Impact of AI in Digital Marketing

March 8, 2019

Welcome folks to the first episode of Whistler Podcast.

In this Podcast we are going to talk about Impact of Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing.

Artificial intelligence is going to be one of the path-breaking advancements in technology. It holds a huge potential in the field of digital marketing as it is closely tied to machine learning.

According to Forbes “84% of marketing organizations have implemented Artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2018”. This is because Artificial intelligence can deliver improved customer experience and can save both time and money.

Machine learning can automatically handle some daily SEO tasks, like data analysis and reporting. This doesn’t mean that SEO experts will be out of job. Instead, it means that machine learning will help SEO professionals get more efficient results, quickly.

Every business should deliver high-quality content in the competitive online space. If you are not getting ready for this upcoming year then your ROI will get reduced day by day. Hence, understand the importance of including Artificial intelligence in your content marketing strategies in the future. There are some key approaches of artificial intelligence that can add value to content marketing strategies. They are Content generation and Predictive analysis.

Unknowingly, you might have read content generated by a machine. This business strategy is one of the most simple ways which can reduce the demand for content. Large corporations such as Yahoo, Samsung, and Fox already use Artificial intelligence for this exact purpose.

Most of the business are increasing their ROI by predictive analysis and lead scoring. A lead score will help marketers to determine where a customer converts. Predictive analysis will help marketers to determine which user to target.

Also, Artificial intelligence has functionalities which ensure that content marketers can increase productivity, gain an in-depth understanding of their target audiences, provide a more personalized brand experience to the customers. Artificial intelligence offers a better customer experience along with increased ROI.

In email marketing, marketers have to conduct a significant amount of A/B testing to determine the most effective content, offers, and frequency for each individual subscriber. Alternatively, the right Artificial intelligence tools have the potential to automate and optimize several features of email marketing like content, send times, frequency, and more which helps you to maximize the engagement and conversions.

Recruiting affiliates can be made easier by Artificial intelligence which can reduce the work of marketers. Upon noticing the programme and affiliates available on an existing programme, the Artificial intelligence technology recommends the suitable affiliates for business and performs administrative tasks quickly. Although Artificial intelligence tools may help in identifying affiliates, humans are required to determine and select suitable opportunities based on client’s needs at a specific time.

A marketer cannot view everything obvious and this is where Artificial intelligence comes in. The Artificial intelligence algorithm learns and analyzes the performance of all the campaigns which can help you to select the best affiliates.

Reaching a new customer is one of the difficult processes. There are Artificial intelligence tools which can explore potential new audiences for you. By utilizing the Artificial intelligence tools properly you can bring great results.

That’s all folks.

Thanks for joining for our first Whistler Podcast.  Talk to you soon.


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