US-Based Digital Agency Website Redesign Case Study

How an Agency Improved the Credibility of their Business by Using our Website Redesign Services?

Our new client was a full-service digital agency based in Vancouver, US. They mostly help local government bodies, educational institutions, and companies of all sizes to establish and improve their online presence.

Since the company was so focused on serving their existing clients, they started to neglect their own business website. As a result, they did not get any new leads. So, the company wanted to revamp their website design and content strategy to enhance their credibility, increase website traffic, and adjust to new marketing goals. They choose ColorWhistle because they were looking for some extra reliable resources to share their workload.

Our writers, digital marketers, and designers analyzed their current website and found that their design and content did not engage modern customers. Weak CTAs, unclear navigation, irrelevant links, and dull images were some of the issues we discovered during the initial scan.


Before formulating a plan, we discussed with the client to find out their expectations. Once we understood what they wanted out of this revamp, we formulated a plan.

  • Categorizing the visitors (age, location, business role, knowledge in business jargon, how they respond to the flashy and simple website design)
  • Defining why they visit the website and figure out how often fresh content is required to keep their audience interested
  • How to make their website visitors to take action
  • Identify sales oriented content to excite and attract new clients
  • Use common search terms to see what search engines like Google delivered to make the content search friendly
  • Reviewed competitors website to know if they have content that grabs user attention
  • Making a list of other miscellaneous ideas
  • Perform an SEO audit
  • CMS migration

Major Issues

  • Weak CTAs
  • Unclear navigation
  • Irrelevant links
  • Dull images


Once we collected all the required inputs, we prioritized and organized each aspect of the plan. We also figured out the pieces that were absolutely essential and which elements had to be cut down. Our designers and writers worked closely in-order to revamp the content and design of their website smoothly.

Once the design was finalized, our writers gave the first draft of SEO friendly content to get the client’s approval. After the client was satisfied, our writers started creating new content while keeping the client in the loop during the entire process.

We completed the project within 25 working days.


Our writers and designers helped to deliver the right message to the right audience. Their new website had an intuitive and inviting user experience, and content that captured the attention of their target audience. Once the revamped website was live, these were the results the client experienced within 7 months.

  • Improved user experience and navigation
  • 200% increase in website speed
  • 25% increase in prospective lead inquires

At ColorWhistle, we follow the best standards for website redesign. For any queries regarding custom website development, please contact us anytime.

200% Increase in website speed

29% Decrease in bounce rate

25% Increase in conversions

CW Content Marketing Team
About the Author - CW Content Marketing Team

ColorWhistle's content team is a group of rockstar writers and curators who create killer content for clients across industries. From blog posts to social media campaigns, ColorWhistle's content team creates content that captivates audience with content that educates, entertains, and inspires. With a passion for creativity and expertise in digital marketing, the team has what it takes to make your brand stand out in a crowded online space. In short, they're the wordsmith wizards that you want on your side for content that on-brand and on-trend.

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