How to and Why to add videos to your WordPress site

Videos attract, engage and more importantly bring back visitors to your website

The fastest and easiest method to add videos to your WordPress website is to develop the video on YouTube and then add the YouTube link to your website. This is because YouTube takes care of hosting and also manages the file formats. No matter what format your video is in, YouTube converts it into the required format for internet view. You needn’t worry about video players at all!

Videos add a lot of value to your blog posts and website. Explaining a concept, say something like making a greeting card to making French toast to explaining a mathematical formula, can be done faster through a short video than through a 1,500 word blog. Adding a video to just about any type of site makes it all the more engaging.

Adding videos to WordPress websites is pretty straightforward. In a recent post I had written about audio files in WordPress. Video files follow as simple a procedure as audio files and infact you don’t need to do much else if you have a well-produced video in the first place. In WordPress versions earlier than 2.9 you would have had to embed code from the video site. From 2.9 onwards however, the oEmbed feature provides a real quick way of embedding videos.

All you have to do is paste the video URL in the post. Only thing to remember is to check that it is not pasted as an active hyperlink. WordPress will simply show the clickable video thumbnail when you go to the post.

Here is our demo of how easy it is:

YouTube is not the only video option for WordPress

Apart from YouTube, the other white-listed video providers that you can embed in WordPress are:

  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr (images and videos)
  • Viddler
  • Hulu
  • Qik
  • Scribd
  • Revision3
  • PhotoBucket
  • PollDaddy
  • Google Video

SmugMug and videos can be embedded in WordPress 3.0 and above. videos can also be embedded.

Why upload videos on WordPress site or blog?

You must be thinking that videos take a lot of server resources and what will happen if your video got a lot of traffic. Your concern is legitimate and a lot of the times you may read that you shouldn’t upload videos on WordPress and instead leverage the functionality of YouTube to direct traffic to your website.

I don’t disagree that YouTube should be utilized for itself. It is the most used search engine after Google. Its social media features alone are reason for you to use YouTube as your preferred video website. However, sometimes you can enrich your blog/website by a well made video. Not every post or page needs one, but when you add a custom video it does many things for your website.

1. Deliver message quickly

A video can strengthen your message. It doesn’t need to be and ideally shouldn’t be a copy of your written content. Rather it should complement your writing. Maybe you are writing about food ; you could get in a short interview with a local chef who has an opinion about the issue you are writing about. A video would tell the site visitor right away what the topic is all about.

2. Actively engage visitors

Visitors to your WordPress site or blog are more likely to hang on if there is something that catches their eyes. Videos normally do the trick. Custom videos keep visitors engaged and they are more likely to remember your website, if you have shown them rather than asking them to read about it.

3. Drive website traffic and entertain at the same time

Search engines love new content. A YouTube custom video that you reference on your blog is a great way to get brownie points in search engine rankings. Use targeted keywords in the title, tag and description. The best part of a custom video? You can upload it on multiple locations without worrying about duplicate content. An entertaining video is a surefire way of getting people to remember you.

4. Increase your website reach

Did I mention that Google loves YouTube videos. If your custom video isn’t on your YouTube channel yet, make sure you get it on there. Share your video on other channels, encourage visitors to share your video on their social media networks. It is all about expanding the reach of your website.

5. Get regular site visits

Adding engaging and useful videos for your site visitors is a great way to ensure that they visit your site regularly. If you are able to help or educate visitors about an issue and show them how to find the solution, it ensures that people will visit your website for information. Any product or service can fall under this umbrella.

Whether you want to show people how to manage their insurance online or how they can achieve weight loss goals, a video can get the message across really well. What’s more if you have regular uploads, like twice a week or weekly, people are more likely to visit regularly.

Make use of videos to enhance your website and give valuable information to your site visitors. A bit of help from a WordPress designer would go a long way in setting up a layout where your videos are highlighted in the best possible way. Make an informed decision and watch your WordPress website reach the audience in the way you want.

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