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Welcome. As AI continues to disrupt industries and transform how businesses operate, consider consulting an AI specialist to help determine how emerging technologies could impact your marketing strategies.

While AI adoption is accelerating across sectors and AI spending rises yearly, it’s understandable to have questions about costs, implementation challenges, and whether consulting an expert is right for your organization.

In this post, we’ll explore AI consultation statistics and trends based on our work with clients over the past year. We will provide insightful infographics that shed light on recent spending patterns, top concerns companies have, and which industries are investing the most in AI strategies. 

By learning more about what others in similar roles and industries are doing with AI, our hope is this research and data will help inform your discussions and decision-making process around possibly engaging an AI consultant.

AI Consultation/Consulting

In today’s world, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in shaping our future. As more and more businesses seek to capitalize on this emerging field, the demand for AI consultancy services has soared. But what are the numbers that back up this trend? 

AI Consultation Statistics reveals that the global market for AI consulting is expected to reach $14.7 billion by 2023, growing at an impressive rate of 39% annually. This highlights the enormous potential of AI to transform the world we live in, and underscores the importance of embracing this technology for future success.

AI Consultation Statistics

The global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consulting market size was valued at USD 93472.06 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 37.46% during the forecast period, reaching USD 630611.25 million by 2028.

AI Consultation Statistics + Infographics - ColorWhistle
  • 84% of business leaders agreed that AI technologies have helped them improve their forecasting accuracy.
  • The US market for corporate AI consulting alone is valued at USD 37.8 billion.
  • Over 50% of large enterprises are already using AI consulting services. (Source: PWC, 2022)
  • According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, approximately 45% of activities performed by consultants could be automated using existing technology
  • 50% of companies in industries like customer service have already switched to using some form of AI in their business model.
  • According to MIT Sloan, 75% of top executives believe AI will enable their organizations to grow and gain a competitive advantage.
AI Consultation Statistics + Infographics (AI consulting statistics) - ColorWhistle

Global AI Consulting Market Size

With the rise in demand for intelligent automation solutions across industries, the global AI consulting market is experiencing an impressive growth rate. 

AI Consultation Statistics + Infographics (Global AI consulting market size) - ColorWhistle

AI Market Size Worldwide

Businesses around the world are increasingly relying on AI to automate tasks, enhance productivity, and improve efficiency. The technology’s rapid growth is driven by factors such as increased investment in AI technology, the rising demand for cloud-based services, and the growing number of enterprises adopting AI-powered applications. 

These trends are expected to strengthen the AI market’s position as a key player in the global economy in the coming years.

Customers mainly use them to improve business operations through analytical processing and machine learning (ML).

Interesting Facts about AI Consulting

AI Consultation Statistics + Infographics(Did you Know) - ColorWhistle
  • Businesses can employ machine learning techniques with AI consulting experts to address friction points and concerns.
  • Artificial intelligence consulting services firm can help you make better decisions about your potential AI and machine learning initiatives.
  • Some AI consulting firms are using generative AI like ChatGPT to automate report generation and data analysis, significantly reducing turnaround times and costs. (Forbes, 2023)
  • It is essential for firms to find a balance between leveraging AI technologies and preserving the all-important human element in their services.
  • Consulting firms must now be ready to adapt to the use of AI and upskill their consultants to effectively leverage its potential. 
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