Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

Medical business ideas have abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and medical business aspirants in the never-fading and lucrative healthcare industry over the years.

According to the reports from MedicalDialogues, the healthcare market can increase three-fold to $133.44 billion. Anybody with a contrasting academic qualification and work experience apart from the medical line can also set a strong foundation stone in the healthcare business.

This blog has awesome business ideas to embark on your journey in healthcare. Based on our research, we were able to pick the top 12 healthcare business ideas with platforms that are “completely ” online

Let’s dive in.

12+ Top Online Medical Business Ideas

Want to stand out in the online medical business world? if you’re an entrepreneur passionate about healthcare, there’s a ton of medical business ideas you could explore. Here are some suggestions for you!

1. Healthcare Mobile Apps Development

If you’re looking to kickstart a high income-earning medical business, then healthcare mobile apps development would be a wise choice. According to a report from Global Newswire, it’s expected that the global health apps market might generate a revenue of around $111.1 billion by 2025.

As mobile apps open up the doors for virtual consultations with specialists, online drug delivery, etc, patients, pharmacists, even doctors, prefer healthcare apps to in-person visits.

Healthcare Mobile Apps Development - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

Either you can build a healthcare app on your own or outsource to any reputed mobile app development agencies. Also, you can provide mobile app development services to hospitals and clinics.

Here, we have picked a few highly developed healthcare mobile apps for you to take inspiration from.

2. Online Pharmacies

The idea of online pharmacy is centered around offering prescription drugs and non-prescription over-the-counter (OTC) drugs accepted through mails, shipping companies, or online pharmacy web portals. The dawn of online pharmacies has brought patients from standing in cash counters for so long, waiting for medicines, etc.

Due to this convenience, patients are now turning their spotlight towards online pharmacies. When it comes to online pharmacy development, you have to keep your eyes on drug listings, carts management systems, online shopping integration, digital payment support, and other web design features.

Online Pharmacies - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

Above all, as you’re dealing with patients’ medical records, make sure your online pharmacy is compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Here, we have picked a few amazingly built healthcare online pharmacies for you to take inspiration from.

3. Healthcare Blogging

Over the last few decades, new harmful viruses & bacteria are hunting people’s lives in different parts of the world. To stay away from these dreadful diseases and to become health conscious, almost everyone checks out on health-related information.

For fitness tips, diet food patterns, disease symptoms, healthcare remedies and to explore any information, patients hop into the internet. This is where healthcare blogging comes in.

Healthcare Blogging - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

If you have a minimal level of experience in medical business content marketing and an equal level of dedication in health maintenance, then you are almost qualified to kickstart healthcare blogging. Through Google Adsense, healthcare product referrals, social media promotion, online HCP engagement, and in multiple ways, you can monetize your healthcare blogs.

Here, we have picked a few successful healthcare bloggers for you to follow and take inspiration from.

4. Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

Today, any business irrespective of the industry cannot stay alive if it doesn’t embrace digital marketing practices. This suits healthcare as well. Understanding the power of digital marketing, many hospitals have already started showcasing them on social media sites, search results, online healthcare forums, and more.

If you’re looking for healthcare business ideas, then you can definitely choose to offer win-win digital marketing solutions to doctors and specialists. Approximately, 88% of people look online for health information and 70% of people report that the health information they find influences a decision about treatment.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Services - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

Here, we have picked a few successful healthcare digital marketers for you to follow and take inspiration from.

If you like to know more about why digital marketing is essential for the healthcare industry, then take a look at our blog.

5. Medical Transcription Services

Nowadays, healthcare groups are highly relying upon technologies for transcribing their voice-based medical reports to text. If you’re well-versed in typing & listening to medical terms, then this would be a good deal.

Either you can work for any medical premises or companies that provide medical transcription services. Or you can build your own working space and operate from the comfort of your home. You can choose this as your free-time career choice for a supplemental income and after you acquire a massive client base, you can make it your full-time career too.

Medical Transcription Services - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

Moreover, there is a wide range of medical transcription software like WebChartMD, VoiceSys, ExpressScribe, and more through which you can make your transcription work into a piece of cake.

Here, we have picked a few professional medical transcriptionists for you to take inspiration from.

6. Medical Records Management

Irrespective of how big or small the size of the healthcare center, maintaining the medical records efficiently seems to be hectic work. As a well-versed medical records manager, you can lend your hands to medical reps in two ways.

If you are a proficient software engineer and able to build a full-fledged healthcare inventory management software and can sell it to hospitals, clinics, medical labs, and even sole practitioners.

Medical Records Management - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

The other way is becoming an outsourced agent and provide full-service medical records management or train their staff in managing their medical records.

Here are some examples of successful medical records management businesses.

7. Medical Billing Services

Market Research Engine predicts that the market size of medical billing outsourcing would be increased to $16 billion by 2024.

Medical billing is one of the payment processes followed in the USA. 

Medical Billing Services - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

Many healthcare providers use this method to claim their payments from patients.  

It is the right time to begin a business in the healthcare sector as medical billing services because of the rise in insurance claims by the patients. Due to which the hospitals face the hassle during insurance claims. So to assist them and reduce the burden on hospitals, a medical biller is a person who handles medical claims for insurance companies. This will reduce the burden on the hospitals during medical claims by the patients.

Here, we have picked a few successful medical billing service businesses

8. Insurance Fraudulent Activities Detectors

Fraud detectors play a vital role in today’s world. For the which, the healthcare industry is not an exception. 

Insurance Fraudulent Activities Detectors - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

With the help of AI detectors, IoT devices, detecting the fraudulent activities would be a piece of cake. 

9. Online Healthcare Community

Connectivity seems to be a crucial factor when it comes to healthcare industry. You can create community platforms where details about local doctors, physicians, ambulances would be curated.

By this way, you can help patients easily explore and acquire their services.

Online Healthcare Community - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

Also, while patients avail the medical services from the providers in your list, you can charge them.

Then, to publish ads in your feeds, you can charge the healthcare providers. By the way, it becomes your wealth medium.

10. Online Healthcare Insurance Agency

Ever since the world began, humans are always conscious about health which is a good thing.

But, when opting for a health insurance policy, people step behind. There will be lot of questions running in their minds.

Online Healthcare Insurance Agency - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

If you’re a good influencer, then you can play around in this verticle. There are several health insurance plans in the world. However, many are confusing as they come with lots of features. In this case, you can start marketing health insurance plans that have good and unique features.

You can explain the various plans along with health insurance premiums to customers and they would pick up the one that is best suitable to them. You would earn commission on such health insurance plans directly from insurance companies.

Here are some examples of successful health insurance businesses

11. Online Medical Consultancies

Along with the core healthcare business services, maintaining their finance-based activities would be hectic for health care providers.

Concerning their matters, you can become an ideal financial consultants to the medical practitioners.

Online Medical Consultancies - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

12. Medical Tourism Operators

Travel is a pleasant feeling. Who doesn’t like to travel? Everybody does! Have you ever heard about people going on for a medical trip?

Yes, if you’re a travel aspirant, then you can begin a medical tourism agency. 

Medical Tourism Operators - Online Healthcare Business Ideas to Kickstart

You can just help patients right from planning, accommodation, itinerary, ticket booking, and all the things that needed for traveling.

Your business expertise can advise the traveling patients where to stay, which flight to book etc.

Looking for Healthcare Digital Services?

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Which Healthcare Business are You Going to Start?

The outcome of this article is that the tech-based healthcare businesses will enjoy more success in the upcoming years as compared to traditional ones.

We hope this blog helps you make the right decision for beginning your online healthcare business. If you like to get any assistance for setting your feet in the digital space, do reach our team.

At ColorWhistle, we provide healthcare web design, healthcare website development, and digital marketing services that help you make a mark in the digital space. Feel free to contact or call us +1 (210) 787-3600 at any time. We are glad to work with you!

Which healthcare business idea excited you? Let us know in the comments section.

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