How to Create and Sell an eBook

Creating and selling an ebook is one of the best ways to monetize a website, to generate truly passive income and to promote your business. There are plenty of examples of people actually becoming incredibly wealthy simply by selling eBooks and none of them had to invest a single dime into the process or even pay any overheads.

To find out more about creating and selling eBooks and to start earning pure profit without a catch, read on…

What is an eBook and How do You Make One?

An eBook is basically a PDF file or ePub file and is normally around 10,000-20,000 words long (though there is a lot of variation). PDF files can be read on the computer while ePub files can be read on Kindles and other eBook readers. In either case, they will contain a mix of words and text, a cover page, a table of contents, page numbers and variation other features that you would expect from a hardcopy book.

The only difference then is that eBooks are digital, which means you don’t have to pay any printing costs or any delivery costs. This makes eBooks incredibly easy to create and distribute and it means that you can create them very fast simply by using Microsoft Word.

To make an eBook in Microsoft Word, all you need to do is to write a long document as you normally would and then click Save As > PDF Format. Before doing this you can also use a few of Word’s features to add some fancy formatting – use Heading 1 for your chapter titles for instance and Heading 2 for your subheaders and you will be able to automatically create a table of contents via the ‘References’ tab. Meanwhile you can use Insert > Footer in order to add page numbers along the bottom.

It is pertinent to pay a professional designer to create your cover (especially as you’ll be using this in your marketing materials) and if you aren’t great at writing then you can pay a writer to create the content as well. Otherwise, if you handle the writing yourself, you’ll find you can create a professional-looking eBook for very little in terms of initial investment.

What to do With Your eBook

So now you have your eBook, what do you do with it?

There are numerous different options. The most obvious is simply to sell your eBook which you can do directly from your site with a PayPal button as an easy method of monetization.

Easy though this is, it’s nevertheless also a highly effective form of monetization. With good content marketing skills you can position yourself as an authority on the subject that your site covers and encourage visitors to be interested in hearing more from you via an eBook. If you sell that eBook for $40 a pop – that’s going to be $40 profit each time someone is impressed enough with your content.

You can also sell eBooks through other means. One option is to upload your eBook to the Kindle store, which is completely free and which will give you access to Amazon’s huge market of Kindle users. If you use a smart title for your eBook you can rank at the top of Amazon’s search utility and find a massive audience as a result.

Another way to sell your eBook is to put it on a site like JVZoo or ClickBank. This is a smart move because it will allow you to set up an affiliate program – meaning that digital marketers can try and sell your book for you for a cut of the profit. It’s normal to offer anything between 30-60% of your profits here but in doing so you will attract an army of marketers all pushing your book for you. This can hugely expand your sales meaning that those marketers more than pay for themselves in the end.

But if you run an online business and you’re not interested in an additional product/revenue stream, then an eBook can also be a fantastic marketing tool. For instance, many companies will use instructional eBooks as incentives to encourage their visitors to sign up to a mailing list – and that’s an excellent way to build a greater list of leads.

Another way to use an eBook for marketing purposes is to give it away free on your site and on the Kindle Store and to encourage your readers to share it as well. Then, if you market your products or services within the book, you can gain a ton of free exposure and build trust and authority in your niche or industry.


An eBook is a perfect tool because it is a product that costs you nothing to produce. This means you can either sell it and make pure profit or use it in a number of marketing strategies without losing anything in the process. If you haven’t already spent some time developing an eBook for your website, this is definitely something for your to-do list!

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