WordPress Custom Review Plugin Development Case Study


How We Resolved a Feedback Management Issue for our White Label Partner?

Reviews/feedbacks play a crucial role in the business as it helps to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and boost search engine rankings. In spite of occupying a dominant position in the hairstyling industry, our client faced some issues related to the review system. So, they reached us for assistance to enhance their review management system. Here is a list of problems faced!

Major Issues

    How We Resolved a Feedback Management Issue for our White Label Partner?

    Now more than ever, it is important to know what people think about a business. Companies capitalize on online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to showcase how well they are in their industry.

    Reviews do more good for a business than just look good on external sites. In terms of traffic, conversion rates, and search rankings they certainly play a crucial role.

    As a site becomes more successful, managing reviews can get daunting. Getting plenty of reviews regularly and manually approving them will get in the way of your day-to-day activities.

    One of our clients occupied a dominant position in the hairstyling industry had multiple branches around Canada. They faced a similar problem with their websites review system and needed our help.


    For any business, ratings, reviews, and testimonials are important as it sends a right message into the hearts and minds of visitors.

    In the hair styling business, it is even more influential as everyone is constantly looking for ways to make themselves attractive.

    Our clients’ problem was a challenging one as feedback management in WordPress is not an easy process.

    These were the challenges they faced.

    • Lack of review forms in city specific pages
    • Difficulty in displaying top reviews on the home page
    • Absence of a separate testimonial page led to review confusions
    • Loss of legitimate reviews in spam
    • Manual update of reviews led to logic calculation errors


    Under such difficult scenarios, a custom WordPress plugin will prove to be very useful as desired functionality to a site can be added easily. And unlike free plugins, a custom plugin will work exactly the way you want.


    So we paid close attention to details and registered the clients’ requirements in an elaborate manner.
    Our experienced WordPress developers at ColorWhistle designed a tailored plugin to completely solve their feedback issues.

    • In the custom plugin, our developers designed had the following features.
    • The entire plugin worked on shortcodes and the functionalities worked by just updating it in the particular page.
    • In the ‘all shortcodes tab’, the main codes required for review slider, home page testimonial was mentioned.
    • For city specific pages, a shortcode box that generates codes within a click was added.
    • Shortcodes to display top comments in the home page irrespective of the city.
    • Multiple validation checks to filter genuine comments in the spam.
    • Automating logic calculation errors to avoid mistakes in review count, rating count, and rating value.
    • Plugin was subject to rigorous testing to make it error-free


    For developing a plugin, a WordPress developer must have an in-depth understanding of the architectural framework and structural capabilities of WordPress. With years of experience in coding, our ColorWhistle developers crafted a custom plugin for our clients’ deployment and integration inclusive of back-end support. After the plugin was put into action, these were the changes they experienced,
    • User-friendly interface and back end.
    • Quick review and form activation for required pages
    • Display of top comments on the home page without difficulty.
    • Easy approval of legitimate comments in spam.
    • Accurate review ratings in Google structured data testing
    • Customizable plugin for inclusion of any additional add-ons in future
    At ColorWhistle, we follow the best standards for plugin development to expand the functionality of your website. For any queries regarding custom plugins for WordPress, please contact us anytime.

    ColorWhistle helped me build my custom plugin in no time

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