Global Web Design Round-Up Series: The Best of UK Web Design

February 20, 2019
The best of UK Web Design

Why the best of UK web design analysis

Web design is big business no matter where you are in the World. The web is of course a completely international territory and one that has made the world much smaller in many ways. Thus, it has essentially become possible for us to ‘visit’ anywhere in the world via the internet.

We can view businesses, landmarks, organizations and more from Europe, Australia, Asia or the US. And while web design trends essentially transcend locality, there are still some things we can learn from websites that belong to each country.

Today let’s take a look at web design in the UK. We’ll examine some of the most popular web designs from the country as well as the state of the industry as a whole.

Popular Websites in the UK

There are a huge number of big websites in the UK, several of which are nationally recognized and even globally recognized.

One of the biggest UK institutions is also home to one of the biggest websites: that is The This is the British Broadcasting Company, which is known around the world for being home to shows like Top Gear and Doctor Who. In England, the BBC is also one of the most trusted sources for unbiased news as well as producing a lot of well-made programs and radio shows.

The website itself takes a very common approach by featuring top stories alongside large images on the front page. You can click on any of these in order to expand the feature and read more, mainly they are news stories. There is also a list of extra menu items along the top which include things like BBC iPlayer for streaming live TV shows or watching older programs. This page takes a slightly more sleek and high contrast look.

As is common in UK web design in general, the BBC website features a very ‘professional’ look with block colors, a minimal design and very few distractions.

We can see very similar web designs when we look at some other popular examples of web design in London or web design in Birmingham. For example, The Times once again features a stark layout with high contrast text and a plain background which establishes a more detached and authoritative feel. The Independent newspaper very recently embraced the digital age by going entirely digital. This shows just how important web design in the UK is right now and what an important part of the culture it has become. The Independent was the first national newspaper to make this move but analysts suspect the move will continue.

Web Design as an Industry

As an industry, web design is increasingly becoming very integral to the UK economy. This is especially true at a time when finding work is very difficult for the ‘lost generation’ leaving Universities. House prices in London are prohibitive, while finding high-paying work outside the capital can be hard work. This is where companies like Rhys and Odyssey have got it right, by providing web design in Wales and web design in Bournemouth respectively.

Note that if you’re looking for web design and want to branch out from US-based agencies, then looking to the UK is a great way to work with English-speakers based elsewhere! We love working with UK agencies too, so get in touch if you’re looking for white label services.


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