Why So Many Webmasters Migrate to WordPress?

If you had your website built for you by a web development company, chances are that it will probably rely on some CMS or other. A CMS is a ‘content management solution’ which basically means it helps you to keep all of the posts, the images and the videos on your site organized. At the same time, it enables fast and easy edits to the layout and appearance of your website and it provides a framework for all the different files.

In short, a CMS makes it much quicker and easier to build a website for your developers and it makes it much easier for you to update it and find your way around subsequently. But how do you know which one to choose?

Popular CMS Options

Popular CMS choices include Joomla, Drupal and Wix among others. Using any of these you’ll be able to create a new website very quickly and to then make changes and edits whenever you need them. On top of this, these CMS options also provide great support from a large community and their popularity makes it easy to find someone to offers website development services if necessary.

But of all the CMS choices, it is WordPress that is by far the most popular. We’re often asked to migrate websites from one CMS to the other and the most popular choice for where webmasters want to end up? WordPress. By far.

Why WordPress is Such a Popular Choice?

So what is it that makes WordPress so popular?


At this point, it’s actually WordPress’ popularity that makes it such a good choice. In other words, there are so many people using WordPress at the moment, that you can be sure of getting excellent technical support. The community is constantly adding new plugins, themes and other features for anyone to use and almost any web development company or freelancer will know WordPress like the back of their hand! In fact, a lot of companies advertise themselves as a WordPress web development company!

Plugins are small portions of code that you can ‘activate’ on your WordPress site at the touch of a button. If you use WordPress, then you can find plugins to do pretty much anything – whether that means compressing the images on your website, or it means blocking spam. Look for the same plugin on Drupal and you may be disappointed – meaning you’ll need to pay to have it custom build.

What this popularity also means is that there are countless examples out there of high successful websites running on WordPress. This provides great peace of mind and shows other webmasters how popular it’s possible to become using the platform. There is concrete evidence out there that you can become highly successful this way, so why choose another lesser known CMS?

Ease of Use

Unlike the other popular CMS options, WordPress began life as a blogging platform. In other words, it was designed to let members of public set up their own blogs with no technical knowledge and to start expressing themselves. Over time, it evolved to become a full CMS and to have the massive host of features it has today.

What this means, is that the control panel is incredibly simple to use. You never need to have seen a website before in your life to understand how to get around – to make a new post you just click ‘New Post’. Installation is just as simple, as are upgrades and everything else.


One of the reasons that a website might have to migrate to a different CMS is if it’s being moved to a different server. Some servers are Windows based, while others are Linux based. Unfortunately, not every CMS works on both type of server. But guess which one does work on both? That’s right: WordPress!

What’s more, WordPress also offers versatility in pretty much every way you can image. You can create any type of website with WordPress from a simple static business page, to a casual blog, to a large online ‘e-zine’… the options are limitless. The only limitation really is on creating a social network – though there are probably plugins you can use for that purpose.


And last but by no means least… WordPress is just good. Security isn’t flawless but it’s as good as any CMS, while the load times and everything else are snappy and efficient. The sites look great and there is no shortage of beautiful themes to pick from. In other words, you can rely on WordPress to help you create something great.

For all these reasons, countless website owners are migrating to WordPress. Color Whistle is a web development company that can handle this process for you quickly and easily. So if you wish you’d chosen WordPress, just get in touch and we’ll give you a free consultation!

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