WordPress is the Number One CMS to Use in and after 2015

May 27, 2020
WordPress is the number one cms to use

WordPress web development has been around for a while now but like a fine wine it has only gotten better with age. Today, WordPress is probably the most accomplished, feature rich and practical CMS available for any business and there are a range of different things that make it the best choice moving forward into 2016.

To find out precisely what makes WordPress such a fantastic choice of CMS, read on to learn more about what makes it tick and why it stands out against the competition.

A Brief History

The brainchild of Matt Mullenweg and friend Mike Little, WordPress burst onto the scene about 11 years ago and actually began life as a simple blogging platform much like Blogger or LiveJournal.

For a while, personal blogging was big news and it seemed like everyone wanted to set one up to share their thoughts about the world. Thus WordPress grew in popularity as did its competitors.

WordPress was always the most feature rich blogging platform though, with the greatest number of settings – but over the eleven/twelve years since it launched, those features grew and grew to the point where you could actually build an entire website out of it.

While personal blogs are no longer all the rage, a lot of web design is inspired by the blog format and this enabled WordPress to thrive as a content management system while the other two blogging systems died a slow death.

Today WordPress CMS website development is huge, here are some statistics that might surprise you regarding just how huge it is:

  • 48% of the top 100 blogs as listed by Technorati use WordPress
  • More than 75 million websites use WordPress
  • And 22% of new domains registered in the US will rely on it too
  • WordPress.com gets more hits per month than Amazon.com!
  • WordPress has over 30,000 plugins
  • As you can see then, there is no lack of evidence for the idea that WordPress sites can be incredibly popular, or that it is only continuing to get bigger.

Why WordPress Web Development Is the Best Choice for 2016

For many reasons, WordPress cms development is currently the best choice of content management system available to businesses and entrepreneurs. The closest competition comes from the likes of Joomla! and Drupal which are similar content management systems. In short though, these options don’t offer the same number of options or have the same support from the community.

If you use WordPress you’ll not only have access to more plugins and widgets but you’ll also get more immediate technical support when you need it thanks to the large number of forums dedicated to WordPress. Drupal and Joomla! also have less user friendly control panels, so if you’re not IT-minded you’ll likely find WordPress easier to get to grips with for updated and editing your site.


WordPress has been tried and tested by many huge companies from the BBC to Forbes and it is very ‘SEO friendly’ meaning that it increases your chances of being visible in Google. While ColorWhistle are happy to set you up with any CMS you may choose, WordPress is undoubtedly going to be the best option for many companies in 2016.

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