Travel Web Development

Travel Web Development

We at ColorWhistle, provides the best solution for Travel Web Development split-ups module by module, support with portal that suits your requests that can manipulate the growth of your ideas in business.

Travel Web Design

At ColorWhistle, we take care of the visual appeal of Travel Website Design, to ensure that the audience will stay a long time in your web page which demands to your satisfaction with catchy Call to Action CTA).

Digital Marketing Services for Travel Website

We at ColorWhistle, inspect your website for digital marketing (primarily digital marketing for travel website) by auditing the visual appeal, performance of your website through seo tools, which results increase in the percentage of your seo score.

Travel Logo Design

ColorWhistle create custom logo design for your company or business in mean time of the travel web development; Logo will be designed with your recommended colors. You will be intimated with initial mock ups.

Once you are satisfied with the logo, you can opt for other options like letter heads, brochures, business cards etc.

Travel Web Development Module’s

Travel website is developed with the list of modules below, which will be integrated in your travel website and ends with best solutions model for the website owner and the end customer with better way of communication.

  1. Accounting Module/ Integration
  2. Admin Panel Rights
  3. Advance Search Module
  4. Airfare Calendar
  5. B2B Setup Development / Agent module
  6. Bus Booking
  7. Car Rental
  8. MIS Reports
  9. Payment Gateway Integration
  10. Secure Socket Layer
  11. Taxation Module
  12. Travel Insurance Module
  13. User Registration module
  14. Visa & travel Info Integration &
  15. XML Module.

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Travel Web Development
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