Custom WordPress Theme Development Benefits

July 6, 2020
Benefits of Custom WordPress Theme Development

If you’re looking for a new design for your current website or are launching a new site from scratch, then custom WordPress theme development is likely to be a great option for you with a number of benefits. Read on and we’ll look at what it is that makes a custom WordPress theme such a good gambit and at why more companies should choose this route.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

WordPress is a CMS, which means ‘Content Management System‘. In other words, this is a tool that you install on your server and which you can then use in order to upload and manage new content, as well as to edit your design and generally make sure everything looks the way it should and functions properly.

The first job during WordPress web development is simply to install WordPress on the server. At this point you’ll then have a default template for a website right away and can start posting content through a control panel. This is about the quickest and easiest way to get started with a website and what’s great is that it is mobile friendly and optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). Big companies like the BBC use WordPress so you know that it’s possible to be highly successful and to handle a large amount of traffic etc. if necessary. WordPress also allows you to easily add new features via ‘plugins’ and there’s a huge, thriving community of people who develop these plugins for public use.

You won’t want to stick with the default template layout though and so that’s when you start looking for a new design which is just as easy to plug in and install. Here though you have two options. One is to use select from a number of pre-made themes, some of which are free and some of which cost a little money. You’ll be able to change things like the background and your logo but the position of your menu items and the general layout of the site is going to be the same as many other sites on the net and outside of your control.

The other option though is to pay a WordPress website development company to build you a theme from scratch that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Custom WordPress Theme Development

In case you hadn’t already guessed, getting a custom theme designed from scratch is by far the preference when you’re choosing between these two options.

For starters, creating a custom theme will allow you to create any design you want meaning that it can better suit your needs. If you’re selling a product from your WordPress site, then simply having the ‘buy’ button in a slightly different position can actually drastically impact on your ability to make conversions and gain customers.

If you have chosen a ‘ready made’ WordPress theme, then you won’t have any control over where your buy button goes and your potential sales will be limited.

If you choose to use a WordPress CMS website development company though, you can decide on the exact location. Likewise, you can choose the exact font, the exact color of your URLs and the number of pages you have in your menu.

In other words, custom WordPress themes give you precise control over your site and that in turn means you have precise control over the way you interact with your customers.

Put it this way: if you were to buy a high street store for your business, you wouldn’t just move in and leave the décor how the last store owner had it, would you?

The other reason that a custom WordPress theme is so important is that it means your site will be absolutely unique and unlike any other site on the net. This means in turn that no one is going to be browsing online only to come across a website that looks almost identical to yours.

That’s kind of important because it can seriously undermine your professionalism if someone should discover an identical site.

That’s because, finding a site just like yours tells your customers that you have simply taken a ‘cut and paste’ approach to your web design.

And if you take a cut-and-paste approach then that in turn suggests that either you don’t know what you’re doing, or that you don’t have the money to invest into a WordPress web development company.

To attract customers and clients you want to communicate that you run a highly professional and capable business with lots of resources to help with their needs. Having a custom site communicates this. You can’t imagine Apple using a default template, can you?

Signing Off Custom WordPress Theme Development

So there you go, these days custom WordPress web development is really the only way to go for the maximum control, flexibility and professionalism. WordPress is a tried and tested CMS that countless businesses have used to thrive – but without a custom theme it just won’t look professional or unique.

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