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As the online world changes, you need to keep pace. Where to start? To revamp your old website to responsive web design is surely the first step. By definition, redesign means to “design again or in a different way”. A website redesign service is all about redemption of your website from the clutches of outdated design and structure. ColorWhistle provides you top quality website redesign services

The importance of website redesign services in this digital age

Change is necessary and many times it is for the best. When it comes to the online world, technologies get updated and outdated in months. When you want to reach out to a large scale of audience it is absolutely necessary to be ahead of the market in every way. So a redesign gets inevitable at some point of time in your business.

Redesign website for user experience

At ColorWhistle, we help you redesign your website to enhance user experience. Statistics say that 9 out of 10 people look for a good user experience while logging into a website. Redesigning your website can make it light and more efficient. This means, customers would spend less time searching and more time acquiring information from the website. In the hands of a professional web designer it will get the best facelift.

ColorWhistle’s website redesign services is helping small businesses in UK, USA and Canada reap the benefits of a up-to-date and compelling website. Get in touch with us to know more about our recent USA/UK/Canada project for website redesign.

Checklist to revamp old website to new web design

When should you go for a website redesign/revamp?

  • Website is non-adaptive
  • Website does not bring business as expected
  • Website has high bounce rate
  • Customers are unable to find what they need
  • Design has become outdated

The world is heading towards adaptive technologies. ColorWhistle helps you make your information available to people on-the-go. Modern, up-to-date and mobile websites are the key.

Why should you outsource website redesign services?

  • A company like ColorWhistle will provide dedicated and comprehensive services
  • Help you identify what needs to be redesigned, why and how
  • Technology and expertise
  • Market awareness
  • Long-term solutions

Revamping a website means overhauling it fully. It involves restructuring, redesigning and recreating the original website into a much more functional model. Redesign involves making changes that do not change the functionality of the website.


I am incredibly pleased with the strategic and refreshing design work, fast turnaround, and quality work that I received. This has been a great process in part because of the great work of this designer.

- John

Benefits of ColorWhistle’s website redesign services

  • Professional and dedicated services
  • Affordable and high quality designs
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to your business
  • Full support
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
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