WordPress LMS Plugin

WordPress LMS Plugin Development

Through WordPress LMS plugin, you can easily create and sell courses, deliver quizzes, give award certifications, manage users and much more.

e Learning WordPress Theme

Students can also have access to the latest e-learning tutorials. People who are in the educational industry can create a robust learning experience for their viewers.

LMS Module for Educational Website

Every education website development projects is developed with the below modules to give best solutions for website owners and to offer a better way of communication.

  1. Home Module
    1. Registration
    2. News Letter Subscription
    3. Chat Rooms
    4. Resource Library
  2. Student Catalog Module
    1. Listing Course
    2. Enrolment in Courses
  3. Course Management & Certification
    1. Admin can manage Courses
    2. Admin can manage Certification
    3. Student Performances
  4. Administrator Module
    1. Can View Student, Staff  Info
    2. Customise roles and settings of Student
    3. Admin Can add, edit, delete and update student records
  5. Settings Module
    1. Server and admin to organise for server config

WordPress LMS Plugin Suggestion

Here are few lms plugin that we suggest you to use for your educational website development:

  1. LearnPress
  2. LearnDash
  3. Sensei
  4. WP Courseware
  5. LifterLMS

We regularly discuss WordPress LMS Plugin on colorwhistle.com, so checkout this blog to know what we’ve said about them:

WordPress LMS Plugin
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