Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year

As we are stepping into the new year, navigating the dynamic landscape of the travel industry requires staying compatible with the latest marketing trends. Travel businesses are increasingly turning to digital marketing services provided by a specialized digital marketing company to leverage cutting-edge strategies. 

In this evolving realm, travel businesses must utilize and implement the latest marketing trends to captivate audiences and stay ahead in the competitive market. Explore the transformative power of these trends as we delve into the intricacies of marketing in the realm of travel. Being a travel website development company, here we have collected a few case studies through which you can learn what and how they are applying marketing strategies to their business.  We have also come up with a few of but latest marketing trends that would guide you in preparing your travel business for this new year

Marriott International

Marriott International operates as a worldwide hotel chain, boasting a presence in 133 countries with over 7,000 properties. Renowned for its pioneering use of technology to enhance customer experiences, the company has consistently embraced emerging marketing trends.

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (Marriott) - ColorWhistle

Marriott International introduced its marketing initiative, “Travel Brilliantly.” This campaign leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor the customer experience, crafting more captivating marketing messages. Additionally, the company has integrated augmented reality (AR) to enable prospective travelers to explore Marriott properties before making a reservation.


Airbnb, a platform facilitating home-sharing, enables individuals to lease their homes or rooms to travelers. A trailblazer in leveraging user-generated content (UGC) for marketing, Airbnb employs data and technology to understand customer preferences and customize its marketing communications.

Introducing the “Belong Anywhere” campaign, Airbnb utilizes UGC to highlight the breadth of experiences available on its platform and the profound sense of belonging it offers to travelers. Employing data-driven strategies, the company identifies and targets individuals interested in distinctive and authentic travel encounters.


TripAdvisor, a travel website and app facilitating user reviews and travel bookings, has been at the forefront of employing social media for marketing. Utilizing data and technology, the company gains valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling the customization of marketing messages.

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (Tripadvisor) - ColorWhistle

Under the banner of “Know Before You Go,” TripAdvisor’s latest marketing campaign leverages social media to disseminate travel tips and advice sourced from its user community. Simultaneously, the company employs data-driven strategies to pinpoint and engage potential customers keen on orchestrating their upcoming trips.

Embrace ecological responsibility

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (Wyndham) - ColorWhistle
Screenshot from Wyndham — they have highlighted their sustainability efforts

Travelers are showing a growing awareness of environmental issues, actively seeking businesses that align with their values. Travel enterprises can seize this opportunity by highlighting their sustainability efforts, including the use of eco-friendly products and practices, minimizing carbon footprint, and contributing to the well-being of local communities.

Personalize the experience

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (Hilton) - ColorWhistle
Screenshot from Hilton — The app acts as a virtual guide, guests can use it to check in their rooms, and more

Modern travelers seek a sense of understanding and connection to their unique needs and preferences. Businesses in the travel industry can go the mile extra with personalization. Personalized marketing is becoming essential for the success of travel and tourism brands. This involves tailoring promotions and exclusive offers, incorporating user-generated content like reviews, and designing email campaigns that resonate with each customer on an individual level. The personalized approach increases the likelihood of travelers choosing and booking with such businesses.

Utilize the potential of video content

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (Australia) - ColorWhistle
Though Australia’s official website features numerous visually appealing photos for visitors to explore, it goes beyond by extensively integrating video content into the experience.

Video stands out as one of the most captivating content formats, gaining popularity among travelers. Travel enterprises can employ videos to exhibit their destinations, narrate compelling stories, and motivate travelers to embark on their next journey.

Explore innovative approaches on social media

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (Hawaii Instagram) - ColorWhistle
The tourism board initiated the hashtag #LetHawaiiHappen, urging travelers to showcase their most memorable travel moments.

With numerous platforms available, social media stands as a potent tool for connecting with travelers. Travel businesses should explore diverse social media platforms and experiment with various formats to identify the most effective strategies for their engagement.

Prioritize Local Experiences

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (TakeMeTour) - ColorWhistle
TakeMeTour — Led on a tour by a resident of the city, dine in hidden restaurants, visit places off the beaten path, or even take a language class. 

Travelers seek authentic connections with local cultures, making it essential for travel businesses to highlight local attractions, tours, and events.

Embrace Micro-Influencers

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Year (Thebucketlistfamily) - ColorWhistle
Hailing from Hawaii, The bucketlistfamily stands as one of the most renowned Instagram travel influencers, celebrated for offering kid-friendly suggestions for vacations.

Collaborate with micro-influencers, who boast smaller yet highly engaged followings, to effectively target specific audiences. This partnership allows for the creation of authentic and compelling content promoting the destination.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Yea (Flyr) - ColorWhistle
Flyr compiles data from airlines and utilizes AI algorithms to examine the data, generating precise predictions regarding sales, booking activities, and other relevant travel factors.

Leverage AI for various purposes in the travel industry, including the implementation of chatbots for customer service and algorithms for personalized travel recommendations. Automate tasks, enhance customer service, and gain valuable insights into traveler behavior through AI.

Embrace Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Latest Marketing Trends for Travel Businesses in This New Yea (Hyatt) - ColorWhistle
Hyatt’s Virtual Reality Experience — showcases key roles Hyatt hotels offer, including bell attendant, entry-level culinary, housekeeper, steward, and waiter/waitress.

Capitalize on the rising popularity of AR and VR to craft immersive experiences for travelers. Implementing AR and VR allows potential travelers to virtually explore destinations before finalizing their trip plans.

Focus on Safety and Flexibility

Address travelers’ ongoing concerns about safety and flexibility post-pandemic by promoting robust safety protocols and flexible booking policies.

Build Strong Customer Relationships

In the current travel landscape, fostering customer loyalty is paramount. Travel businesses can achieve this by delivering exceptional customer service, offering loyalty programs, and maintaining communication with customers even after their journey concludes.

On Your Mark Get Set Go!!!

Travel businesses need to utilize the latest marketing trends to stay ahead, and digital marketing services are pivotal in this pursuit. As we embark on the new year, the convergence of personalized experiences, social media innovations, and data-driven strategies becomes more pronounced. Successful travel businesses will harness the power of these trends to captivate audiences and cultivate lasting connections, ensuring a dynamic and thriving presence in the ever-changing realm of travel marketing.

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