WEB, APP, UI and Graphic Design trends in 2017

February 20, 2019
Graphic Design trends in 2017

Hey! And we are back to update you with the Design trends for 2017.

The article that we wrote last year about the predictions for design trends  in 2016, was the most viewed article in our blog.

When it comes to design, what we feel is, 2017 will be a mixture of bold old and new trends.

It will carry forward some old trends and try to adopt some new stuff too.

We expect some already prevailing trends like Responsive Website Development and Mobile first approach.

Here are some of the design trends we feel will take the first seat in 2017.

There are some interesting changes too that are expected in 2017.

Lets walk through one by one.

The Mobile-First approach

Its always a trend that the design phase starts from the desktop and mobile comes as a secondary option.

But right from the moment Google announced that more emphasis will be given to websites that has a mobile optimised website design, people have started to think about having a more mobile friendly website.

Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

Here is an article which talks about Google’s New Mobile Friendliness Update

Here is an article which discusses the pros and cons of a mobile First Approach.


Responsive Web Development

If you’ve been reading around the subject of responsive web design and website development>, then you will have most likely encountered the term ‘responsive design’.

But what does this mean?

Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Simply put, responsive web design means that a website has been built in such a way that the design and shape will change in order to accommodate different screen sizes and resolutions.

Thus a website should look good whether you’re viewing it on a tiny smartphone or a massive 4K television set.

Here is the article that talks on how to plan a responsive web design and development for your business.

96% of smartphone users have encountered sites that were not properly optimised for mobile devices.

This is a good info-graph that states that people are likely to abandon a site that is not responsive.

What else!

This emphasises that your website needs to be responsive.

So we can expect more websites adapting to Responsiveness in 2017.

That is a necessity too!

Here are some more good reads that proves our point.


Clean Full screen Videos

Adding videos that are totally immersive is a current trend that most websites follow.

Videos are a visual medium that sticks easily in the viewers mind.

Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: mobirise.com

This doesnt mean that conventional imageary is going to dissappear.

But in 2017, the emergence of rich and interactive videos that are used as a medium of engagement with the users will bring a significant change in the industry.

Here is an informative blog that says where you need to be carefull with homepage videos.

Here is a blog about Why Your Website Needs an Introductory Video


Fantastic Bespoke illustrations

Whats more special than using illustrations that are tailor made just for you. Bespoke illustrations help to create a more engaging visual interpretation than stock imagery.

Using illustrations opens up a wide creative medium and the visual engagement exponentially multiplies when the same is animated.

In 2017, these illustrations are expected to outsmart the stock imagery to create more room for visual language.

Drop box is one popular example for bespoke illustrations.

Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: dropbox.com


Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: dropbox.com

UX Stats that Could Help Improve Your Website:

  • User Experience is a critical part of web design and should be a big priority for businesses of any size. Providing good UX can be the difference between a website that generates lots of leads and one that struggles to get any online business leads. So, it really is an important part of your business strategy.
  • If you take a look at this infographic 15 Website and UX Statistics of 2019, there are some stand-out figures that may cause you to rethink your current digital strategy. Are you prioritizing mobile users? As you can see in the infographic, 2 out of 3 minutes spent online are
    via mobile, so this is the group that all your content and navigation should be geared towards.
  • Did you know that you only have on average 10 seconds to impress your website visitors? Therefore, whatever content you have on your website that visitors take in within 10 seconds is extremely important. Think about where to put your content for maximum impact within that short timeframe.
  • Another key stat shows that video content is 53 times more likely to reach the first page of Google. So if you want to boost your traffic volumes, you really do need to start thinking about
    incorporating high quality video content into your website. As well as being the format that users want to receive any information from, the search engines love high quality video content, so it is a great way to improve your website’s SEO.
  • Slow loading images are a big problem on websites, with 39% of users abandoning a website if the images don’t load quickly enough. So it could be time to check out those loading times and optimize your images.

More and more parallax

Parallax effect has been a trend for quite some time and its more popular because it plays a vital role in visitor engagement and directing the course of visitor attention.

Parallax effect makes the site easily navigable and creates a narrative around your brand.

Here is an article about the advantages and disadvantages with solutions to overcome them in parallax pages.

One more article on why parallax scrolling in web design is awesome

Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: http://www.webgranth.com/

Enhancing UX with Micro Interactions

Microinteractions are subtle animations created for any task in a website or appliction. Just adding an item to cart, toggle buttons are all some small examples of microinteractions which we see on a normal basis.

these microinteractions help the vistor to easily connect with the application and helps enhance the user experience.

Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: 67.media.tumblr.com


Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: netdna.webdesignerdepot.com


Graphic Design trends in 2017

Image Credit: netdna.webdesignerdepot.com

Here is an article on how we can use microinteractions to enhance the visitor experience..

The following one more great read too!!

Besides the above listed techiniques, there are few more predictions like

1. Use of more bold colors
2. More use of cards and grid UI
3. usage of material design frameworks
4. Widespread utilisation of rapid prototyping tools

So What Next?

And yes!! These are our predictions for 2017. There can be more to this list and we will keep updating this post from time to time, when we find anything interesting.

Also contact us for any graphic design or web design or an app design that is in line with the current trends. We are sure to listen and help you achieve your dream design.

Also, don’t forget to check out these huge graphic design trends that will take over 2018.


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  1. Everything is perfect with this work. The writer has managed to keep the article interesting while discussing some really serious points. This is not easily done. All the best.

  2. Everything is perfect with this work. The writer has managed to keep the article interesting while discussing some really serious points. This is not easily done. All the best.

  3. For a change, there is an article that focuses on a specific topic and is not all over the places. I like the fact that it is actually problem-solving and not just random and baseless subject. Great going!

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