Your Guide to Creating Stunning and Effective Logos for Your Brand

July 6, 2020
Your Guide to Creating Stunning and Effective Logos for Your Brand

When you begin your online marketing campaign and developing your digital presence for your company, one of the first things you need to look at is your logo. You should never underestimate how integral this will end up being to your web design and to your marketing as a whole and it’s critical that you get this part of the process right for many reasons.

Here we will look in-depth at the critical role that logo design plays as well as how you should go about creating one that will perfectly fit your brand and provide tons of opportunities for your marketing efforts.

Why Logo Design Is Important

When you create logo you effectively create a calling card for your business. The objective is going to be to create an association between this logo and your brand such that whenever anyone sees that image, they will think of your organization. Meanwhile, this will allow you to tie all of your disparate elements together. By using the same brand on your website, on your Twitter page and on your Google+ page, you will be able to effectively reinforce this association and create a sense of consistency that will really aid your marketing efforts and propel you forward.

If you lack this consistency, or if your logo is weak, then you won’t be able to establish relationship in the same way or you’ll undermine the integrity of your brand and the professionalism of your organization.

What’s more, your logo is going to define some elements of design that will become truths across all platforms. For instance the colors you use in your logo should likely be reflected in your site design and the wallpaper you use for your social media accounts. Your web development company can’t really get started on your web design until they have the logo because that image is going to inform every subsequent design decision.

The Hallmarks of a Great Logo

So now you understand the reason that logo design is important, You next need to think about how you can go about creating one and choosing the best logo design company. A good starting point is to think about all the criteria that a good logo should meet, which will help you to start narrowing down your options.

  • Simple – Good logos are simple so that they can be reproduced quickly and easily and so that they stay versatile for use in various different locations.
  • Enduring – Changing your logo every two minutes will confuse your message and turn off customers. Choose something that won’t look old fashioned in ten years’ time.
  • Appropriate – Your logo should in some way reflect the nature of your brand. Either it should relate to your industry/niche, or it should speak to the core values of your organization.
  • Eye-catching – Of course it’s also rather important that your logo be good-looking and professional looking so that it can be an effective ambassador for your company.

The Creative Process

These criteria might sound simple but when you sit down to try and get started you’ll likely find that it’s not so simple. The problem here is finding the inspiration you need when you’re starting out with a blank page and this can feel a lot like ‘writers’ block’. Think of it as ‘designers’ block’.

One way to get around this is to make a mood board. Mood boards are collages that include lots of images and elements relating to your niche, mission statement and brand. Take these images and draw them on a sheet of paper/cut and paste images that you like the design of and then step back to see which common themes emerge.

Avoid Clichés

A lot of logos are a little clichéd. If you’re thinking of using a light bulb, tick or globe then your logo is going to look like a million others – derivative and uninspired. Throw these off of your mood board for starters and you should be left with things that are a little more unique.


Really you should always do some research regarding your logo design. Just because you like your logo that doesn’t mean that it’s effective in saying what it needs to say or in accurately representing your brand.

What’s crucial then is to do market research and to see what your customers, visitors and the general public all have to say about the image you’ve created. If you’ve narrowed your logo down to two or three options, you can use this method to pick the best ones.


When it comes to actually creating your logo it’s always worth using professional graphic designers to finalize the process. Not only will they have more experience when it comes to knowing what speaks to your brand and resonates with your audience but they will also have better tools and experience for actually creating a high definition and error-free logo.

Of course ColorWhistle offers logo design services so if you want to get started with a new image for your brand, Get in touch and let us know what you need!

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