Aspirity WordPress Website with Enhanced User Experience Case Study

Project Details

  1. Industry: IT Services
  2. Tools Used: WordPress, Custom Theme, Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  3. Region: India
  4. Technology Used: WordPress, Php, jQuery

    The Team

    Project Coordinator: 1

    UI / UX Designer: 1

    Developer: 1

    Project Duration : 3 Months

    The client contacted us for a complete website development that included logo and web designing. The client wanted the website to have an excellent aesthetic feel for the website. 

    As the website is for the IT industry, we focused on the look and feel of the website along with other necessary functionalities like animations, easy navigation, and more.

    Website Designing and Development Process

    Logo Designing Process

    Unlike other websites, we spent more time on the design phase and the logo design. The logo design went through a minimum of 10 iterations. The client was very keen that the visual of the logo must be good on print materials and also came up with color combinations. The logo design was carried out after collecting enough input from the client and ample time was spent on it. As the client was very specific about the logo, we use faded gradients, white highlights, and well-defined color pallets for the logo. 

    The logo went through multiple iterations in terms of font matching, aesthetic balance, Colors of fonts etc. The final selected logo is as below.

    Designing Process

    During the design phase of the website, our designing team had necessary discussions (Long!!) and meetings to understand the requirements of the client and how they are expecting the website as a visual. We created a site map after collecting all necessary inputs from the client. The client requested that the website should be designed with micro-interactions and animations wherever possible. 

    We have also used full SVG animated banners on the website to give an aesthetic look to the website. We have also included animated CTA buttons throughout the website. After receiving the approval for the website design, it was sent to the development team for starting the development process of the website.

    Aspirity WordPress Website Development Case Study - ColorWhistle

    We also did create small process oriented banners/infographics that explains the process of certain solutions the client offered. Few examples as below.

    ColorWhistle Complete Website Development Process
    ColorWhistle Complete Website Development Process

    Development Process

    In the development phase, our team developed a highly responsive website with necessary micro animations/interactions and more. The website is cross-browser compatible and is also multi-device tested. The client requested that the job listing posted on LinkedIn should automatically be displayed on the website. 

    Our development team included this functionality through LinkedIn API that would display the job listings both on LinkedIn and the website. The development process went through a few feedbacks and our team did work on it. As the final output of our efforts, the site was live as planned and also showed up >90% performance for the desktop.

    ColorWhistle WordPress Website Development Process

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    Below are the screenshots of performance of the website after moving live

    ColorWhistle  Website Performance Report

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