Top Growth Hacking Techniques for Blogs and Websites

If you created a website either to promote your business or to make money from, you may have found yourself disappointed after the first few weeks to find that not much had changed yet. Creating a website or a blog is definitely a ‘long term’ strategy and one that won’t pay off until at least a few months – probably several years – have passed.

But does that mean you won’t start seeing ROI for that long? Not necessarily. Employ some strategic ‘growth hacking’ techniques and you can accelerate the growth of your blog significantly, resulting in massive increases in traffic and income sometimes overnight.

But how precisely does one ‘hack’ the growth of their blog in 2015? Read on and we’ll look at some smart strategies that can help you to leapfrog the competition and drastically speed up your progress…

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best strategies you have up your sleeve when it comes to getting ahead and effectively enables you to ‘skip’ all of the slow-going parts of social media marketing and SEO.

Essentially, influencer marketing means that you’ll be targeting someone within your industry or niche that has already established themselves as an ‘authority’ and that has already acquired a large audience that trusts them.

How does this work in real time? Well for example, if you were promoting a self-improvement website, then you might aim for a big ‘influencer’ in that field. That might be Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey or even Tony Robbins. You will then either sponsor them, offer to work with them, or just design content that you think will fit their audience and then share it with them (LinkedIn is a great tool for influencer marketing). Either way, your goal is to get them to post your link or to mention your brand to their considerable audience. And in doing so, they will then give you exposure to hundreds of thousands of people in a single post – potentially bringing hundreds of thousands of new subscribers and fans overnight.

This is very powerful for growth hacking because it allows you to make the most of groundwork laid by someone else in your niche. Thereby you don’t have to build your own audience – you’re just getting direct access to their!

Give Something Away

Another way you can bring a large new audience to your website or blog and to convert even more of them into paying customers is to give something away for free. This is a strategy that seems off putting to many bloggers and business owners as it seems counter intuitive. In fact though, giving stuff away for free is one of the best ways to get them to pay for your other things.

Not only does giving away a freebie demonstrate the value and quality that you’re capable of delivering (and get them ‘hooked’ on your products) but it also enables you to entice people to sign up faster than they otherwise would.

An excellent example of a freebie is a free eBook. With one of those, you can then encourage people to sign up to your mailing list, to visit your website, or to open your e-mail marketing message. Or alternatively, you could go another tact and just try to get as many people as possible to have a copy of your free eBook on their computer and then market your business through that book. Some companies give eBooks away for free on Kindle and Amazon for instance and then just fill the copy with references to their website and with reasons to buy their products.

Social Bookmarking + Great Content

Predominantly, content marketing is about the ‘slow burn’. Most marketers use this strategy as a way to gradually build more of a following and more trust with their audience. Then, once they have established themselves as thought leaders and experts in their field, they will be in a position to start selling things.

Alternatively though, social bookmarking can be combined with content marketing in order to get immediate results. To do this, you just need to think of a unique concept for an article or a blog post. Ideally, you should have a target audience in mind when you write it and you should know a great way to reach that target audience and to get them interested.

Most important of all though, the title should promise something unique and different from any other website. This should be something that you would read yourself if you saw the title on Facebook or on another website. That means it should have an ’emotional hook’, it should be controversial or it should provide real value by giving instructions and information on a fascinating topic that hasn’t been fully explored much online before.

If you can do that and then post a link to that content in the right place, then you can potentially start seeing hundreds of thousands of new visitors that day rather than waiting to slowly build up an audience.

Sankarnarayan. R
About the Author - Sankarnarayan. R

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