Need a Professional WordPress Website? Here’s How to Start!

These days, every single business needs a professional looking website to help them maximize their visibility, to increase their turnover and profits and to bring themselves up to date to help them impress visitors and prospective customers.

And the good news is that it has never been easier to create a professional website! This is thanks in no small part to the existence of WordPress which is a CMS (content management system) and platform that makes it very simple to build fully functional websites and to add features, content and more subsequently.

At the same time, there is now a huge industry of web developers, marketers and designers all of whom can help with WordPress web development and now for a very reasonable price.

And then there’s this article. Here we’re going to go over everything you need to consider and every step you need to take, so that everything is laid out for you. Follow these instructions and you’ll have your own professional WordPress site in no time at all.

Step 1: Getting Ready

Before you begin looking into WordPress website development, there are a few things you will need in place. First of all, you’ll need a plan and or a business/business model. The way that you design your WordPress site is going to depend entirely on your objectives whether those be to gain sales or to make money from display advertising with a personal blog.

You should also have a think about some other things like the URL you’re going to want and what your budget is going to be. A web development team can help you with all of that but at least having a company name will speed things up a fair bit and ensure you end up with a product that suits your goals and your vision.

Step 2: Doing the Research

Again, you can leave this step entirely in the hands of your WordPress web development company. That said though, it helps to have at least some idea of what you want your website to look like starting out to ensure that you and your designers are on the same (web)page.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, then you can try looking around the web to get inspiration from other websites. Find a couple you like the looks of and make a note of the URL, that way you can send the information to your website development team along with your initial queries.

Step 3: Getting in Touch

Next you need to find a company that can help you and get in touch with your requests. Of course, ColorWhistle is one of the fastest growing WordPress development companies on the net right now and we would be more than happy to help you to build your site. We offer considerable discounts to new businesses and non-profits and if you like the look of the site you’re on now, then you can rest assured you will find our site creation to be professional and eye-catching.

Whatever you decide, make sure you research the company first and compare prices and websites to make sure you pick a professional outfit.

Step 4: The Domain

The next step which might be handled by you or by the web development team will be to purchase a URL and a hosting package. The hosting package is what will allow you to store your website files on the net (on a server specifically), while the URL is the address that visitors will type to bring up your site. There are a ton of great hosting providers out there but the popular ones are BlueHost, GoDaddy, SiteGround, and Hostgator.

Whether you do this yourself or with your website design company, you’ll need to pay for a monthly hosting package which varies in price by can cost up to a few hundred dollars for a basic package for a year. You’ll also need to ensure that the URL you chose is free and if it isn’t you might have to have a rethink and research some alternative addresses.

Step 5: Creation

The actual creation will be handled on your behalf by the WordPress website development company. The steps that they will undertake though will invariably be as follows:

  • WordPress installation (onto the server)
  • Theme creation (to match your logo and branding)
  • Adding functionality like Shopping, Membership, Payment Integration etc..,
  • Additional design tweaks
  • Plugin installation (to optimize your site and to add more features)
  • Testing

During this process, you will likely find that they send you their work to check and to open a dialog. It’s very important at this point that you are willing to engage them in a discussion and that you are honest but constructive. Don’t be afraid to say if there’s something you don’t like but at the same time do trust their judgment – they’ve been doing this a while!

Sankarnarayan. R
About the Author - Sankarnarayan. R

The founder and mastermind behind ColorWhistle is Sankarnarayan, a professional with over fourteen years of experience and a passion for website design services and digital marketing services. At ColorWhistle, our team has a wide range of skills and expertise and we always put our clients’ satisfaction first. This is what sets us apart from the competition – an eye for detail and the best website development services from the start to the completion of your project.

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