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It is a proven statistics that, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, moreover, 70% of the marketers says that SEO gives better results in sales when compared to PPC.

The most important aspect of any digital marketing service list is search engine optimization. SEO is all about improving your website’s visibility by optimizing its technical configuration, content, and link building. This will increase the popularity of your website among search engines, allowing it to rank higher. 

In this article, get to know some interesting statistics on SEO and also visualize the real-time results it can generate for your business to be successful.

The below infographic illustrates how a US truck company got 60% of increase in 3 months using SEO,

The below screenshot shows the three important SEO statistics that are essential to be known,

The below infographic illustrates the top SEO skills,

The below infographic displays the cost of SEO,

The below infographic displays some crucial SEO statistics that are to be considered,

The below infographic illustrates some powerful SEO statistics that would help in B2B growth,

The below infographic displays some important local SEO statistics,

The below infographics displays some mind blowing statistics on SEO,

The below infographic illustrates the importance of SEO for a business,

The below infographics depicts statistics on local SEO,

The below infographic displays the results generated by SEO in big numbers,

The below infographics illustrate how SEO can help in writing,

The below infographic displays how SEO works in real-tine,

The below infographic illustrates the must-know statistics of SEO (2018),

The below infographic displays how local SEO can help in rankings,

The below infographic illustrates, a list of essential local SEO,

The below infographic displays how SEO works with keyword rankings and content strategy,

Hence, from the above  infographics, we could conclude that fineSEO is one of the powerful strategies that could bring in more revenue to your business. Start implementing it in the right way and experience the outstanding results in your business.

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