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Font Combinations 2017

Even though there are many fast food chains that sell pizzas, each one has something different to offer.

Just think about it for a moment.

It’s because all of them do various culinary experimentation, fuse it with ingredients and condiments to lure and satisfy your taste buds.

The same is true for fonts.

Fonts you combine need to have enough visual contrast to blend well. You have to know how to make a good mix to create beautiful fonts.

If it is a major website redesign or just creating an infographic, you need font combinations that look professional and doesn’t distract from your content.

10 Best Font Combinations For Your Website

You don’t have to spend money towards buying expensively customized font combinations. Take a look at this awesome list to provide reader-friendly text that exudes professionalism.

  1. Aller + Lato

    Aller + Lato - Font Combinations

    Aller is an excellent design that satisfies a wide range of uses from wedding invitation to corporate mass-communication. Lato is friendly, professional, and works well with heading display as well as body copy of the content.

    Together they make a combination that is fun and easy to read.

  2. Bebas Neue + Square

    Bebas Neue + Square - Font Combinations

    Bebas Neue is stylish and graceful with a clean line which makes it apt for web, print, and art. Square font has a good kern and blends well as a paragraph text as well as in titles.

    Together they are a perfect match to create luxurious and minimalistic text

  3. Roboto Condensed + Roboto

    Roboto Condensed + Roboto - Font Combinations

    Roboto is versatile with a broad range of font weights and there are no limitations to which this font can be used for. They are modern yet geometric which makes them awesome for both form and function.

  4. Raleway + Roboto Slab

    Raleway + Roboto Slab - Font Combinations

    Raleway font has a lot of attitudes hidden in its minimalistic style with the ability to highlight unique characteristic letters. Roboto Slab is dual in nature and the font has friendly curves that give a natural reading rhythm.

    Both the fonts make an amazing match of clean and refined typography.

  5. Nova + Georgia

    Nova + Georgia - Font Combinations

    Nova font does an awesome job of showing paragraph text in a readable manner even if the font size is small. Georgia takes the complexity off and makes the text look comfortable and attractive on screen.

    On the whole Nova and Georgia are becoming a classic combination on the web.

  6. Cubano + Nova

    Cubano + Nova - Font Combinations

    Cubano has soft and heavy strokes with curved corners giving it a friendly look. Plus, Nova is a font that people can connect easily. So the two of them work amazingly together.

  7. Helvetica + Garamond

    Helvetica + Garamond - Font Combinations

    Helvetica is a realistic design that has become one of the most well-known and widely used typefaces in the world. And Garamond gives an elegant and professional appearance to the text.

    This pair is best suited if you are working with high-end clients.

  8. Century Gothic + PT Serif

    Century Gothic + PT Serif - Font Combinations

    PT Serif is majorly used as a paragraph text because of its style. Same way Century Gothic also has a style that seems to blend well with PT Serif. When you choose this combination, you can’t go wrong.

  9. Trajan Pro + Minion Pro

    Trajan Pro + Minion Pro - Font Combinations

    Trajan Pro is an elegant typeface that is suited for books, magazines, posters, and billboards. Minion Pro is classical and beautiful with a highly readable design type.

    These two typefaces complement each other wonderfully and will grab your attention.

  10. Rockwell + Lora

    Rockwell + Lora - Font Combinations

    Rockwell is appealing with an eminently usable type of style. Pro has modern characteristics well suited for web and print.

    Both of them have a certain style where they just seem to balance each other perfectly.

Google font combinations

When it comes to fonts, a web designer or developer always choose the ones that are web safe. These ‘web-friendly fonts’ will not pixelate or blur when viewed, which can happen in traditional print fonts. So the choice was always limited, and they were forced to use limited font combinations on the website.

Things have changed now. There is a large selection of web fonts that are safe for the web. Out of the many font libraries, we suggest you look into Google fonts. It comes with over 500+ font combinations with plenty of great perks and features.

The video below explains how to find Google font combinations using

Why Should You Use Font Combinations?

The choice of fonts has a huge impact on how readers understand a particular content.

Let us consider this poster below, which one do you think would convey more authority?

Font Combinations

Obviously the first one.

The paring of fonts is tricky and finding fonts that actually work in this web-environment can be difficult.

When you look separately, the typefaces will be gorgeous. But when you pair them, they will look hideous, like mixing ice cream and pickle into a blender.

There’s no way to measure font options available for website designers. Almost every day, there are new typefaces created. But, all of them are not right for you no matter how beautiful they are.

When it comes to selecting the perfect font, you must consider some major aspects such as compatibility, load time, and design purpose.

Until recently, the choice of fonts was limited to a small group that were web safe. This has now changed as there is a large selection of web safe fonts available.

While you can spend thousands of dollars on a custom font design, Google fonts, and Adobe Typekit are great alternatives for font pairings. Their library has more than 500 fonts through which you can take designs to next level without burning a hole in your budget.

I hope these font combinations will inspire you to find a perfect pair for your website.

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Anjana has been a ghostwriter for the past two years working with writing challenged clients. Currently, she is a copywriter at ColorWhistle managing content-related projects. She also writes SEO articles for businesses that want to get a good search engine ranking. To write distinctly creative and unique content, she collaborates with the website design and digital marketing team.

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