FAQs on Website Redesign & UX Revamp

FAQs on website redesign & UX revamp can be an eye-opener for you to get answers for your what, why, when, and how-type questions.  

  • Are you a website redesign company offering services to customers?
  • Are you a B2B partner looking to collaborate with a website redesign agency?
  • Are you a business person looking to redesign your current website?

No matter who you’re, this FAQs on website redesign blog can serve you with crisp & clear answers! Give a read on the entire blog and make optimal decisions in your website redesign journey.

Website Redesign FAQs to Build a Smart Website Redesign Strategy

Is your website struggling to attract visitors, generate leads, or convert customers?
Does it look outdated, load slowly, or fail to meet your business goals?

If so, it may be time for a website redesign.
Redesigning your website can breathe new life into your online presence, improve user experience, and boost your search engine rankings.

However, website redesign can be a complex process, and you may have questions about the best practices, costs, timelines, and risks involved. In this set of website redesign FAQs, we’ll answer your burning questions and provide actionable tips to help you redesign your website with confidence.

1. What is your timeline for redesigning a website?

Generally, for a website redesign project, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Depending on the various factors such as project complexity, requirements, scope, and availability of resources, the period may vary. 

Therefore, before signing up, go for a discussion with the redesign agency and communicate your expectations and project goals precisely. As you do so, the agency will come up with a time range tailored to your project.

2. Will you analyze my competitors’ websites and apply their strategies?

One of the key goals for a website redesign is, to gain a competitive advantage. So, you must ensure that the redesign agency you partner with will do complete research on your peers’ websites. 

To make a note of, analyzing the competitor’s sites doesn’t mean copying exactly their strategies. A professional agency will carry out a thorough analysis of the sites, then will incorporate atleast one functionality or add a UX element or anything that sets you apart from your competitors’ identity.

3. Will you completely re-work on my web design or just improvise what’s already there?

Redesigning a website is like renovating your present home. The agency takes care of improving/re-working UI/UX elements, layout, navigation, content, and the overall look-and-feel of the site. So, communicate with the agency about what you require, whether to carry out a holistic re-work of the entire site or just improvements. Only then the redesign agency will have a clear picture and work towards it.

4. For an overall redesign, approximately what should be my budget? 

The overall budget for a website redesign project will vary depending on several factors such as requirements, complications, features, functionalities, available resources, and more. The pricing ranges somewhere between $10,000 and $100,000. 

And, website redesign agencies generally follow different engagement models, where the agency costs you on an hourly basis, resources, and so on. Depending on your project scope, the agency will allocate you under an engagement model and incur charges. Otherwise, you can discuss your website redesign project with the agency and get a bespoke quote.

5. Should I change my hosting service provider?

‘Hosting’ plays a big role in every website. Website performance, scalability, security, and uptime, will merely depend on the type of hosting. So, while you plan for a website redesign, it’s good to check with your development team whether to change the hosting plan or retain the same. 

While you change your hosting provider by the time of the redesign, you’ll have a team of developers to assist you in the migration as well. Otherwise, it would be a tedious process.

6. Describe your website redesign process workflow. 

Generally, a professional website redesign workflow can be something like the below. 

  • Evaluate your current site’s visual hierarchy, content readability, and SEO visibility
  • With these insights, design wireframe architecture, the model of how your site will actually look like
  • Submit to the end client for review
  • After a few iterations, the development team will work on the functionalities and coding
  • QA team will test for bugs and flaws in the design 
  • Proper screenshots and backups will be taken of the current version
  • Once approved by the internal QA team and client, the site will be updated with the new design layout

If the agency you partner with follows a process like this, then you can rely on.

7. My current site doesn’t has multi-layer security access. Can you take care of it in the redesign?

Multiple security layers such as user login, CAPTCHA, bot protection, firewall security, and so on prevent your website from data thefts and vulnerabilities. During the redesign, there are possibilities for removing these security layers. So, properly communicate with the agency that you want to retain the multi-layer security. 

8. In the redesign, can you integrate a chatbot feature?

Nowadays, chatbots are an inevitable user-centric customer service feature implemented in website design. So, if you’re not having this in your current version, then you can proceed to incorporate this feature in your new design. Whether to build or integrate software is your call. 

Nowadays, people look out for what’s trending, nobody shows interest in an outdated website design or feature. By the time you redesign your website, try to incorporate web design trends that stick to your branding. Website design trends are dynamic, if you want to go hand-in-hand with them, then regular maintenance is also required. So, make sure your agency is up-to-date with the current design trends.

10. My organization’s website takes a few minutes to load. Will you optimize it as well? 

As you may be aware, page load time has a direct influence on the bounce rate. The bounce rate is 90% for websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. So, in the redesign journey, the agency you hire should optimize the images, videos, forms, data, and other elements that hinder the website’s performance. 

11. We’ve not added forms to our current website. Can you design a form’s layout with custom fields during the redesign? 

In the current version, you might not have required a form. However, these days, ‘form submissions’ has become significant for different purposes like contact, inquiry, data feeding, and whatnot. Layout, custom fields, design, everything matters for a form. Communicate prior with your web redesign company regarding the purpose and goals of form submissions.  

12. Can you get me some attractive CTA designs in the redesign?

During the redesign process, the team will create a development environment to work on the new site without ruining your current site on live. A well-experienced agency will not remove your entire site from the web abruptly. 

By keeping your site live, the team should develop your site and move it for QA testing. Only then, the migration process must kickstart. Check with the agency for proper backups and screenshots of your current site. 

14. Should the existing content/graphics be wholly reworked or can it be reused? 

In the redesign process, if you would like to retain certain text content or visuals or color palette, you should communicate the same to your web redesign partner. The agency will evaluate the existing content’s performance and suggest whether to retain or re-work the existing content. Sometimes, the content may reflect your branding which cannot be neglected. Start with us your graphic design services today!  

15. Can you show me examples of websites you have redesigned in the past?

This is a key question. You’ll come to know the experience and expertise of the website redesign agency through its portfolio. Go through their works in the past, moreover, look for chances to discuss with their clients so you’ll know how they feel about the agency’s work. If they don’t maintain or have any portfolios, then take a step back and think deeply if you surely want to give them an offer. 

16. After the redesign is complete, will you handle my website maintenance?

Content updates, software updates, bug fixes, broken link checks, server updates, etc. all come under website maintenance activities. Every website should be maintained optimally and regularly. A professional redesign agency offers post-launch support as an add-on. So, double-check with your agency partner if they will provide maintenance for your redesigned website.      

17. What is your pricing structure? Will you provide a detailed quote or estimate before starting the project?

Every website redesign project differs in its requirements and goals. So should the pricing structure vary for each project. A proficient team offers numerous pricing plans from basic to advanced. Based on the requirements, you can opt for a plan. So, as you ask this question to your agency partner, you can know if they have pricing options or not.    

18. How will you measure the success of the website redesign project? What are the KPIs that you will be tracking?

Normally, a website redesign agency should not leave you isolated once the redesign work gets over. The team is merely responsible for measuring the performance of the redesigned website. It can be measured using a few KPIs like website traffic, engagement rate, conversions, SEO ranking, and so on. Asking this question will help you understand better how your redesign partner will measure the performance of your redesigned site.  

19. When should I redesign my website?

As an optimal practice, it’s good to redesign a website every 2 to 3 years. By doing so, you can ignore all outdated data and functionalities of your website. Few signs when we suggest you to look for a website redesign.  

  • Load time is slow
  • Lacks mobile-responsiveness
  • User engagement rate is low
  • Poor UI/UX 
  • Outdated website features
  • Confusing navigation

Questions to Ask Your Website Redesign Customer 

Are you a website redesign agency offering redesign services to customers? Need to know what all customers are expecting from website redesign services, here we’ve collected a list of queries you need to ask your customer.

1. Why are you looking for a website redesign now? 

From a customer’s view, there can be various simple to complicated reasons for a website redesign. Say, for example, a competitor site follows a different design psychology (or) site doesn’t fulfill the purpose (or) features look outdated, and such others can be added to the list. Talk with your customer to know the actual purpose of the website redesign, only then you can work towards the milestone.    

2. What is your brand’s USP? 

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the thumbprint of any brand. It can include customer support, pricing packages, service offerings, or anything that makes your customer’s brand stand out from others. When you’re clear with their USP, you can give it maximum exposure and it’s a quick way to take your end-customers products/services to their potential audience. 

3. Who are your website visitors as of now? Why do they visit your site? 

This is an important question you should get clarity on from your client before embarking on the redesign. As a website redesign agency, you should know what your customer is using a website, whether it’s for e-commerce, online consultation, virtual seminars, or others. Based on the purpose, it would be easy to work on the layout, design elements, font style, menu, content, and SEO.  

4. Which elements are working well on your current website?

In a website, there will indeed be certain elements like CTAs, hero sliders, background pattern designs, and so on which might have worked well. You can either extract these details from the customer or analytics reports. So, you just retain the particular sections or do some improvements to them.    

5. What do you like and dislike about your current site?

This shows how much importance you give to your customers. Knowing their preferences will help you get a website that your clients love. Maybe they would like the minimalistic design and micro-interactions but at the same time feel frustrated about the cluttered layout, pop-ups, and menu structure. Take a call with the client and get a list of their likes and dislikes of the current site.  

6. Have you identified any competitors’ websites that you admire or would like to emulate?

Many website owners look out for inspiration from their competitors and other sites. They might like a CTA design on the home page, a menu hovering option, and search functionality, and many can be added to the list. You can get from them the reference URLs and try to integrate them into your client’s website without sliding from their brand’s strategy. 

7. What software/tools would you like to retain from your present site? 

The present website of your customer would have various software serving multiple purposes. Maybe, the client would like the user-friendly CMS, hassle-free payment processing tool, data-centric CRM, or others. Once if you go on for a discussion with the client and audit the current website, you’ll know which tools to retain.      

8. What information would you like to retain from your current website? 

Your customers might like to retain powerful content from the conversion point like customer testimonials, security policies, pricing options, and terms & conditions. In the redesigned version, you can retain the information matching the new color scheme and layout.  

9. As of now, which pages are driving traffic? 

Keywords are the main ingredient that drives traffic to a webpage. So, when you have an idea about the keywords, they’re intense, and you’ll not be missing out on the traffic for those pages. Analyze the metrics from Google Search Console or any tool, and ensure you’re retaining the keywords in the high-traffic driving pages.  

10. What percentage of search traffic is from mobile? 

Asking this question will help you know whether your customer’s site is mobile-friendly or not. And also, potential traffic is generated from mobile for every website. From this data, you’ll know approximately the percentage of the audience visiting the website from mobile. And try to optimize every single element conscious about mobile during the redesign. 

11. Do you have an existing content management system you prefer or would you like our suggestions on the proper CMS?

As you ask this question to your website redesign customer, you’ll know whether their current site has a CMS integration or not. If the current CMS is user-friendly, scalable, intuitive, and provides enormous customization features, then you can retain the same in the redesign. Otherwise, suggest a better CMS for content management. Popular CMS software like WordPress, Joomla, can greatly assist in content management.  

12. Who is your target audience, and what are their needs and expectations from your website?

When it comes to redesigning the website, having sound knowledge of the target audience is essential. Only then, you can redesign the website tailor-made for the right users. Do an in-depth analysis of the target audience, age, gender, region, and other demographics. 

13. What are your current pain points with your existing website, and what improvements would you like to see?

As a website redesign agency, if you clearly understand the customer’s issues, then in the redesign you can be more cautious in those sections. Many will be having a single-page website (or) multiple software integration that impact the site speed (or) lack smooth and friendly navigation. All these can be resolved in the redesigned website.  

14. Do you have any branding or style guidelines that we should follow while redesigning your website?

For every brand, there will be certain branding/style guidelines. Discuss with the client to know what guidelines to remember at the time of redesign. This will help you not to go off-track from the branding ethics. Colors, typography, shapes, icons, logo design all these will be counted as branding elements. 

15. Do you have any questions regarding website redesign services? 

You may be a customer looking to outsource your website redesign or an agency offering website redesign services, whoever you are, if you have questions that are not in this list, do reach out to our ColorWhistle team. We can clear your doubts.  

FAQs on Website Redesign - Website redesign services

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