What is a marketplace website?

A marketplace or listing website is any site that presents a list or directory of information. Often this will mean linking out to other websites but there are many other examples. For instance, a marketplace website could be:

  • An MLS for a real estate company, listing and organizing available properties
  • An article directory for providing large amounts of content
  • A web directory for linking out to other websites in a certain category
  • A directory of individuals for a business, educational institute or other organization
  • An RSS directory containing RSS feeds
  • A business listing

Marketplace Website Design Company

Marketplace listings websites serve an important function on the web, helping users to quickly find information and giving businesses a way to get discovered.

Few examples of marketplace websites are eBay, Amazon and Craigslist where multiple products/services are offered by third parties.

We are a premier marketplace website design company with years of collective experience building high-quality marketplace websites. We are some of the very few people who understand the marketplace concept and can help you start an online marketplace website without any hassle.

Key features of our marketplace websites

A marketplace website has to make it easy to find information. Therefore intuitive design is a fundamental requirement. The other things that make for a great web marketplace includes:

  • Smooth seller enrollment
  • Easy to add/update listings
  • Vendor friendly
  • High definition images
  • Touch friendly interfaces
  • Easy payment system
  • Filtered search option
  • Dynamic layout
  • User friendliness
  • Touch friendly interfaces
  • Responsive web design
  • Rapid load times

Marketplace websites vary in size, needs, and budgets. Our expert web design team will work closely with you to understand your requirement to develop a great plan to roll out your marketplace website. .

Are marketplace websites the future?

Yes, they are! The e-commerce marketplace is expected to reach $27.7 trillion in 2020.

A multi-vendor marketplace is a platform that helps you build a community of sellers who can offer their product/service on your behalf. A well-designed/developed marketplace website can almost have every feature. And advancements in technology have opened up opportunities to minimize and overcome traditional business risks.

Even buyers opt for marketplaces as they get a large selection of products and services, compare items, get user reviews and conduct an online research prior to buying anything.

Marketplace and listing sites are designed to present information in a format that’s easy to browse so that visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

As a rule of thumb, marketplace websites can be difficult to integrate if not properly done by website design and development experts. Our ColorWhiste team can build you an online marketplace website with all the basic and advanced features to deliver a high-end user experience.

ColorWhistle has a solid track record in marketplace website and CMS development.

Why choose ColorWhistle for designing and developing your marketplace website?

ColorWhistle, a website design company provides you with the best marketplace websites for professional providers and seekers. Some of the compelling reasons to hire our team to build your marketplace website are:

  • One stop solution

    You need not go elsewhere as our end-to-end marketplace website design and development services cover a wide range of solutions.

  • Deliver real value

    Our pool of highly talented marketplace experts have immense knowledge in various techniques and add real value to your project.

  • Straightforward advice

    Our developers give honest advice before and during the development process.

  • Quality coding

    Websites developed by our expert marketplace developers are well-coded, reliable and secure.

  • Transparency

    We involve you throughout the design and development process, give you regular updates, and get your feedback.

  • Timely delivery

    Our team of experienced marketplace designers and developers completes each project on the set time frame as they follow proven techniques and a result-oriented approach.

We make sure the experience is smooth and seamless for your visitors and for you when it comes to updating and managing your site.

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ColorWhistle is an outstanding company and partner. Sankar is responsive, great to work with and the company does fantastic work on web development. I have been working with Sankar for over 3 years and am happy to say it has been a successful partnership.

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The process of our marketplace website design and development

Below is the basic process followed for all the marketplace website design and development project we undertake. The process may vary according to nature and scope..

  • Information collection
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and delivery
We are not just designers, we are developers too!
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