Tips for Creating Content That Will Get Shared

Smarter Tips for Creating Content That Will Get Shared – The Magic Formula for Content That Goes Spreads Like Mad

Creating lots of great content is not enough. If you want your content to spread like wild fire and to get likes and shares that will give it a life of its own, then it needs to be great and tick a specific number of boxes that will give it that viral ‘edge’ that results in massive sharing.

As a blogger or writer then, the key is not just to work hard but to work smart so that each and every one of your articles hits the ball out the park and goes mad on social media. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make your content go mad…

Make it Different and Unique

The first and single most important thing you need to do in order to ensure your content gets shared and liked – and to make sure it gets read in the first place even – is to make it unique, interesting and different.

This is the single most important factor for getting content to spread but it’s something that a huge number of bloggers miss out on. So many blogs are filled with generic, derivative content that’s been seen a thousand times before and that really doesn’t give anyone much reason to read.

The perfect example of this can be found if you check out any smaller bodybuilding/weightlifting blog. Go to one of these and you’ll see articles like:

‘How to Build Big Biceps With 5 Exercises’

‘Best Home Pecs Workout’

Can you imagine yourself wanting to read any of those? The sad fact of the matter is that they’re boring and they offer nothing new.

If you really want to create content that people want to read, then you need to find a unique angle that hasn’t been done a thousand times before and that is genuinely interest. That’s why all these ‘biohacking’ health articles are doing so well right now; ‘How to Raise Your Nitric Oxide Levels for Super-Powered Workouts With One Fruit’ sounds a heck of a lot more interesting than the examples above!

Use Great Titles

‘Clickbait titles’ are getting a lot of flack at the moment but the fact remains that they work.

Clickbait titles are titles that make you really want to read and usually they’ll accomplish this by leveraging a sense of curiosity. A good example would be a title like ‘My Jaw Hit the Floor When I Saw What Happened to This Shark!’. People want to click those articles because they want to find out what happens next.

The problem is that these titles seldom deliver on their promise and that’s why clickbait has gotten such a bad reputation.

But imagine if your clickbait titles actually reflected genuine value in your articles. That is your goal. Write articles that will automatically have titles that people can’t help but click. Don’t ‘tease’ your audience but straight up tell them why your content is so valuable and what they can gain from reading it. That’s how you write titles that get clicked!

Use Great Pictures

Content doesn’t just mean writing – it means the whole package. By having great looking images alongside your content, you will not only make your posts and articles look much more engaging, interesting and professional but you will also make your posts look far more ‘clickable’ when you share them on social media.

Remember, many people will actually like your content before they even read it! What do they base this decision on? The image and the title of course!

Have an Audience in Mind

When you create your content, make sure you have an audience in mind rather than writing it and ‘hoping for the best’. This way, you will know exactly where to share it as soon as you’ve written it and you should have a ‘route to market’ in mind from the start (such as a specific sub Reddit or a Google+ Community). Having an audience in mind also means that there will be specific people that your readers will want to share the content with.

Finally, when you know who you are writing for, this can influence the way that you write. Thereby, you can write articles in the right tone and ‘voice’ for the person who is reading it. Often it helps to actually imagine that you are speaking specifically to that person as you write.

Provoke Discussion

Sharing content is a form of communication and you should take this into account when you write it. Specifically, this means writing content that will be conducive to debate, that will back up someone’s point or that will provide information on a subject. If your content can become a ‘part’ of a discussion, then it will be shared much more often. To succeed on social media, your content should have a ‘social element’.

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