Industry Specific Web Application Development

In this digital era, web applications have become an essential integrant for the development of any business.

Web application is an easy-to-use interface with an added advantage of storing the data on the internet, accessible through a browser from anywhere. A web app for any business is a win-win as its functionalities can be performed conveniently both by customers and the business.

In this article, we have curated a few top web apps that have created a huge impact on various industries including education, travel, hospitality, healthcare, and much more.

Benefits of Web Apps

Benefits of industry specific web apps include revolutionizing your business by providing a wide range of advantages. Alongside the overall advantages of web apps, these specialized solutions are designed to perfectly align with your specific requirements, offering a customized and tailored experience. Here, we have listed a few reasons why web apps tend to be a game-changer for your business.

  • Can be accessed from anywhere around the world
  • Helps to streamline your business process with accuracy
  • The performance of your web app and the behavior of your visitors can be noted based on real-time data
  • Can run directly on any web browser without integrating third-party tools

Education Industry

Web apps have brought in a sea change to the way education is imparted, making it more flexible, convenient, and efficient in comparison with the traditional approach. The development of web apps has enhanced the learning capabilities in formal schools and colleges.

The developments of eLearning web apps have facilitated in presenting a distinct and clear view of the end result of a concept. In formal education, this is a luxury being solely dependent on the capabilities of the teacher and the student. The availability of ready information has narrowed the differences in student’s understanding capability and also made e-learning more engaging and interesting.

Have a look at some of the web apps in the education industry,

1. Talent LMS

eLearning Web Application Development (Talent) - ColorWhistle

TalentLMS, a platform to organize training programs for employees, partners, and customers. The platform allows you to create courses easily, host live sessions, and even conduct tests and quizzes whenever required. You can efficiently keep track of the learners, and help learners to get engaged through discussions, messages and more.

2. MyClassCampus

eLearning Web Application Development (my class) - ColorWhistle

A platform that helps in organizing and handling school administration on a single roof. The application is equipped with in-depth analytics, operation management, hardware integration, etc., and delivers an enhanced experience.


eLearning Web Application Development (Coursera) - ColorWhistle

Coursera deals with a wide range of online courses on different subjects from leading educational providers. The platform collaborates with more than 200 leading companies and universities. Through this application, the trainers can gain applied learning, earn recognized industry certifications, and more.

Travel Industry

People, in general, used to rely on travel agents for making necessary arrangements for a trip. The development of travel web apps has made travelers reach travel agencies even from remote. Using travel web apps, travelers can now handle everything from booking flight tickets to customizing their itinerary on their own.

Let us see how web apps have changed the travel industry,

  • Travelers need not rely on or hire any travel agent for booking flights, hotels, and more, improving the travel experience
  • Reduces paperwork for both travelers and agencies
  • The web application can update the traveler with the latest information regarding the places they have planned to visit.
  • Some web apps are even equipped with the functionalities to help out the traveler in case of delayed flights, cancellation, luggage issues, and more.

Have a look at some of the web applications in tourism and travel,

1. Skyscanner

Travel Web Application Development Ideas (Skyscanner) - ColorWhistle

The application can help in finding the cheapest flights by searching, comparing flights, and also display ongoing offers from airlines and alters whenever the prices change. It also helps with the best time to travel for maximum savings and also alters whenever there is a price change.

2. Airbnb

Travel Web Application Development Ideas (Airbnb) - ColorWhistle

Source : berojgarengineers

The application helps travelers in finding the best homestays and can also help with the neighborhood, price, nearby amenities, and more. It helps people to rent homes for accommodation and allows guests to add rooms to favorites.

3. AirHelp

Travel Web Application Development Ideas (Airhelp) - ColorWhistle

Unlike the general travel apps, AirHelp is one of the largest flight compensation companies that helps travelers to get their compensation during awful situations like cancellations, delayed flights, unexpected disruptions, etc.

Hospitality Industry

The hoteliers or people working in the hospitality industry can now make use of smart web apps that arm them with efficient, unique, and personalized customer service. This can further help in attracting and retaining hotel guests resulting in more revenue.

Customer service is the most important factor when it comes to hospitality. The development of web apps for the hospitality industry has redefined the growth of the hospitality industry. The web apps in this industry play a significant role in catalyzing the best customer experience as well as being supportive in handling the internal functionalities of the business.

Technological advancement has revolutionized the hospitality industry, with web apps integrating all the activities from booking/cancellations to room service and billing, easing out the front desk operations. The possibility of errors occurring in a conventional system is more in comparison with the automated system where there is less human intervention. This has resulted in a seamless, trouble-free environment due to the close monitoring of customer service and satisfaction.

The sprouting of utility portals that work as aggregates of hotel reviews, feedback, and other data for consumption has added to the customer convenience.

Guests can easily access a wide variety of data like check-in/check-out timings, rate charts, restaurant details, etc. anytime via the web apps. Potential patrons too can use publicly available information like events, value propositions, room furnishings, missions, special rates, etc.

Have a look at some of the web applications in tourism and travel.

1. HotelTonight

Hospitality Web Application Development Ideas (HT) - ColorWhistle

The application offers incredibly last-minute hotel deals with excellent 24/7 support. It is equipped with an easy-to-use interface and allows users to submit reviews about their experiences. It is very useful when you are looking for last-minute accommodation

2. HostelWorld

Hospitality Web Application Development (HW) - ColorWhistle

HostelWorld helps with accommodations anywhere nearby or at the place the traveler wants to be. The application has descriptions, filters that help in searching at the traveler’s convenience.


Hospitality Web Application Development (Hotels) - ColorWhistle

The application displays a wide range of options along with filters which would help in finding out the best accommodation. It helps with free cancellation, get the best prices, and reward programs.

Healthcare Industry

There has been a tremendous transformation in healthcare due to technological advancement. The development of web apps has given a boost to the sector and has carved a niche for itself, overhauling the healthcare sector for the betterment of the people in general.

The patient-oriented approach of the healthcare industry digitalization has resulted in web app solutions providing a smooth user experience for patients while maintaining the patient’s health. Whether it is shopping for medical products, looking up a healthy lifestyle, or finding qualified doctors these apps have it all! While patients are empowered with information and the facility to upload their insurance and other details, doctors are provided with the facility of storing health data reducing a lot of paperwork in providing a user-friendly service in the sector.

Web apps have therefore reduced the strain on the sector, catering to emergency response, health surveillance and administration, maintaining health records, clinical documentation, treatment, monitoring, or ensuring effective management of healthcare to the patients even from a distance.

Healthcare web app services have replaced physical visits with digital visits and patients can easily find doctors within their reach and also book an appointment when required. Patients can also choose for home healthcare if the need arises as in the case of the elderly or for those recovering from chronic ailments or even temporary disabilities.
Have a look at some of the healthcare applications.

1. Doctor on Demand

Healthcare Web Application Development (Dr+) - ColorWhistle

The application offers both on-demand and appointment-based consultation for a variety of physical and mental illnesses. It offers complete virtual care at the right time with dedicated providers who are available round the clock.

2. Maven

Healthcare Web Application Development (Maven) - ColorWhistle

A special digital clinical service for women and families. The application focuses on women’s health, maternity programs, fertility programs, personalized clinical programs, unlimited on-demand video appointments. Nearly 500 companies trust Maven to create a great employee experience.

3. Fitbit

Healthcare Web Application Development (Fitbit) - ColorWhistle

The application is one of the best activity trackers. It keeps track of the user’s health and wellness, including activity, workouts, heart rate, and calories. The application is equipped with ECG, stress management, sleep tracking, voice assistant, etc., and is officially a part of the Google family.

Real Estate Industry

Real estate transactions have always relied on the physical meetings between the broker/agent and the prospective buyers. The introduction of web apps has paved the way for transactions from any part of the world without being physically present at the location through cashless transactions and use of even virtual visits to the property, ease of connectivity, etc.

Below are some examples of web applications in the real estate industry.

1. Zillow

Real Estate Web Application Development (Zillow) - ColorWhistle

One of the largest property inventory that also includes its own properties and homes. It is considered to be an all-rounder in the industry. The application helps with mortgages and also to find an agent for your requirement. It is also equipped with some rental management tools that help in growing your business and increase your engagement on the largest real estate network.

2. Realtor

Real Estate Web Application Development (Realtor) - ColorWhistle

The application is considered to be one of the best platforms for rentals. It keeps updating their listing on a daily basis and helps in finding prospective tenants faster. It displays properties through pictures and sometimes videos to highlight the best features of the property.


Real Estate Web Application Development (Xome) - ColorWhistle

One of the best applications to buy a property through auction. It offers transparent bidding with a fast closing. The application has a user-friendly interface with the largest collection of properties. It is also embedded with efficient e-signing functionality for contracts.

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Wrapping Up

Web apps are a crucial component for the development and visibility of your business. The above is a simple illustration of the technology advancements in the respective industries.

If you are looking for assistance in developing a web application for your business contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (210) 787-3600, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide web app development services tailored to your requirements at a favorable price.

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  1. I really like reading through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

  2. I really like reading through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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