Animated Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

January 3, 2022
Animated Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

Animation in Websites. Yes, you’ve read it correctly.

Whoa! What an amazingly animated website. Moving backgrounds. Rolling menus. Scrolling galleries. Dynamic effects, and much more. Was that magic!

You just can’t believe your eyes. To experience those magical animation effects, you continue playing around the website. Yeah, and that’s the power of website animation!

In recent years, website designers are breathing life into static website layouts with their disruptive animation ideas. Websites with animations like movements, scroll effects, slider menus, and other exciting interactions seem to be dominating our screens and SERPs these days.

We are able to imagine how curious you are to jump into these animated website designs, so no more waiting, let’s just dive in.

Check out these websites that have truly mastered the art of animation.​

Now It’s Your Turn

With your website animation, your visitors will not only enjoy an interactive UX but beyond that, they will definitely have an unforgettable journey.

To make a note, when using animation effects make sure they don’t ruin your site’s breathable space and speed. Also, don’t overwhelm your users with numerous animation effects. Spend some time researching the right place where your users would interact more and then fix the animations.

At ColorWhistle, we have expert web designers who can design super amazing animated websites for your business. Our designers can turn your entire website into an animated one or animate a certain section of your website based on your expectations.

Would you like to connect on a call with our team? All you have to do is, drop us a word or give us a call at +1 (919) 234-5140. We’re ready to talk with you.

Hey, we will keep updating this article based on trends, so stay tuned.

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