog is the blog of Tim Ferriss, who in turn is the author of the acclaimed ‘Four Hour Workweek’. His blog is nothing special to look at but is nevertheless nice and simple while the green text mirrors the design of his books creating a nicely consistent brand.

But what makes the Four Hour Blog a good pick for this list, is the fact that it’s run by a single entrepreneur who does everything himself and is highly successful. If you’re a solo blogger/entrepreneur looking for inspiration, then this shows just how successful you can be on your own.

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is another blog from a solo entrepreneur. It’s a ‘small blog’ that focusses on making money online and that shares all the secrets. The creator, Pat Flynn, had even less of a headstart as compared with Ferriss seeing as Ferriss launched his blog from the success of his book. Pat started from scratch and nevertheless grew his online empire to be incredibly profitable. Check out the site because he shares all his tips and secrets there.


TechCrunch is a technology site that discusses news, reviews and opinion revolving around the world of technology. The site is very well designed and manages to pack a ton of information into a relatively small place. It also looks very ‘glossy’ and professional like a real online magazine, which is a demonstration of just how pristine WordPress sites can potentially look.

BBC America

As organizations go, the BBC is one of the better known and respected in the world. For their US site, they rely on the WordPress CMS which shows us just how capable the platform is when it comes to looking professional and functionally reliably.

The take-home point here is that if WordPress is good enough for the BBC, it’s almost certainly good enough for everyone else!


And just to re-emphasize that point, another example of a highly well-known and respect website that has done incredibly

Savage Chickens

Savage Chickens is a highly popular webcomic that is built using WordPress. The site posts a new webcomic everyday featuring chickens (normally) and drawn onto post-it notes. The blog has a large following and is one of the bigger webcomics on the net. Seeing as the site is based around images rather than text, the designers will have had some unique challenges which they’ve risen to admirably.

What’s cool about Savage Chickens is that it shows the versatility of WordPress. Don’t have much skill when it comes to writing? No problem: with WordPress web development there are plenty more opportunities to be successful. How are your sketching skills? Or photography for that matter?


On the subject of versatility and variety, PaymentSense is a great example of a B2B service using WordPress to create a more ‘static’ website. The site utilizes a linear scrolling design that is increasingly popular with businesses and which looks very modern and crisp. If your business sells a single product or service and you don’t have an ongoing blog that you want to put front and center, then this is a good route to go down. PaymentSense is a company that sells card readers for businesses and is pretty big and successful.


Like the looks of this site? It could be yours! is actually built with WordPress and WordPress web development is just one of our specialties.

We’re very proud of this site and it’s already off to a great start despite being relatively young. If you agree that it’s a modern and intuitive UI, why not let us handle your site creation too?

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