Does Infusionsoft trump other autoresponder services?

Why Use Infusionsoft CRM for Your Email Marketing and Contact Management

Infusionsoft CRM offers something a little different and a little better for webmasters and small business owners.

Basically, Infusionsoft combines the features of a contact management system with those of an autoresponder. The result is a highly powerful tool that you can use to gain new contacts and leads, to manage them and to send out messages.

And best of all? Infusionsoft is a WordPress plugin which makes it incredibly easy to use…

Of course Infusionsoft is just one option and it won’t be for everyone. If you’re a digital marketer and you only need a very simple and straightforward autoresponder, then the extra features of Infusionsoft may be a little moot. For the right small business though, the tools on offer here are a real asset and well worth looking into.

Features and Uses for Small Businesses

Infusionsoft works like a normal autoresponder in many ways. This means it allows you to create an opt-in form where your visitors can add their e-mail addresses and then lets you send out newsletter e-mails to all of them to promote your brand and make sales.

At the same time though, Infusionsoft lets you do a lot more with those contact details. As a CRM for small businesses, Infusionsoft lets you organize contacts that you already have as well as leads that you get through your forms. You can then organize those contacts with tagging and segmentation.

For instance then, this would allow you to add multiple opt-in forms to different pages of your website and to tag your new contacts depending on which one they used. Likewise, you could keep a separate selection of contacts you acquired through in-person networking alongside the leads you collect through your squeeze page.

And for marketers, there are some other neat things you can do through Infusionsoft too. For starters, you can track the behavior of your leads to see how often they are coming back to your website, how many emails they’re opening, how often they’re clicking…. You can also score them based on their engagement and interaction with your brand, which ultimately allows you to organize them based on priority and how likely they are to buy from you soon. You can then automate e-mails to send only once your leads are ready to buy and receptive to your marketing messages. This is a smart way to make sales and it can drastically increase conversions while decreasing the time you’re spending managing your contacts.

Advanced Options

Other features include the ability to send follow-up messages to specific users, to keep notes on certain leads (great for sales) and more. On top of all that, Infusionsoft also comes with its own digital storefront and acts as an ecommerce platform too. This level of integration allows for some advanced automation and specific targeting of key customers and leads. When someone makes a purchase for instance, it triggers an automated communication ‘sequence’ allowing you to check they’re happy with their product and even upsell to them.

Another more advanced option is the ability to set-up an affiliate program. This allows other marketers to help you sell your products and to gain commission for doing so. This is a very powerful asset because it can drastically scale up your marketing efforts so that thousands more customers and leads discover your brand and what you’re selling.

Ease of Set-Up

Another great advantage of Infusionsoft is that it’s very easy to set up. As a WordPress plugin this literally features a one-click installation and from there it will integrate seamlessly with your site. If you have a WordPress web development company, they should be able to handle this for you in no time at all and very affordably.

Of course this is also a drawback for those not using WordPress as their CMS. If you built your site without a CMS, or if you used Drupal or Joomla, then you’ll be looking for an alternative option like Mailchimp or AWeber.

Which Autoresponder/CRM Should You Choose?

If you just need a plain CRM for managing contacts at your business, then there are more comprehensive and cheaper options out there than Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft then is for companies that are actively collecting leads online and marketing to them through e-mail marketing. By combining the benefits of a fully-functional CRM with basic autoresponder functionality though, you’ll be getting something that goes far and above MailChimp or Aweber.

So in that regard does Infusionsoft trump those other autoresponder services? Undoubtedly the answer is yes. But it’s also key to recognize that you may not need all of these features and that Infusionsoft is a little more expensive than the other choices. For small start-ups then, we recommend starting with a cheaper autoresponder to begin with and then migrating to Infusionsoft when you’re ready to step your marketing up a notch!

Reach us to integrating your WordPress website with Infusionsoft CRM capabilities.

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