Subcontractor Payment Management System: Case Study

A subcontractor payment management system was developed for a construction company in the US. The client was initially managing Google Sheets for the entire data management on their subcontractors and their payments. Later, the client approached us to create an application that simplifies payment processes, supervises subcontractors, approves payments, and ensures an intuitive user experience. The primary goal of the project is to enhance cash flow transparency, streamline compliance, and eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks. 

The application was developed intuitively. The client was also satisfied with the look and feel of the application. 

Subcontract Payment Management System (dashboard) - ColorWhistle

Development Phase

The application has been developed for 2 users: Admin and Subcontractors. The features are implemented in a phased manner. Currently, the project is in the 6th phase.

During the development phase, we started to create the applications as per the instructions and requirements from the client. We ensured the navigation in the application was clear with a proper process flow. 

The application has been developed in the agile development model and has the following functionalities,

Projects: All the details of the projects that the construction company has been working on are managed here and this works as a CRUD operation that is used to manage data in a structured and efficient way, by providing the functionality to create, read, update, and delete data records.

Payment Application: The actual payment processing is carried out outside the application and not within the application. The line item numbers that are ready for payments are marked/approved by the Admin. The actual payment processing will be taken care of by the Project Manager (PM) separately. The month-wise approved Payment Application can be viewed as PDFs and downloaded as CSV files.

Manage Users, Clients, and Project Managers: The users, clients, and project managers are created and defined using the respective functionalities.

Manage Change Order Requests (COR): Admin can raise COR with the respective Subcontractors. From their dashboard, Subcontractors can upload the relevant documents concerning the COR raised by the Admin. Admin can then do the necessary action — Approval, Reject, etc.

Manage Emails: Includes around 9 to 10 email templates with corresponding subject titles designed for different scenarios, including New User Invitation, Payment Notifications, Forgot Passwords, and others. These templates are readily available for sending emails to relevant roles as needed. The email content of these templates can be modified by the administrator when required.

Dashboard: A dashboard displays an overview of the application status and project details, through which the status of the activities can be viewed clearly.

The client wanted to boost efficiency and reduce mistakes through organized billing, on-time payments, and strong compliance measures. Additionally, to avoid errors and track payments for a smoother process.

The subcontractor payment management system eliminates the necessity for manual procedures, spreadsheets, and the utilization of various systems for payment management. Its scalability allows seamless adaptation in managing all the project related aspects in a single place.

With automated workflows and notifications, the time-consuming task of chasing is eliminated. Subcontractors can monitor the progress of their applications directly on the platform, thus minimizing the volume of inquiries directed toward the respected team emails.


  • Streamlines the pre-payment process, reducing the time and effort required for manual handling of Work Order Approvals, Change Order Requests (COR), and pre-payments
  • Automated calculations ensure accurate payment amounts, minimizing errors and discrepancies
  • Admin and Subcontractors can easily track the status of their invoices and payments, fostering trust and transparency in the payment process
  • Reducing manual work and minimizing errors
  • Provides insights about the project details and payment status details through an engaging dashboard
  • As the business grows, the system can easily scale to accommodate increased transaction volumes and complexity

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