Website Development for Different Approaches

Business name: Different Approaches
Industry: Healthcare
Client’s requirement:

The psychotherapy client was from the US who was looking for his site revamp. He wanted to give a fresh look to his outdated website.

Process followed:

We follow a common process for all our clients. As this client had unique requirements, we brainstormed within the team and tailor-made the process that best suited the client’s goals.

What did we do for the client?

After a few brainstorming sessions, we chose a bespoke theme for the site. Then, we started with the homepage and service pages design. We integrated a booking platform to offer online appointment services to patients.

On the homepage, we used sliders with a lead statement & call-to-action button. Also, we’re taking care of their SEO maintenance activities. We create short videos, graphics, and infographics for their social media accounts. Also, we do write blogs for them.



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