Dashboard Web Application Development Case Study

Project Details

Industry : Data Analytics Company
Tools Used: Web Application, Portal development
Region: Australia

Technology Used: Amazon Web Services

The Team

Project Coordinator: 1
UI / UX Designer: 1
Front-end Developer: 2
Back-end Developer: 2
QA Team: 2


The enterprise client is a data analytics company from Australia. They are a leading provider of business intelligence to Australian companies that wants to understand their business performance. The data analytics company approached us with the idea of developing an enterprise web application to monitor the activities and their respective metrics under a single roof.

The primary goal was to rebuild the current version of the member portal with better UI, navigation, and functionality. 

The client had a clear roadmap of features, detailed wireframes, schema, and a desired sitemap of the member portal.

Web Application Features

  • UI/UX redesign in line with the industry’s best practices for members-only portal
  • User access and permissions as it deals with data that are highly confidential
  • Intuitive, easier navigation between various products/dashboards
  • Creating client Admin page for self-service functionality
  • Stripe integration for payments and invoicing
  • Authorization for entire application
  • Stable and secure Single Sign On process
  • Dashboards and other applications embedded with Tableau
  • Usage of two-factor authentication and external identification
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Amazon Web Services: ECS and RDS to host the sites
  • Web application supportive across various browsers
Dashboard Web Application Features - ColorWhistle

Design and Development Process

Based on the RFP, we started preparing SRS. During the SRS preparation, we made a lot of clarifications with the client before we commenced the project.

After a detailed brainstorming session, we created a mockup design using Adobe. XD. The design took 2 months to get finalized after a few iterations. Once the design was approved by the client, the project was taken to the development phase.

The workflow of the web application – The client delivers their services by publishing their customers’ reports and dashboards and managing their access and permissions.

The complete development process was handled with version control using Git and GitHub repositories where the code is updated automatically. By this, the code will be easily accessible to all the developers involved in the project.

Membership Management

The membership management module was a custom development. The module is used for maintaining members through various membership plans. Here, the members would be given various access and permission levels based on their roles.


The SSO process in this project has been integrated using Auth0. The authentication process will enable users to securely authenticate using one set of credentials with multiple applications. This process would help in eliminating the use of many credentials.


Tableau is the visual representation of the data. We integrated Tableau as it can easily generate the required reports with the collected data. The “Trusted Ticket” feature has also been implemented to reduce the number of user licenses that are required to access the Tableau dashboard. 

Data Management

Except the reports generated by Tableau, other data like customer details, budget details, and ledger that is collected by the client are completely maintained by My SQL.


SendGrid has been integrated into this project for sending customized emails and notifications. Dynamic templates from SendGrid are used for sending emails/notifications to their customers based on their status.

Smart Engine Mail Out

The Smart Engine Mail Out integration was implemented with the intention to achieve engagement through regular mail outs to their customers to visit the members’ portal.

Process Flow of invoice, billing, and recurring subscriptions,


Stripe is one of the popular payment gateways. This has been integrated into this project for the client to accept subscription payments from their customers.


Xero is a well-known accounting platform. This integration would help the client to know the total income and expenditure of their business. Based on the payment status of their customers, Xero would calculate the account details for the client.


Jira has been integrated to view all the requests, and bugs raised by the client’s customers under a single roof. The customers can easily submit their requests through the member portal that has been created for the client.

Scalable Architecture

Scalable architecture has been implemented using AWS – ECS, and RDS. The advantage of this architecture is as the number of users increases the database can be scaled up accordingly.

All the integrations have been successfully implemented, and the project has been made live.


  • User Experience focuses on having a deep understanding of users
  • Page loading time is less than a second
  • Menu placement looks easy to navigate to other pages
  • Ajax loading looks attractive
  • Effective security throughout the website
  • User flow is easy to understand

Our extensive experience includes collaborating with companies of various sizes and gaining deep familiarity with market dynamics spanning diverse industries. This breadth of knowledge and expertise has been acquired through our extensive portfolio of past projects and engagements.

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