The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has laid a foundation stone to the digital transformation of many industries like education, healthcare, and much more. Remote working culture and outsourcing B2B service providers are gearing up for the growth of businesses even at the time of crisis.

Businesses who haven’t adapted to the new online practices are still caught in the risk. To withstand the threats caused by COVID-19, many businesses have embraced B2B remote relationships.

Remote culture has given a golden thread of hope to the business community to outsource B2B service providers, such as white-label service providers. In this blog, we will walk you through some important aspects of outsourcing that supported big to small businesses to operate despite the pandemic.

Also, we have covered the advantages of outsourcing to a B2B agency. As you keep reading the blog, you will get a clear picture of setting up a global team culture by outsourcing to a pioneer in B2B services.

Importance of Outsourcing B2B Partners During Pandemic

At present, the entire business world is combating the COVID-19 pandemic. With the advent of new customs like social distancing, business owners are turning the spotlight toward setting up a global team culture through outsourcing.

Whatever happens, as a business owner, your focus should be on meeting the requirements of your clients. Preventing your existing clients from walking out of your business during these desperate times is a must.

Outsourcing B2B service providers will serve as a one-stop solution to operate your business during the time of crisis. By outsourcing B2B partnership in your business survival plan, delivering services to your customers will go on smoothly as usual with no impediments and delight your customers too.

The Art of B2B Partnership Engagement

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, most entrepreneurs have got some experience in B2B outsourcing. Therefore, it wasn’t challenging for them to shift to remote working practices.

When you outsource work to B2B agencies, you can focus on your core activities, reduce your expenses on expanding your team, buying resources, etc. During uncertainties, even if you’re not able to operate, your outsourcing service providers will find alternate ways to deliver the expected results on time.

For instance, the threat of COVID-19 was at a peak in China during January 2020, in the US it was during the month of April 2020, in India, the spread was around August 2020.

When this was the actual scenario, businesses that have opted for outsourcing agencies in different regions could consistently deliver results to clients even at the time of crisis. Businesses that outsourced could overcome the crisis quickly compared to the businesses that failed to outsource.

Now, the next question would be whether to outsource an agency or a freelancer. Outsourcing agencies would be a wise decision rather than choosing a freelancer. To give you clarity on this, here we have given links to two blogs, Top Outsourcing Advantages, and Disadvantages of Freelancing. Check out to explore more about the perks of outsourcing an agency than a freelancer.

Setting Up a Global Team & Culture Has Become Easier than Ever Before

Years ago, setting up a team working remotely was an unfulfilled dream, but now it has become a cup of tea. With the advent of new tools and technologies, it becomes easy to set up a remote team for your business. You don’t have to panic on how to communicate with your service providers? How to track the working performance of your team? and more.

Outsourcing to agencies has become the need of the hour. Here, we have listed some tools that greatly help you maintain a hassle-free relationship with your agencies even from remote.

Project Management Tools

Project management solves the problem of virtual teams to help organize documents and tasks from remote. Here, we have listed two best tools that allow you to track the performance of your projects at any time.

The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (ProofHub) - ColorWhistle
The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (BaseCamp) - ColorWhistle

Team Collaboration Tools

In remote working, making the best use of communication tools will remove all the misconceptions occurring within teams, leads, managers, and the organization. These are the best tools that strengthen your communication even from remote locations.

The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture  (Slack) - ColorWhistle
The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (Skype) - ColorWhistle

Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage is a perfect-sharing tool, especially for global team culture. It helps every member to access the document with no impediments. Below, we’ve listed the best tools that store all your data and give access to every member of your team.

Google Drive
The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (GDrive) - ColorWhistle
The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (Dropbox) - ColorWhistle

Time Management Tools

Managing time during remote work plays a major role. These are amazing tools that help you monitor the working hours and performance of your team in every task.

The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (Kickidlier) - ColorWhistle
Time Doctor
The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (TimeDoctor) - ColorWhistle

Video Conferencing Tools

In remote working culture, frequent communication is a healthier practice. Here, we’ve listed some of the user-friendly tools that are very popular and useful in hosting and attending a video call with your outsourcing team from remote.

The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (Zoom) - ColorWhistle
Google Meet
The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (GMeet) - ColorWhistle

Accountability and Reporting Tools

Remote workers will feel part of the team when they are held accountable for their responsibilities. This is one of the best tools that keep the team organized and planned for their responsibilities.

I done this
The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (IDonethis) - ColorWhistle

Help Desk Tools

Taking assistance from fellow workers would seem to be a daunting task while working remotely but with the help of tools and technologies, you can feel comfortable in clearing doubts. This is one of the best tools that provide excellent assistance within your team.

The Power of Remote B2B Relationship – A Global Culture (LiveAgent) - ColorWhistle

With all these remote working tools in your pocket, you can make your global team perform well and drive positive outcomes to your business.

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Embark on Building a Global Partnership Culture

Outsourcing agencies for your business-related activities and building a global partnership is no more a luxury but is the need of the hour. Through outsourcing, you will be able to overcome the current pandemic situation like a pro.

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Do you have questions regarding our outsourcing services? Let us know in the comments box. We are here to clear your doubts.

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