QR Codes, List of QR Codes Features, QR Codes Examples & Use Cases

Imagine you being a user, what if you are facing scenarios where you need to wait for a long time to make payments? 


What if you need to look for someone at the resort to get the Wi-Fi credentials? And more similar scenarios. 

Don’t you feel that the users’ similar scenarios need to be fixed? Then, this is where QR codes can save your users as well as your business.

QR codes are becoming a fascination across different industries. You may already be aware, scanning a QR code directs the user to the link, website, or information that is stored there. But implementing the right QR code at the right time can bring excellent results to your business.

Are you planning to use QR codes to fully digitize your company?

You ought to find this article useful. We are providing vital information on QR codes that includes their features and some interesting use cases.

Features of QR Codes

QR Code Features List - ColorWhistle

Below are the features of QR codes that are essential to be known,

High Capacity

It is encoding a large amount of data in a small space. QR codes are useful for storing and sharing URLs, contact information, or payment details. The data that can be stored in the QR codes are numerals, alphabetical characters, symbols, binary data, control codes, emojis, or a combination of all these.

Easy to Scan

QR codes are easy to scan with a smartphone or a dedicated QR code reader, making them convenient for users to access the stored information.

Easily Customizable

QR codes can be customized with different colors, logos, and other design elements to make them more visually appealing. You can design the QR code as per your business theme and even insert your business logo in the center to add more value to it.


QR codes are versatile as they can be used in a wide range of applications, including product tracking, payment systems, and information sharing.

Resistant to Damage and Dirt

QR codes include built-in error correction to ensure that the information they contain can be accurately read, even if the code is partially damaged or obscured. Restoring the data also relies on the level of damage/dirt that occurred.


QR codes can be encrypted to add an extra layer of security when storing sensitive information.

Dynamic QR codes

These types of QR codes allow the information they contain to be changed after they have been printed, making them useful for updating information in real-time.

QR Code Models

QR Code Model 1/Model 2

Micro QR Features - ColorWhistle

Model1 is the original QR code and is capable of storing up to 1,167 digits.

Micro QR Code

Micro QR Features - ColorWhistle

The largest version of the Micro QR code is M4 which is capable of storing 35 digits


SQRC Features and Usecases - ColorWhistle

This has a data restriction function and can be exclusively used for storing personal information or any other confidential information

rMQR Code

RMQR Features and Usecases - ColorWhistle

This rectangle-shaped QR code is good and easy for displaying in narrow spaces

Frame QR Code

Frame QR Features and Usecases - ColorWhistle

The canvas field in this QR code can be used for inserting letters and images to the code and can be utilized for various purposes.

Interesting Use Cases of QR Codes

QR Codes for Payments

PayPal completely has changed the way cashless transactions are seen by incorporating QR codes into their equation. Consumers are particularly drawn to cashless payment methods since they ensure fast transactions and purchases. The use of QR codes has made mobile payments popular when compared to card payments as it makes payments accessible across different industries.

QR Codes in Ads

QR Features and Usecses (StarBucks) - ColorWhistle

Starbucks used QR codes in a variety of forms with an aim of increasing their coffee sales. Starbucks, incorporated QR codes in flyer, magazines, newspapers, and also in outdoor ads as a promotional campaign.

When users scan the QR code, they are directed to the landing page where they can watch videos on Starbucks’ Caffe Verona blend, users can also find the nearest location, and also to know more about Starbucks and their products.

QR Codes for Check-in

British Airways has set an example of how QR codes can be utilized effectively for the travel industry. By adding QR codes to their boarding passes, British Airways had made it easy for its passengers to check in using their mobile phones.

QR Code for Restaurant Menu

Today most of the restaurants are getting digitized as they are moving towards the QR code for menus. They are incorporating digital menus instead of physical menus as disposable menus could be more cost-effective.

QR Codes for Marketing

QR Features and Usecses (Cygames) - ColorWhistle

Cygames, on celebrating their first anniversary, projected a giant QR code into the Shanghai sky. The company utilized 1500 drones to depict the characters in the game combat with each other. After the performance, a QR code was displayed with the drones.

People watching who scanned the QR code, are directed to the landing page where they can know more about the game and even download it to their phones. This grabbed the attention of thousands of people and even the image of the QR code that was formed using the drones became viral.

QR Codes for Wi-Fi

QR Features and Usecses (QR Wi-Fi) - ColorWhistle

QR solution makes Wi-Fi connectivity for your customers simpler. Since they need not request Wi-Fi credentials, it enhances the client experience. Simply set the QR code in a location that is accessible to clients, and they are immediately linked.

Are QR Codes Here to Stay in This Digital World?

Utilizing QR Codes is a revolutionary way to connect the offline and online business worlds. Marketing campaigns based on QR Codes act as a portal for bringing offline traffic online. They provide a variety of applications to increase the business’s return on investment.

The importance of QR codes is likely to persist in the future, especially as technology develops, and more people rely on their smartphones for a variety of activities. QR codes are a popular choice for a range of applications since they are practical, simple to use, and can be instantly scanned with a smartphone.

As an add-on, we have created QR codes to provide you with some valuable information based on your niche

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