What Are The 5 A’s of Tourism?

Are you curious to know about the 5 A’s of tourism?

Apart from formulating an effective marketing plan, the components of the 5 A’s of tourism have to be taken into account as part of your branding strategy

In this blog, we have listed the 5 A’s of tourism which will help you create a strong and positive image of your agency in the tourist’s mind.

Here we go

1. Attraction


Today, people seek attraction in everything – the food they eat, the clothes they wear, etc.
Why attraction is important for the Travel & Tourism industry?

According to Phocuswright, 36% of people rated travel as an important priority for spending their time and money. The NYU states that 68% of tourists pay more attention to attractive places to travel. Today, different groups of people are traveling and exploring a lot around the world.

Though all people travel, their reasons for traveling might differ from person-to-person. Some people travel,

  • To write novels, epics, short stories. Usually, writers have the habit of traveling to get new ideas
  • To spend their vacation, this is evident from the study by Travel Agent Central stating that around $101.1 billion is spent by Americans on summer vacations.
  • To relax from the depressions caused by the outer world. The Global Commission on Ageing and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association stated that traveling actually keeps you healthy.

How will travelers know about the services you offer?

According to Facebook, 87% of people get inspired to travel from social media. Therefore, you can post charming images and virtual reality videos on your page and impress your viewers.

Typically, people get closer to things that attract them. Therefore, you can grasp the attention of many people through your attractive travel sites.

2. Activities


Actually, how can you make an ordinary trip an extraordinary one? The answer to this question will be activities. Other than anything else, activities like hiking, biking, trekking actually impress your travelers.

  • According to Short Term Rentalz 2019, 85% of families said that their priority for travel was outdoor activities.
  • TripAdvisor’s latest analysis stated that snorkeling activities have gone up to 64% since last year and sailing trips have gone up to 55% within the last year.

For instance, if a person goes for a trip to a beach spot, there should be boats, lifejackets, emergency kits, etc so it would be possible for a traveler to actively go for a boat ride.

You can use technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality to design videos on your websites and create awareness about the available travel activities.

3. Accessibility


Accessibility to a place is the most important thing in travel as it helps a person to reach that place of attraction. Some of the most visited areas by tourists are France, Singapore, Rome, Italy, China, Mexico, etc.

Each tourist place in these countries follows various terms and conditions. Some rules would be like,

  • In Singapore, if you spit chewing gum in public places, you will have to pay $1000 as a penalty.
  • Traffic rules are strictly followed in Mexico that everyone on the road should know in which direction to move.
  • Both men and women are supposed to follow the dress codes while visiting the holy places in Rome.

Another difficulty of a traveler in accessing a place would be transportation. Based on the regions, transport also varies

  • The gondola is the mode of transport used in Italy.
  • People of France use Trams for moving from one place to another.
  • The Turkish countrymen have underground funicular railways as their transport.

It would be more interesting for tourists if they are already familiar with these transport mediums, rules, and regulations.

4. Accommodation


When a traveler goes on a trip, he/she wishes to have a good place to stay with all amenities and luxuries. A place with lots of comforts attracts travelers even more.

  • The Short Term Rentalz says that 60% of family travelers like to accommodate in hotels, while 21% prefer to resorts.
  • The Booking website gives an analysis that 73% of travelers yearn to stay in greenish accommodation at least once in their lifetime

In the olden days, travelers used to book the rooms through a travel agent or by contacting the hotel accommodations team.

For instance, what would be the first thing that a traveler who is planning for a trip does? The traveler searches for the availability of rooms in the net along with many queries like – Are there any local affiliations near to the Hotel? What about the food menu provided? Am I entitled to any exclusive amenities inside my room?

At that time, if your website acts as an answer key for the tourist’s questions, then you will be able to stand out from your competitors.

5. Amenities

You cannot easily win the heart of your traveler unless you provide the required amenities.

Interesting statistics about amenities of a Traveler,

Sockets – According to PR Newswire Association, 81% of people agree that they take smartphones during travel as their primary accessory. You can provide sockets to charge these electronic devices like tablets, gadgets, laptops.

Personalized lavatories – Cornell University states that 86% of travelers used the available toiletries. Therefore, you can provide amenities like personal-sized shampoos, conditioners, body washes, hand soap, etc.

When travelers get impressed by the facilities you offer during their stay, even for their next trips they will come again to your travel agency. Also, they will start recommending your services to others. Therefore, the amenities you provide will bring greater promotions to your travel business!.

  • According to travel statistics by Google, 57% of travelers feel that travel websites should customize information based on their past bookings and personal preferences.
  • HubSpot states that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site if they had trouble loading it on their mobile device and 40% of users are likely to jump ship to a competitor’s site if the mobile site of their preferred brand takes a long time to load.

6. Affordability

This is the sixth ‘A’ but nonetheless very important to attract tourists to the destination. Tourists should be able to afford the trip in terms of transport costs, accommodation charges, entrance fees at attractions and the number of days, which need to be spent on travel and stay; i.e. they should be able to afford the holiday in terms of time and money. Tour operators prepare package tours keeping affordability in mind. These group tours work out cheaper than individuals booking their own tickets and making itineraries for themselves

A successful destination would have a good balance between these six ‘A’s and ensure that there is something to see and do for people of different ages and backgrounds so that a large number of tourists visit the place.


Apart from the classic five ‘A’s of tourism, we suggest a sixth ‘A’ which is vital to the tourism agency’s success, Affordability.

The travel expenses like transport costs, accommodation charges, entrance fees, and many more should be at an affordable price for travelers. For this reason, tourist agencies are coming up with new projects on package tours. This is because, those who are traveling on package tours do not have to book tickets, plan itineraries on their own because the tour operators themselves plan everything for travel at a cheaper cost.

Thus, if the destined touring spots should have more visitors, then the above mentioned A’s should be balanced equally, and also travelers of different age groups and backgrounds should have some things interesting for them to explore.

Generally, in the tourism industry, attraction and activities go hand in hand. Even though the 5 components are important for trips, in recent years, attraction & activities have become the heart and soul of successful tourism!

Thus, travel aspirants should be aware that your agency provides all these 5 A’s. And the travel agents can reveal it to travelers via the website. If you are in the travel & tourism industry and are looking to create an attractive travel website to improve your brand image, feel free to send a request. Our team is always happy to assist you.

Travel & Tourism Industry Trends for 2020

In today’s world, people come across many transitions in climatic conditions, eating habits, dressing sense, etc. When this is on one side, even in this 21st Century, people’s enthusiasm and craze for traveling are not altered at any cause.

Therefore, the global travel and tourism industries are bringing many facilities and technologies to give the best experience for travelers. There are chances for travel agencies to begin the year 2020 successfully by making the travel experience a comfortable one for tourists and travelers.

Our ColorWhistle team strives hard to keep our clients aware of the current developing industry – travel and tourism. On that note, we researched and collected some of the travel trends that will come to life in 2020 and beyond.

Let’s take a look at some of the travel trends that are going to dominate in 2020.

A Trip to the 2020 Travel Trends

1. Traveling with Virtual Cash


Usually, travelers before taking a trip had to search for currency exchange centers or post offices or other financial centers to exchange their currency with the foreign currency. These traditional money concepts will come to a complete end by 2020, where everything is paid and bought with paperless cash!

  • According to AmericanExpress, the total value of noncash payments rose to US$174.4 trillion and grew at a rate of 4.2 percent per year.
  • The Statista Research Department published a fact that cash transactions are going to be declined from 56% to 60% in 2020.
  • According to Visa 88% of travelers prefer online payment at present.

At present, you could have come across mobile apps such as PayPal, GooglePay, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp that act as a platform for cashless transactions. Adding to it, travel websites like Google Flights, Priceline and Expedia are already offering online booking facilities for travelers.

2. Biometrics & Facial Recognition

  • SITA, an airline technology company analyzed that around 77% of airports and 71% of airlines plan to invest heavily in biometric identification in the next three years.
  • Countries such as Britain, Singapore, Japan, China, and America are already using biometric technology in their airports.
  • British Airways has implemented a facial-recognition assisted boarding process at its hub in London.
  • Heathrow Airport in London has partnered with Yoti to allow travelers to use their smartphones for the facial identification process.

Why have these airports turned to biometrics technology? What are the benefits for a traveler in adopting the technology?

Biometric technology is rich in security. So, airport companies want to use it in their airport checking hubs. Plus, biometric technology consumes less time to spend on verifications.

A traveler has many benefits in experiencing the biometric technology in airports during his/her travel, some of them are listed below,

  • Automated recognition and verification – Automated Border Control [ABC] gates are kept for verification which lets out seamless entry and exit of passengers.
  • Accurate identification of documents – As biometrics technology is used during both check-in and check-out of a traveler, there are no opportunities for fraud activities.
  • Handing over the documents – The tourists can rest from the risks of handing over their passport and boarding pass at all verification centers. Instead, the cameras will be ready to capture the tourist for recognition, and it is enough that he/she poses for the click.

3. Mobile Apps for Filling Visa


The mobile applications will go trending in 2020. An international traveler who is planning for a vacation has to be aware of the process of taking a visa.

Usually, it takes hours together to fill a visa application, sometimes hours become days. This is because small typos in filling the visa applications will lead to blunder mistakes which might delay visa approval. What difficulties does a traveler face while applying for a visa?

  • Requirements of documents asked in the visa applications vary from country to country.
  • Lack of support for consultation.
  • Gathering the appropriate documents.
  • Struggles in linguistics.
  • Time consumption.

These issues can be easily solved by building a mobile application. Companies such as VisaFast, ChinaVisaApp, VisaExplore already have apps. Here are some of the beneficial features that can be added to the app.

  • Provide easy assistance in the traveler’s convenient language. This service should be available 24/7.
  • Appropriate contact information should be mentioned about the consultancy services to prevent fraud occurrences.
  • Assist traveler in the end-to-end process starting from filling the forms to the payment options. Submission of visa applications should also be carried out digitally instead of letting the traveler to physically submit the forms.

Some of the airports are already leading in the race by accepting mobile passport from the travelers. Here is a small list.

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Orlando International Airport (MCO)

4. Experiencing Virtual Reality in Real World


To get inspiration about a touring spot, travelers have started to use virtual reality technology. By this, the traveler gets a pre-mentioned idea of which places to travel? How will the place look like? The virtual reality apps capture more or less the exact view of the spot.

Here are some companies that are already using VR technologies.

  1. Everest VR – It is developed by Slfar Studios of Iceland and RVX using an advanced game engine, digital cartography, and hyper-realistic graphics. There are a few innovative ideas like God mode, Bird’s view and much more.
  2. Google Earth VR – In Google Earth VR, you can use zoom in and out option, the blend of aerial, satellite and 3D-mapped ‘Street View.’ It makes you feel like you are really traveling around the globe.
  3. Under the Canopy – It was introduced by Conservation International and Jaunt which shows the charming beauty of the Amazon Forests. You can examine the trees, wildlife, rivers, three-toed sloths 15 feet Anaconda, species of tropical butterflies and much more.

5. Canning & Screening


The Economic Times has released an official document that states 84 airports are about to install body scanners replacing door frame metal detectors and hand-held scanners

Amsterdam-Schiphol, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, Rome-Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino, and Venice Marco Polo are some of the airports that already have modern scanner facilities.

Today, airports use technologies like

  • Metal detector with electromagnetism – Metal detectors are either handheld devices or pass-through systems.
  • Scanners passing X-rays – Based on the intensity of rays passed X-ray scanners are of two types the back-scatter x-ray scanner and the millimeter-wave scanner.
  • Detectors for identifying explosives – Ion Mobility Spectrometry technology is used for identifying the explosives.

These modern scanners help travelers to spend their time without getting stressed about the scanning practices. This scanning and screening process will drastically grow in 2020.

6. Maximizing the Use of RFID Wristbands


The CNet website says that the monitoring team at the airports is going to give RFID Wristbands to the passengers to reduce human-traffic in the check-in and check-out areas.

Travelers have to carry their passport, visa, credit card, wallet, and much more. Many times, travelers lose these documents and get into unnecessary trouble. RFID Wristbands can reduce this risk as all these documents will be saved in that band.

According to the Statistica website, shipments of smart wristbands in 2019 are to exceed 40 million units worldwide.

Some of the benefits of using RFID Wristbands in airports

  • Minimizes the wait time – All the ticket info will be provided in the wristbands, so wait time will be reduced.
  • Secures kids and elders – The RFID bands safeguard the kids and elder ones from the rush in the airport.
  • Payments without cash – The wristbands enable the feature of buying anything without the use of paper cash, card, mobile phones, and so on.

7. Driverless Transport


Transport plays an essential part of travel. People will get frustrated if they face difficulties in transporting like waiting for the driver or rash driving. These difficulties will be turned into ease by 2020 via the enhancement of automated cars, buses, etc.

What are all the benefits enjoyed by a traveler while taking a driverless car?

  • Increase in safety – The Lifehack website states that 1.2 million people died in traffic accidents. These accidents could decrease in the count when driverless cars brought into practice.
  • Minimized emissions – According to the Lifehack website, emissions of greenhouses gases can be reduced to 94% from 87%.

Sensors, automated controls, power supplies, WiFi, GPS systems, testing, and maintenance are some of the facilities offered by such vehicles for a safe and smooth traveling experience.

8. Instagrammable Inspirations


At present, social media is turning the world upside down. It has become a part of each one’s daily life. According to the estimation of Statistica, by 2021 social media users count will be increased to 3.1 billion. That’s a huge number!

Some Interesting Facts and Statistics

  • According to a recent survey from Adweek, 52% of Facebook users dream about vacation even when they aren’t planning a specific trip. Among them, 69% of users refuse the proposals at the last minute because of FOMO (Fear of missing out)
  • According to Olapic, 87% of Millennials on Facebook said they use social media sites for travel inspiration, while 20% use Twitter and Pinterest.
  • According to WebpageFX, an estimated 72% of people post photos on social networks while traveling, and 70% of travelers update their Facebook status while vacationing.
  • MDG Advertising agency has analyzed that 30% of U.S travelers turn to social media to fetch trip inspirations, 52% of Facebook users share that they are inspired by their travel stories and posts.

This is why social media is used by all age groups to get various travel inspirations. It has become the right choice for promoting the travel and tourism industry.

9. Travel to Ancestral Places


Robin Hauck EF Tours says “As long as there’s been travel there’s been an appetite for visiting where our ancestors are from. What’s changed is DNA technology has become so much more accessible.”

  • According to the HospitalityNet, 36% of people among the top getaway travelers are trying to take a trip to their ancestral places.
  • Forbes has conveyed that 50% of Americans, 89% of Indian people, and 69% of French people have traveled at least to one country of their heritage sites.

Ancestry Tourism. That sounds strange! Soon, by 2020 it is going to become familiar among the travelers. Some of the websites and mobile apps are already providing this tourism.

  • Online website Ancestry provides AncestryDNA options to take a DNA test at home with the aids and kits for knowing a person’s ethnic background.
  • In countries like Ireland and Scotland, Brendan Vacations, a travel agency is ready to arrange meetings with Genealogical Experts to determine a person’s family history.
  • The South African Airways gives opportunities for travelers to take a 12-day trip to advent the remote regions like Johannesburg, Drakensberg, and Umhlanga to learn about tribal influences.
  • A traveler preferring for a DNA Trip might enjoy the benefits such as understanding their identity, reinforcing lost relationships and much more.

10. IoT Technologies in Accommodation


According to a survey conducted by Sita Airlines, 86% of the airline companies believe IoT will provide clear benefits over the next three years. As usual, IoT Technologies make things easier in the travel and tourism industry too.

How travelers are benefited from IoT technologies during trips?

  • Status about Flights – Currently, Amazon Smart Speakers Alexa, Google Home Speakers, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatches are enabled in United Airlines through which a traveler can know the arrival & departure timings, the present position of the flight, and much more.
  • Customized Control – Travelers can adjust room temperatures, operate T.V, utilize heaters and set alarm timing via apps. Plus, Electronic Key Cards and NFC readers’ smart locks will also make travelers stay at ease.
  • Lost Baggage Tracker – The baggage claim service team will take a long time to find the stolen baggage. Optimizing the baggage tracker technology, the baggage could be found shortly.
  • Robots for Maintenance – Robots are kept for room service 24/7 to maintain the rooms. They provide all the needed amenities for a traveler.


In the travel and tourism industry, trends keep changing day by day. Therefore, one can enjoy the travel & trips only when he/she goes along with the trend. A travel agency should bring reformations depending on the trendings and should also make it known to the travel aspirants via websites, mobile apps, social media, etc.

Have a look at our ColorWhistle website’s travel blogs to get more inspiration for travel and tourism. You can contact us to know more about how our web services work in promoting the travel and tourism industry.

WordPress Developer

Openings for WordPress Developer in Coimbatore Location

  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Required education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Required experience: 2+ Years
  • WordPress: 2 years (Required)
  • Html5: 1 year (Required)

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • At least 6+ WordPress project development experience
  • Strong knowledge in WordPress Architecture
  • Experience in custom WordPress Themes, Post-types, Plugin development, REST API
  • Knowledge in popular plugins like ACF Pro, Elementor Pro, Membership plugins, WooCommerce etc..
  • Experience in Genesis themes, X theme, Avada and Divi themes are big PLUS
  • Exposure to advanced WordPress development using GIT, GULP, SASS etc..
  • Good experience in HTML5, CSS3 and JS libraries for sliders

Skills & Requirements

  • Effective communication skill is must
  • Minimum of 1 year experience with various WordPress project knowledge is expected
  • Inter-personal, team building skills are necessary
No recruiters / agencies please.

Content Writer

Job opening for Creative Content Writer in Coimbatore Location

At ColorWhistle, Coimbatore – We are hiring a talent for Creative Content Writer and Content Marketing Specialist. If you are running a blog or website, please share your blog url.

  • Positions : 1
  • Job Type : Full-time
  • Experience : 2 years online content writing experience

Interview Process

  1. You will be asked to write a creative content for any given topic (blog, web page) in given time. Your creativity, fluency and writing speed will be evaluated here.
  2. You will be asked to share your previous experience in writing, projects details and problem solving skills will be evaluated
  3. If your performance is up to our expectation you will be given an offer

Responsibilities include but not limited to

  • Write content for various digital marketing channels like website blogs, infographics, social updates, banners, case studies, white papers, press release, guest blogging etc
  • Research & write creative content for our various marketing websites and client projects
  • Create content to drive leads and subscribers
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to draft sales emails
  • Responsible for proofreading and editing the written piece for all
  • Brainstorm and collaborate with our marketing, design and development team to create innovative content
  • Support the marketing team to create content for client pitches and documentation
  • Experience doing research using multiple sources will be an added advantage
  • Familiarity with digital marketing tactics, including SEO and keyword placement
  • Hands-on experience with Content Management Systems like WordPress

Skills and requirements

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Creative and innovative thinker
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Basic knowledge of keyword placement and SEO
  • Great research and learning skills

React JS Developer / App Developer

Openings for React JS & APP Developer in Coimbatore Location

  • Positions : 1
  • Job Type : Full-time
  • Experience : 2+ years

Skills and requirements

  • Strong coding basics of Javascript, ECMA script background
  • Experience in custom Javascript development and React JS
  • Highly skilled with DOM events, UI interactions using Javascript
  • Experience in Single page Javascript application development
  • Experience in WebPack, Bower environments
  • Exposure in TypeScript, Node JS, React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS
  • Experience in creating JavaScript & JSON APIs
  • Experience in Three JS, WebGL are a big plus
  • Good experience in HTML5, CSS3 and advanced JS libraries
  • Experience in Vue JS projects are a big plus

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Need to work various custom complex functional JS  and React JS projects
  • Best HTML5, and Javascript coding standards to be followed
  • Have to handle different web applications individually and as a team player


  • Effective communication skill is must
  • Minimum of 2 years experience with various pure JavaScript experience is expected
  • Inter-personal, team building skills are necessary

ColorWhistle’s Resource Library for Travel Operators, Travel Agents, and Travel Businesses

We write some seriously in-depth blogs to help out newbies and veteran people involved in the travel field. Below, we have curated blogs that will be useful for agents to plan, start and grow their business. We will keep updating the library on a regular basis, keep coming back for more.

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If you need any help in designing, developing and marketing a travel website, please contact us anytime. We are always happy to assist you.

Creative UI & Web Designer

Openings for UI & Web Designer in Coimbatore Location

  • Positions : 1
  • Job Type : Full-time
  • Experience : 2+ years

Skills and requirements

  • Minimum of 10 websites “UI” design experience
  • Highly expertise in Color Theory and Graphics basics
  • Exposure to work from Logo, Branding, Brochures, Landing Pages, Website UIs, Mobile App UIs
  • Exposure to learn and work on modern design tools like Sketch, Invision Studio
  • Creative work experience with Social Media, Blog and Advertisement posts
  • Exposure to provide website redesign and UX strategies
  • Working knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Working knowledge in WordPress and CMS websites
  • Understanding of Java script functions, jQuery
  • Knowledge in simple video editing process
  • Must have good communication skills and understanding of internet
No recruiters / agencies please

Graphic Design Trends and Predictions for 2020

Welcome to our most popular yearly edition of Graphic Design Trends for the upcoming year.

Check out our last article on graphic design trends for 2018

2019 was a year where taking risks in design were considered normal and part of the trend. Thanks to the designer community who have made the terms like ‘minimal’, ‘bold’, ‘distorted’, ‘asymmetrical’ also a trendy word in the design field.

Now, taking hard decisions in design is acceptable and is also received well amongst the design aspirants. 2020 is going to be a year where all the creative findings in 2019 will be used even more common and revolutionize the way we see the design.

Without much delay, let’s jump into the graphic design trends for 2020. Again these are just predictions based on the buzz in the design industry as of now.

Pop up colors, blue and violet pops: the color of the year

Colors have become the key drivers of attractive designs. The pop up color trends are beyond belief and purple was one of the dreamy colors in 2019. Hopefully, it will crown the same place in 2020 along with astonishing blue. Have a look at the images below. Look into our Pinterest board on Purple kingdom for more.

Freaky purple with enormous combinations

Enchanting blue cracking the entire view

Graphic design services India

Colors filled. Combinations without gradients

graphic design company India

Peculiar red popup

graphic design agency India

Interesting combinations like tomato red and butter color serves as an eye-candy for viewers.

graphic design company india

Below is an example of how a movement can be brought into the canvas with a vibrant color palette. There are hardly three colors that dominate the below image, but the balance between them helps the user connect with the graphic in every inch of it.

Black background with numerous popup colors create a thirst to have a peek at the design

graphic design solution India

Blue/purple combination: The color of the year

Animated layouts with motion effect

Animated elements are one of the trends that are predicted to occupy a strong space in 2020. Interactive development designs attract the attention of users and offer an interactive opportunity for them to engage instantly. Additionally, interactive development can be enhanced by including typography, aesthetics, visual representations, physical objects, sounds and motions to bring out movement in the design.


Asymmetrical layouts. Layouts with no continuous pattern

Asymmetrical layouts are predicted to be one of the top designing trends in 2020, as all designers are looking forward to deliver scattered layouts which builds the curiosity to scroll further. Designers currently are facing a big challenge as there are multiple page builders that offer a clean professional website template which is grid based. So rethinking the new way, designers have started designing websites that don’t fit a grid and flow seamlessly throughout the layout. This makes the user wonder what information is going to pop-up or what animation is going to come up next. Isn’t that cool?

Highlighted below are few examples of asymmetrical layouts that tend to demand attention than normal symmetrical layouts.


Creative typography

Creativity is just not limited to vibrant designs and unusual combination of colors. Typographies also claim a very unique position in getting that creative touch from a designer.

Be it a poster, a header in a website banner, a simple advert – a creatively designed typography is all it needs sometimes to deliver the message it needs to convey. Designers have tried to put together different color combinations, patterns, distortions, line strokes, glows and what not to make their text pop up.

Below are few examples of popping up typography. Have a look at each of the design. These are small samples of what typography can deliver when they stand alone. This is the main area where a designer can show their expertise as it is a small piece of art that shows the creativity that fuels up their brain.

So, get experimenting and create new ideas. With the kind of trend now, sky is the only limit.


Bold colors dominated the design industry in 2018. Designers enjoyed the freedom of mixing multiple colors to get their dream output. This trend is expected to continue in 2019. Using bold colors helps designers to experiment with typography, layout and the palette.

Bold colors paired with a correct font family and a balanced layout makes way for a creative and a professional looking website. Bold colors not only are part of creating websites but also play a good role in digital advertisements, print stationery, and social media images.

The hand of designers are becoming essential even in social media to attract that highly volatile crowd. Creating a social media post with bold colors tend to attract the user more than a normal flat white image. (Really??)


Designers have also tried to adapt to a color palette according to the mood of the websites/ design material. Creating a warmth or a soft touch to images or photography has become a trend. These images take us way back to our 1980’s to give that vibe that no neon colors can render. The quality if these images are stunning that designers have got more attraction towards it and they tend to create more such creative piece of art.


Moody schemes are not only in photography but also in websites and graphic designs. Designers can decide the palette based on what mood they want to deliver to the user. Using sharp colors work for fashion and warm colors for the spa as an example, helps the user connect with the business just by seeing it in the first place.


Duotones, seamless gradients, and fluid designs

We have already highlighted in 2018 that duotones will dominate in 2019. These shades have brought a new perspective to photography and design. This will continue in 2020. Designers first started experimenting with duotones in photographs and have now extended the same to illustrations and much more. These kinds of designs bring freshness into the design and help the user connect with the fun element with the brand.

However, we feel that it is a bit overused and frequent in the designs. We will have to wait and see what interesting twists the community brings in with duotones.


Gradients were replaced by flat design in the past, the reasons being gradients were complex and were risky in print designs. The flat design grew rapidly and started ruling the design industry. Now gradients have started to come back and these are being used in very intelligent combinations. Below are few examples to showcase seamless gradients in graphic design.


Minimalism – a new way, strokes, splashes, doodles, stains, shapes

Minimum is maximum. Minimalistic designs have always had their place in professional graphic design. It’s always considered sophisticated and intelligent to deliver the desired message with minimal design.

Even minimalism has taken an interesting turn when used in graphic design. Designers have started adding interesting elements like strokes, splashes, detailed doodles and shapes to spice up the minimalistic design. One such example is the memphis design. These small pieces of minimal art intrigue the user and one can enjoy the royal feel of minimalism in the design.


Complicated hand drawn illustrations

Hand drawn illustrations are always in demand. Thanks to the drawing gadgets like Apple pencil, stylus, wacom and much more that are available in the market, that has unleashed the more creative side of the designers.

More detailed illustrations are emerging and are used in various places where a story needs to be conveyed. Doodling is also an interesting form of drawing that’s getting popular. Below are a few examples of all the ones we discussed in this section.


More animated SVGs

Animated SVG’s are in trend for some time now. SVGs are Scalable Vector Graphics that can be scaled to any size right from mobile screen to HD screen. Designers have started to try various animation techniques with these SVGs to bring unique user experience to their users. SVGs are used in website banners, advertisements and much more to attract the user.

Following are a few examples of animated svgs that will give you a good idea of what little animations can bring in terms of graphic design. All it needs is a clear storyboard and a clear vision on the message that needs to be delivered to the user.

best graphic design company in india
top graphic design company in india
best graphic designing company in india
graphic designing services in india

Creative photography, distorted effects in images will gain popularity

Photography is a separate topic by itself and photography trends are so unique and so vast to discuss in a small blog like this. We will just cover how photography trends will influence the graphic design industry in 2020.

Images/photographs are used in websites and landing pages for better user experience and visual treat. The emergence of a lot of stock imagery somehow helped the community with custom photographs that are necessary for the business. But now, stock images are losing their importance as these have become more repetitive. Images like the below have been used in various places and are losing its popularity. So designers have decided to go with photographs or imagery that are actually clicked/edited for the specific need.

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Below are the few trending photography techniques that might become more popular in 2020. Have a look and get inspired.



Metallics are gaining popularity nowadays. Metallic colors bring that lustrous and royal feel to the canvas they are used in. In 2020, we can see a lot of metallic colors not only on digital canvas but also in print designs.

Gold never goes out of trend, but this time, it’s going to be silver, copper, rose gold and what not in this list to make your eyes gleam. The classic silver or gold combination on black will gain more popularity along with all other metallic combinations that are possible and is going to rule the packaging industry and the digital industry as well.

Below are a few classic examples of metallics. Have a look and get inspired for your next design project.


Other useful graphic design resources:

Key notes:


The above trends are merely just predictions based on the likes and dislikes of user behavior. The graphic design industry is similar to the fashion industry, trends of one year will be outdated the next year and vice versa.

However, it is safe to say that we are embarking on an interesting year of graphic design in 2020.

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Did we miss any graphic design trends that will dominate in 2020? If so, do share them in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article were taken from Behance, Dribble, Collect UI and from the internet. None of the above images are owned by ColorWhistle.

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales

In today’s world, everyone is trying to become an entrepreneur, set-up a business, or a start-up. In each of these cases, there is one important factor that they all are targeting – the customer.

B2B or Business-to-Business marketing encompasses one company’s product’s sales to another company. Whether it’d be a product or a service, any type of business or enterprise is looking to make more people aware of it.  It does not matter if your product is good, but if nobody knows about it, people won’t buy it.

In this post, we are going to help your B2B Company’s product or services reach as many people as is possible.  We will be outlining tactics and social media strategies that will help your B2B Company generate sales and acquire new leads.


Leads and Sales


You may not have a great product.  It might not even be the most affordable service provider.  It might not even have a great service offering. The thing is, all you need to be is a great seller.
For any sales to happen, you constantly require quality leads which you can then convert to consumers.  The leads are the backbone for your salespeople, who contact, arrange a meeting, pitch, and then convert it to sales.  For all this to happen, you have to have quality leads.

Suppose you are currently making 10 sales a month.  If you are able to increase that by 15% and the lead quality is the same, will have increased your revenue by 15%.  It is as simple as that.

Every contact detail you are able to procure is potentially a lead.  These details have different values in their effectiveness to generate a sale.  Subscribers to your website might buy an additional product or service, but cold calling might not yield the same results.

Now, you know why generating a lead is serious business.  It is an important factor for your businesses growth. As a B2B business, you should evaluate whether your lead generation strategies are optimized or not.

Email Marketing Automation


The first contact a customer experiences plays a vital role in their decision-making process.  The first email to customers should entice them to open it and see the value proposition. When communicating with customers, be sure to give them all the facts.  You do not want your customers to think that they are not getting the best deal possible.

Catchy headlines are what will get your foot through the door and make your customers open the emails. Templates will help you in quickly composing emails and only changing a few details.  Lastly, persuasive content will help you set up a meeting and the groundwork for your sales team.

FACT: “93% of B2B companies practice sending out emails to their prospective customers

Email marketing is one of the most popular methods of contacting customers and conducting sales.

The main aim of email marketing automation is to reach huge and vast customer and consumer base in the shortest amount of time.  Pre-defined templates help you to reuse them by changing a few lines of content to address your customer. Templates also help in quickly composing your newsletter and emailing them at a faster rate.

Generating Customer Reviews


The main aim of products or services is reaching the maximum number of people.  One of the methods to do that is to have them reviewed. The more positive reviews, the greater reach they have.  The more people it reaches, the greater the leads and higher the sales in return.

Go through the reviews and listen to what your customers are saying. Keep your focus on the pulse of the reviews. This helps in being at the forefront of the competition, and conducting more sales.

 FACT: “63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that has reviews”

Invest in Content Marketing


Content forms the pillars of your sites promotion and sales strategy. Content helps one think outside the box. You have to create unique content to get your customers engaged.

Create engaging subject lines and use humor to keep the tone friendly. Your content is what keeps the customer engaged. You talk to your customer through your content. It should be relevant and always include information that people are looking for.

Video Promotions


Video has always been dominant in B2B marketing. In their private life, clients are already video consumers. It makes sense to approach them through video in professional settings.

Nowadays, a majority of B2B businesses use video to promote their product. People increasingly expect to see these types of content. 85% of people expect to see content by brands through video in the future.

 FACT: “70% B2B marketers believe video is a more effective way of communicating and converting leads”

Educating clients with video, you help get the message across quickly and precisely. Video helps you remove confusions about your company and your brand. It also helps you convey your product or service benefits.

Online Events

An important component of B2B business is event marketing. It is a very productive and effective marketing strategy. 31% of executives believe live events will generate more leads in the future. By attending trade shows, these executives know the value of lead generation and are aware of its benefits.

Live events such as trade shows will help your company to enter a market and launch new services or products. A trade show is the most effective platform for creating a buzz for your company. It creates a bigger impact than traditional advertizing.

These events can reach the intended audience and marketers in one go. You can also make use of opportunities trade shows offer for making it big.

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Remarketing or retargeting is simply building brand cognizance and driving traffic to your site. Remarketing is a fail-proof B2B tactic as it drives repeated purchases. About 50% traffic can be converted by using remarketing. By using remarketing in search, roughly 2% traffic is converted.

Remarketing is a powerful tool for building a brand. Twitter and Facebook remarketing are 100 times more powerful for lead to sales conversion. Your marketing team should use remarketing in addition to leads generation.

Remarketing is basically having your consumers visiting and revisiting your site over and over again. This results in lead generation, ROI increase, and regaining missed leads.

Social Media


Around 95% of people are on social media. You need to use social media to brand your B2B business. It is mostly used for branding, and is now being used to generate leads.

Most marketers look to opportunities in social media for brand promotions and sales. 75% of the marketers use social media for making decisions. 76% of customers are ready to interact on social media sites.

Digital marketing like blogging and email marketing have become platforms for lead generation. Social media has become an impressive marketing tool. Marketers get a huge platform for networking and growing their enterprise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO-marketing tactics

People Google information, businesses don’t. Your company’s SEO strategy should be for the people you want to reach. SEO isn’t about keywords anymore.  It’s about optimizing your company for various queries through a search engine and be found anywhere.

Your website needs to be optimized for organic queries, paid searches, and digital ad placements. B2B purchases are significant sales and long-term assets. People weigh-in on buying and approach it with various queries. Your website needs to address these different queries.

SEO improves your traffic by making your website, company, and brand being visible to consumers. When you rank higher in search results, you are becoming the first choice for many people. More people means more leads, which results in more sales.


B2B business promotion is a challenge in itself. Your business can’t become popular without promotional tactics. B2B business is like a community. You need to be out there in the real world and not neglect your core values.

Your business needs to be customer aware and oriented. Your product or service needs to cater customer needs and not about rankings. The above 9 tactics will help your business to rank higher, promote your brand, connect with people, generate leads, and make more sales.

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Disclaimer: All the images used in this article were taken from Behance, Dribble, Collect UI and from the internet. None of the above images are owned by ColorWhistle.

Combining illustrations and photographs to make boring images interesting

When was the last time you saw an ad/banner or an image and just thought, ‘Wow, it’s brilliant!’

There are images all over the internet. But, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Well, there are a lot of ways to make an art look interesting. It differs based on the creativity of the person. Currently, the trend is to touch the images with a creative hand and then publish it with that extra punch in the image/photograph.

The same is achieved either by cropping, skewing, distorting, adding illustrations on top of the image to add that extra flavor that makes you image stand out in the crowd.

Here is a huge list of inspirations and ideas that will help to get insights on what all you can do to make your image/photograph look interesting.


Hope you liked our list of interesting images. The photographs when touched a bit with the intelligence of illustrations to create sheer magic and the same is evident with the above images.

The examples we have listed is not all. We have collected hundreds of similar inspirations and added them to our pinterest board. Do follow us on pinterest to get access to all the stuff we are interested in the digital world 🙂

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