A Milestone Along Our Path Together

We all came with a lot of excitement to be a part of ColorWhistle’s 5th year anniversary.

Our gorgeous dress code just pushed us into the festive mood! We decorated our floor with colorful balloons, ribbons, lights, etc.

It was funny to see all of us with balloons in one hand and ribbons on the other hand. We took some groupies, many selfies, ate yummy cakes and participated in carrom competitions.

For lunch, we had homemade chappatis and gravies. At noon, we listened to motivating speeches and presentations given by fellow Whistlers! After that, with a delicious dinner, our anniversary got over!

One full-fun-filled day!

We will cherish these precious memories and look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries!

React JS Developer / App Developer

Openings for React JS & APP Developer in Coimbatore Location

  • Positions : 1
  • Job Type : Full-time
  • Experience : 2+ years

Skills and requirements

  • Strong coding basics of Javascript, ECMA script background
  • Experience in custom Javascript development and React JS
  • Highly skilled with DOM events, UI interactions using Javascript
  • Experience in Single page Javascript application development
  • Experience in WebPack, Bower environments
  • Exposure in TypeScript, Node JS, React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS
  • Experience in creating JavaScript & JSON APIs
  • Experience in Three JS, WebGL are a big plus
  • Good experience in HTML5, CSS3 and advanced JS libraries
  • Experience in Vue JS projects are a big plus

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Need to work various custom complex functional JS  and React JS projects
  • Best HTML5, and Javascript coding standards to be followed
  • Have to handle different web applications individually and as a team player


  • Effective communication skill is must
  • Minimum of 2 years experience with various pure JavaScript experience is expected
  • Inter-personal, team building skills are necessary

ColorWhistle’s Resource Library for Travel Operators, Travel Agents, and Travel Businesses

We write some seriously in-depth blogs to help out newbies and veteran people involved in the travel field. Below, we have curated blogs that will be useful for agents to plan, start and grow their business. We will keep updating the library on a regular basis, keep coming back for more.

Travel Resources

Travel Website Creation

Important Travel Terminologies You Should Know

Types of Travel

Travel & Tourism Industry

Travel Marketing

Travel and Tourism History

Travel Software Review

If you need any help in designing, developing and marketing a travel website, please contact us anytime. We are always happy to assist you.

The Powerful Advantages of Local SEO for Small Businesses

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is the act of trying to ‘optimize’ a website for Google and other search engines. This in turn should mean – if all goes to plan – that the website shows near the top of the page when someone searches for related terms. While it’s rather complicated, the process effectively involves adding content to a website with important ‘keywords’ throw in for good measure and it means building as many ‘in bound’ links as possible (links on other sites that send visitors to your content).

How SEO Benefits a Business?

In theory, SEO is immensely powerful. With a very low cost of set-up, SEO promises to greatly increase the number of people visiting your page which can translate to lots more sales, clicks and subscribers.

Unlike advertising, you are only paying for the labor costs – and once you stop the benefits will still remain ensuring that traffic keeps flooding in for months or years afterwards.

That’s the good stuff. That’s why so many companies invest so much money in SEO.

But there are problems as well…

Difficulties​ for International Business to Optimize for Local Search

For international companies selling products or services, SEO has become increasingly challenging. The main issue has always been the sheer amount of competition. You want to get to the top of page one on Google for the term ‘IT support’? Sure… but then so do millions of other companies. And some of those companies include the likes of the ‘Geek Squad’ – with infinitely larger budgets and more clout. How can you possibly compete with the links of these businesses? The unfortunate reality is that you probably can’t. And it has only become much more complicated in recent times too. That’s because Google is constantly updating the ‘algorithm’ (formula) that its search works on. Their objective has been to try and ensure they are partnering users with only the very best content and only the most relevant content to their query. This is important of course because it means that people will keep using Google for their search.

What this also means is that getting Google to index your site and put it at the top has become increasingly complex. Inserting keywords – which has long been the hallmark of SEO – now must be done very subtly and using ‘LSI’ phrases (latent semantic indexing) to ensure there are lots of natural synonyms.

What’s more, it only takes for Google to change their algorithms and all your hard work can end up down the drain. What was once a legitimate way to get to the top of Google can suddenly get your site penalized.

And this is why more and more big businesses are moving to other forms of internet marketing like social media marketing, content marketing and video marketing.

What is Local SEO?

local seo

But the great news for small, local business is that many of these concerns simply don’t apply to local SEO.

With local SEO, you are targeting keywords that include a local element. For instance, this might mean that instead of IT support, you are now offering ‘IT support Santa Monica’. What this in turn means is that you are now no longer competing with millions of other companies and instead are just competing with a few. The more you narrow down your area, the less competition there will be.

At the same time, you can very quickly index for these terms by using Google Maps and Local Business in order to make it clear that you are based in X area. Finding inbound links is also much easier as you’ll be able to contact local magazines and other local businesses in order to gain some immediate traction.

How Local SEO Helps Local Businesses?

Google’s algorithm changes also tend to be less brutal for local business.

While Google Penguin and Panda devastated the SEO efforts of many larger companies, only the much smaller ‘Pigeon’ update had much impact on local SEO and this was far less painful.

What’s more, as local SEO is so much easier, you’ll find it’s much quicker to get back to your starting point even if you do encounter a setback.

Social media can be integrated seamlessly with local SEO too. Why not ask your customers to tweet if they enjoyed your services or products?

How to Gain Rankings in Local SEO in 2020

Content Marketing or Creation for Local SEO in 2020

Best Local SEO Tools

Optimize For Local SEO and Increase Business ROI

For all these reasons then, local SEO remains just as powerful as ever. This is why SEO for small businesses makes a lot of sense still and especially for those with a slightly lower budget. ColorWhistle offers SEO services for small business and non-profits at a heavily discounted rate. We want to help you to get your smaller brand noticed so that you can stand toe-to-toe with the big players in your industry. Get in touch today and we’ll provide a free quote and consultation!

Graphic Design Trends and Predictions for 2021

Welcome to our most popular yearly edition of Graphic Design Trends for the upcoming year.

2020 was a year where taking risks in design were considered normal and part of the trend. Thanks to the designer community who have made the terms like ‘minimal’, ‘bold’, ‘distorted’, ‘asymmetrical’ also a trendy word in the design field.

Now, taking hard decisions in design is acceptable and is also received well amongst the design aspirants. 2021 is going to be a year where all the creative findings in 2020 will be used even more common and revolutionize the way we see the design.

Without much delay, let’s jump into the graphic design trends for 2021. Again these are just predictions based on the buzz in the design industry as of now.

Pop Up Colors, Blue and Violet Pops:The Color Of The Year

Colors have become the key drivers of attractive designs. The pop up color trends are beyond belief and purple was one of the dreamy colors in 2020. 

Hopefully, it will crown the same place in 2021 along with astonishing blue. Have a look at the images below. Look into our Pinterest board on Purple kingdom for more.

Freaky Purple with Enormous Combinations


Purple is a calm yet uplifting color that is also believed to trigger creativity. Here is the ColorWhistle’s pinterest board on purple color. Do give it a look and follow if you feel its worth it

Enchanting Blue Cracking The Entire View

Graphic design services India

Colors Filled. Combinations Without Gradients

graphic design company India

Peculiar Red Pop-Up

graphic design agency India

Interesting Combinations Like Tomato Red And Butter Color Serves as An Eye-Candy For Viewers.

Below is an example of how a movement can be brought into the canvas with a vibrant color palette. 

There are hardly three colors that dominate the below image, but the balance between them helps the user connect with the graphic in every inch of it.

graphic design company india

Black Background with Numerous Pop-Up Colors Create A Thirst To Have A Peek At The Design

graphic design solution India

Blue/Purple Combination: The Color Of The Year

Animated Layouts with Motion Effect

Animated elements are one of the trends that are predicted to occupy a strong space in 2020. Interactive development designs attract the attention of users and offer an interactive opportunity for them to engage instantly.

Additionally, interactive development can be enhanced by including typography, aesthetics, visual representations, physical objects, sounds and motions to bring out movement in the design.


Asymmetrical Layouts. Layouts With No Continuous Pattern

Asymmetrical layouts are predicted to be one of the top designing trends in 2020, as all designers are looking forward to deliver scattered layouts which builds the curiosity to scroll further.

Designers currently are facing a big challenge as there are multiple page builders that offer a clean professional website template which is grid based. 

So rethinking the new way, designers have started designing websites that don’t fit a grid and flow seamlessly throughout the layout. 

This makes the user wonder what information is going to pop-up or what animation is going to come up next. Isn’t that cool?

Highlighted below are few examples of asymmetrical layouts that tend to demand attention than normal symmetrical layouts.

Creative Typography

Creativity is just not limited to vibrant designs and unusual combination of colors. Typographies also claim a very unique position in getting that creative touch from a designer.

Be it a poster, a header in a website banner, a simple advert – a creatively designed typography is all it needs sometimes to deliver the message it needs to convey. Designers have tried to put together different color combinations, patterns, distortions, line strokes, glows and what not to make their text pop up.

Below are few examples of popping up typography. Have a look at each of the design. These are small samples of what typography can deliver when they stand alone. This is the main area where a designer can show their expertise as it is a small piece of art that shows the creativity that fuels up their brain.

So, get experimenting and create new ideas. With the kind of trend now, sky is the only limit.

Bold colors dominated the design industry in 2020. Designers enjoyed the freedom of mixing multiple colors to get their dream output. 

This trend is expected to continue in 2021. Using bold colors helps designers to experiment with typography, layout and the palette.

Bold colors paired with a correct font family and a balanced layout makes way for a creative and a professional looking website. Bold colors not only are part of creating websites but also play a good role in digital advertisements, print stationery, and social media images.

The hand of designers are becoming essential even in social media to attract that highly volatile crowd. Creating a social media post with bold colors tend to attract the user more than a normal flat white image. (Really??)

Designers have also tried to adapt to a color palette according to the mood of the websites/ design material.

Creating a warmth or a soft touch to images or photography has become a trend. These images take us way back to our 1980’s to give that vibe that no neon colors can render.

The quality if these images are stunning that designers have got more attraction towards it and they tend to create more such creative piece of art.

Moody schemes are not only in photography but also in websites and graphic designs. Designers can decide the palette based on what mood they want to deliver to the user.

Using sharp colors work for fashion and warm colors for the spa as an example, helps the user connect with the business just by seeing it in the first place.

Duotones, Seamless Gradients, And Fluid Designs

We have already highlighted in 2018 that duotones will dominate in 2020. These shades have brought a new perspective to photography and design. This will continue in 2021. Designers first started experimenting with duotones in photographs and have now extended the same to illustrations and much more. 

These kinds of designs bring freshness into the design and help the user connect with the fun element with the brand.

However, we feel that it is a bit overused and frequent in the designs. We will have to wait and see what interesting twists the community brings in with duotones.

Gradients were replaced by flat design in the past, the reasons being gradients were complex and were risky in print designs. The flat design grew rapidly and started ruling the design industry. 

Now gradients have started to come back and these are being used in very intelligent combinations. 

Below are few examples to showcase seamless gradients in graphic design.

Minimalism – A New Way, Strokes, Splashes, Doodles, Stains, Shapes

Minimum is maximum. Minimalistic designs have always had their place in professional graphic design. It’s always considered sophisticated and intelligent to deliver the desired message with minimal design.

Even minimalism has taken an interesting turn when used in graphic design. Designers have started adding interesting elements like strokes, splashes, detailed doodles and shapes to spice up the minimalistic design. 

One such example is the memphis design. These small pieces of minimal art intrigue the user and one can enjoy the royal feel of minimalism in the design.

Complicated Hand Drawn Illustrations

Hand drawn illustrations are always in demand. Thanks to the drawing gadgets like Apple pencil, stylus, wacom and much more that are available in the market, that has unleashed the more creative side of the designers.

More detailed illustrations are emerging and are used in various places where a story needs to be conveyed. Doodling is also an interesting form of drawing that’s getting popular. 

Below are a few examples of all the ones we discussed in this section.

More Animated SVG's

Animated SVG’s are in trend for some time now. SVGs are Scalable Vector Graphics that can be scaled to any size right from mobile screen to HD screen. 

Designers have started to try various animation techniques with these SVGs to bring unique user experience to their users. SVGs are used in website banners, advertisements and much more to attract the user.

Following are a few examples of animated svgs that will give you a good idea of what little animations can bring in terms of graphic design. 

All it needs is a clear storyboard and a clear vision on the message that needs to be delivered to the user.

Creative Photography, Distorted Effects in Images Will Gain Popularity

Photography is a separate topic by itself and photography trends are so unique and so vast to discuss in a small blog like this.

We will just cover how photography trends will influence the graphic design industry in 2020. Images/photographs are used in websites and landing pages for better user experience and visual treat.

The emergence of a lot of stock imagery somehow helped the community with custom photographs that are necessary for the business.

But now, stock images are losing their importance as these have become more repetitive. Images like the below have been used in various places and are losing its popularity.

So designers have decided to go with photographs or imagery that are actually clicked/edited for the specific need.

Also, have a read on how to make boring images interesting with just a few more effort.

Below are the few trending photography techniques that might become more popular in 2020. Have a look and get inspired.


Metallics are gaining popularity nowadays. Metallic colors bring that lustrous and royal feel to the canvas they are used in. In 2020, we can see a lot of metallic colors not only on digital canvas but also in print designs.

Gold never goes out of trend, but this time, it’s going to be silver, copper, rose gold and what not in this list to make your eyes gleam. 

The classic silver or gold combination on black will gain more popularity along with all other metallic combinations that are possible and is going to rule the packaging industry and the digital industry as well.

Below are a few classic examples of metallics. Have a look and get inspired for your next design project.

Explore More Interesting Graphic Design Resources


The above trends are merely just predictions based on the likes and dislikes of user behavior. The graphic design industry is similar to the fashion industry, trends of one year will be outdated the next year and vice versa.

However, it is safe to say that we are embarking on an interesting year of graphic design in 2020.

All the best!

Did we miss any graphic design trends that will dominate in 2020? If so, do share them in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article were taken from Behance, Dribble, Collect UI and from the internet. None of the above images are owned by ColorWhistle.

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales

In today’s world, everyone is trying to become an entrepreneur, set-up a business, or a start-up. In each of these cases, there is one important factor that they all are targeting – the customer.

B2B or Business-to-Business marketing encompasses one company’s product’s sales to another company. Whether it’d be a product or a service, any type of business or enterprise is looking to make more people aware of it.  It does not matter if your product is good, but if nobody knows about it, people won’t buy it.

In this post, we are going to help your B2B Company’s product or services reach as many people as is possible.  We will be outlining tactics and social media strategies that will help your B2B Company generate sales and acquire new leads.


Leads and Sales


You may not have a great product.  It might not even be the most affordable service provider.  It might not even have a great service offering. The thing is, all you need to be is a great seller.
For any sales to happen, you constantly require quality leads which you can then convert to consumers.  The leads are the backbone for your salespeople, who contact, arrange a meeting, pitch, and then convert it to sales.  For all this to happen, you have to have quality leads.

Suppose you are currently making 10 sales a month.  If you are able to increase that by 15% and the lead quality is the same, will have increased your revenue by 15%.  It is as simple as that.

Every contact detail you are able to procure is potentially a lead.  These details have different values in their effectiveness to generate a sale.  Subscribers to your website might buy an additional product or service, but cold calling might not yield the same results.

Now, you know why generating a lead is serious business.  It is an important factor for your businesses growth. As a B2B business, you should evaluate whether your lead generation strategies are optimized or not.

Email Marketing Automation


The first contact a customer experiences plays a vital role in their decision-making process.  The first email to customers should entice them to open it and see the value proposition. When communicating with customers, be sure to give them all the facts.  You do not want your customers to think that they are not getting the best deal possible.

Catchy headlines are what will get your foot through the door and make your customers open the emails. Templates will help you in quickly composing emails and only changing a few details.  Lastly, persuasive content will help you set up a meeting and the groundwork for your sales team.

FACT: “93% of B2B companies practice sending out emails to their prospective customers

Email marketing is one of the most popular methods of contacting customers and conducting sales.

The main aim of email marketing automation is to reach huge and vast customer and consumer base in the shortest amount of time.  Pre-defined templates help you to reuse them by changing a few lines of content to address your customer. Templates also help in quickly composing your newsletter and emailing them at a faster rate.

Generating Customer Reviews


The main aim of products or services is reaching the maximum number of people.  One of the methods to do that is to have them reviewed. The more positive reviews, the greater reach they have.  The more people it reaches, the greater the leads and higher the sales in return.

Go through the reviews and listen to what your customers are saying. Keep your focus on the pulse of the reviews. This helps in being at the forefront of the competition, and conducting more sales.

 FACT: “63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that has reviews”

Invest in Content Marketing


Content forms the pillars of your sites promotion and sales strategy. Content helps one think outside the box. You have to create unique content to get your customers engaged.

Create engaging subject lines and use humor to keep the tone friendly. Your content is what keeps the customer engaged. You talk to your customer through your content. It should be relevant and always include information that people are looking for.

Video Promotions


Video has always been dominant in B2B marketing. In their private life, clients are already video consumers. It makes sense to approach them through video in professional settings.

Nowadays, a majority of B2B businesses use video to promote their product. People increasingly expect to see these types of content. 85% of people expect to see content by brands through video in the future.

 FACT: “70% B2B marketers believe video is a more effective way of communicating and converting leads”

Educating clients with video, you help get the message across quickly and precisely. Video helps you remove confusions about your company and your brand. It also helps you convey your product or service benefits.

Online Events

An important component of B2B business is event marketing. It is a very productive and effective marketing strategy. 31% of executives believe live events will generate more leads in the future. By attending trade shows, these executives know the value of lead generation and are aware of its benefits.

Live events such as trade shows will help your company to enter a market and launch new services or products. A trade show is the most effective platform for creating a buzz for your company. It creates a bigger impact than traditional advertizing.

These events can reach the intended audience and marketers in one go. You can also make use of opportunities trade shows offer for making it big.

Also read – What Is Lead Generation in 2019


Remarketing or retargeting is simply building brand cognizance and driving traffic to your site. Remarketing is a fail-proof B2B tactic as it drives repeated purchases. About 50% traffic can be converted by using remarketing. By using remarketing in search, roughly 2% traffic is converted.

Remarketing is a powerful tool for building a brand. Twitter and Facebook remarketing are 100 times more powerful for lead to sales conversion. Your marketing team should use remarketing in addition to leads generation.

Remarketing is basically having your consumers visiting and revisiting your site over and over again. This results in lead generation, ROI increase, and regaining missed leads.

Social Media


Around 95% of people are on social media. You need to use social media to brand your B2B business. It is mostly used for branding, and is now being used to generate leads.

Most marketers look to opportunities in social media for brand promotions and sales. 75% of the marketers use social media for making decisions. 76% of customers are ready to interact on social media sites.

Digital marketing like blogging and email marketing have become platforms for lead generation. Social media has become an impressive marketing tool. Marketers get a huge platform for networking and growing their enterprise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO-marketing tactics

People Google information, businesses don’t. Your company’s SEO strategy should be for the people you want to reach. SEO isn’t about keywords anymore.  It’s about optimizing your company for various queries through a search engine and be found anywhere.

Your website needs to be optimized for organic queries, paid searches, and digital ad placements. B2B purchases are significant sales and long-term assets. People weigh-in on buying and approach it with various queries. Your website needs to address these different queries.

SEO improves your traffic by making your website, company, and brand being visible to consumers. When you rank higher in search results, you are becoming the first choice for many people. More people means more leads, which results in more sales.


B2B business promotion is a challenge in itself. Your business can’t become popular without promotional tactics. B2B business is like a community. You need to be out there in the real world and not neglect your core values.

Your business needs to be customer aware and oriented. Your product or service needs to cater customer needs and not about rankings. The above 9 tactics will help your business to rank higher, promote your brand, connect with people, generate leads, and make more sales.

Clink the link to contact us to know how we can help you.

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article were taken from Behance, Dribble, Collect UI and from the internet. None of the above images are owned by ColorWhistle.

Combining illustrations and photographs to make boring images interesting

When was the last time you saw an ad/banner or an image and just thought, ‘Wow, it’s brilliant!’

There are images all over the internet. But, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Well, there are a lot of ways to make an art look interesting. It differs based on the creativity of the person. Currently, the trend is to touch the images with a creative hand and then publish it with that extra punch in the image/photograph.

The same is achieved either by cropping, skewing, distorting, adding illustrations on top of the image to add that extra flavor that makes you image stand out in the crowd.

Here is a huge list of inspirations and ideas that will help to get insights on what all you can do to make your image/photograph look interesting.


Hope you liked our list of interesting images. The photographs when touched a bit with the intelligence of illustrations to create sheer magic and the same is evident with the above images.

The examples we have listed is not all. We have collected hundreds of similar inspirations and added them to our pinterest board. Do follow us on pinterest to get access to all the stuff we are interested in the digital world 🙂

Did you like our post? Do you have more interesting suggestions? Do let us know in the comment section below.

A Complete Website Redesign Guide for 2021

Are you planning to start Re-design for your business website?

Is your existing website or online business ready for 2020?

Think of a website redesign strategy that helps you discover more online business opportunities and the next generation audience for your products and services.

A website revamp is not just about design overhaul. There are many important things, that needs attention in a website redesign process other than just a design change.

Having a list of must-have website design features for 2020 will help you align your website redesign strategy and process.

Here are some of the custom website redesign questionnaire that talks about website redesign process in detail.

  1. How to select a domain name and website hosting in 2020?
  2. Why you should consider brand differentiation when redesigning your website?
  3. How important is website architecture in website planning?
  4. How to select your next CMS platform or software to build your website?
  5. What is the recommended process for website redesign and development?
  6. Why your website redesign plan should include a SEO Strategy?
  7. How to build a content marketing plan with website redesign strategy?
  8. How to build lead generation channels along website redesign?
  9. What are website redesign checklists? Where can I find website redesign examples?

If you have answers for all the above listed categories, your website redesign will be meaningful and fruitful.


How to select a domain name and website hosting in 2020?

Selecting a domain name and hosting for new website

Be it a new website or website redesign, the purpose is to use the digital presence of a business to gain reputation and increase sales through branding. On the web, it starts from selecting a domain name. It’s a primary and very old method but still appropriate in 2020.

Search if you could get good premium domain names from below guys – If it’s old and not a spammy domain, you will have full advantage of using it for your business. Use Moz tool to check for spammy backlinks to that domain.

If you are not interested with premium domains, use GoDaddy or Google to book your new domains. When you consider TLDs for your new domains, do check the new TLDs available in the market. Check new TLDs in below websites.

Here are couple of YouTube videos about how to select a domain name for your business.

Selecting a web hosting service for redesigned business website

If you are thinking about changing your web host, let’s do the inventory first.

  • What kind of web hosting services you currently use?
  • Are there any downtimes frequently?
  • Is the support good?
  • Is there a good scalable option?
  • Are you in shared hosting?

Ask yourself these questions and decide whether you need to continue with the same hosting provider.

Below are some of the website hosting server considerations for 2020

The amount of website traffic

When you revamp your website, make a quick projection about website traffic for the next 12 to 24 months

Progressive Web Application support

Do you have plans to redesign your highly functional website into Progressive Web Application (PWA) for future website performance and UX trends

As always, security for website data and files

Blockchain and cyber security applications are dominating the business transaction arena. So you have to give importance to data security when revamping your website.

Web hosting provider’s support TAT

For 2020 internet community, time is everything. The purpose of website redesign should include getting quick support on server infrastructure if there are dynamic changes

Recommendations for WordPress website redesigning

  • SiteGround – Economic, good support and performance..
  • WPEngine – Expensive but good performance, staging environment and backup options..
  • WordPress.com – Very expensive but great performance, high security and many WP features.

Recommendations for high performance website redesigning

  • Kinsta – Powered by Google Cloud Platform. Recommended only for high traffic WordPress websites
  • DigitalOcean – Developer friendly platform, so performance is always high

Why should you consider brand differentiation when redesigning your website?

Your brand is your business identity. Even though there are a lot of reasons that helps to keep your brand new, and fresh, you should definitely consider, and work on brand differentiation during a website redesign.

At ColorWhistle, for every website redesign we do a brand revamp study. We give a redesign proposal on how brand differentiation make a difference to the business, digitally. The brand differentiation impact includes logo design, logo improvements, stationary graphics, marketing and sales materials.

Benefits of brand differentiation during website redesign:

  • Brand reputation can be revamped to blend in the digital era
  • Brand reach becomes easy with different communities, regions, and gender groups
  • Social values and responsibilities can be attached to your brand
  • Branding and redesigned website helps each other to move forward

Also, this blog talks about why branding is essential for digital marketing. Do take a look to know more.

How important is website architecture in website planning?

Website architecture includes either an information architecture, sitemap planning and content planning. You must definitely consider this when redesigning your website. .

How to Optimize UX of Website with Information Architecture?


From Visually.

Website sitemap helps the user and search engines to navigate easily on your website. An organized way of showing website links, categories and hierarchical structure allows the search engine to crawl links, pages and content easily.

What are the problems which a website sitemap can solve?

  • Website indexing
  • Giving clues to search engines about pages and it’s purposes
  • Understanding machine oriented content pages
  • UX is redefined with website redesign

How to select your next CMS platform or software to build your website?

One of the main reason to start a website redesign project is to get rid of old softwares that can’t help you stay relevant with modern day features.

Before you make a decision, consider these points.

Are you planning to rebuild a content-heavy website?

  • If you are planning to revamp a website with lot of content then we recommend to select a CMS platform.WordPress CMS with professional website maintenance plan is recommended. We recommend Drupal CMS for business who concentrate more on security and less on the marketing friendliness .
  • If you are planning to redesign a website that enables good technical functionalities and manages lots of user data, then we recommend to build a website using any modern day JS frameworks like React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS & PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symphony.
  • If you planning to redesign your eCommerce website, consider your website traffic, products scalability, secured payment options as high priority. We recommend WooCommerce and Shopify for initial stage eCommerce website redesign. For medium to large scale eCommerce systems, we recommend Magento and BigCommere platforms.

Below are some of our blogs that talk about website design and development platforms. Read them if you like to know more. :

What is the recommended process for website redesign and development?

Building your first website is just the first step of learning with your online business. Definitely there are tons of improvements possible on the go. This is why you can’t be objective about your own web design.

As soon as you feel the first online business is working for you, the next immediate step is to think about a website redesign.

We highly recommend you to reach a professional web design agency for best consulting discussions and outstanding results. Also, outsourcing website redesign will help you to keep budget in control, and allow you to work on business critical factors like, pricing strategy, digital marketing strategy, sales strategy etc..

We follow the below process for website design and recommend the same to our clients too.

  • Identify the existing website problems. Few examples are UI, UX, look & feel improvements, performance improvements, digital marketing and lead generation pages etc
  • Find an outsourcing agency for website redesign consulting and development. This article talks about how to choose between freelancer or boutique web design company
  • If you have a heavy traffic website and blog attracting several hundred visitors daily, think of making the redesign process in phases
  • We recommend you to redesign your website blog first, create content marketing plan before you start revamping the website pages and functionalities
  • Website redesign is a continuous process if your online business is dynamic and follows current trend. If you don’t have an in-house team, find the right website retainer packages to carry out the continuous website updates and maintenance works smoothly

Below are some of our blogs that talk about website design ideas and selecting an agency for different online business purposes.

Why your website redesign plan should include an SEO Strategy?

Once you start working on the website redesign process, like we discussed, you can discuss about what works and what doesn’t. You might not have a clear understanding of whether SEO helps you or not. But, you should include a good SEO strategy when planning for a website redesign.

Whether you outsource SEO services or do it in-house, start analyzing all the factors we’ve discussed so far. Take a full SEO report that includes full on-page SEO items that already exist in the website followed by a local SEO setup.

Here are some of our blogs that will help you get a real time picture about SEO.

How should you view SEO in 2020 along with website redesign process?

Plan for a good local SEO strategy

Do in-depth local keyword research

Plan a keyword strategy

Plan an on-page SEO strategy

  • On-page SEO is not only about Meta title, Headings, Links, Alt and Keyword cloud. It starts with good user experience. If you’re able to grasp the content easily, it’s a start
  • Another important aspect of On-page SEO, which is given the least importance during website development is Semantic HTML coding. Do you want to know if your website redesign process will include semantic coding practices of HTML5? Ask your website development company or WordPress developer.
  • Review, revise and update your On-page SEO tactics frequently. Find a best SEO retainer pricing package that fit your business and outsource them.
  • Setup website analytics tracking and use tools to get insights on what is working, what is not working and what needs immediate attention.

How to build a content marketing plan with website redesign strategy?

Content Marketing has become more significant. In 2020, if you don’t re-look your website content, you are losing opportunities and fading your business from the crowd. That’s why your website redesign strategy should include content marketing plans. Hire a content writer today and start this process.

After you take a backup of your existing content inventory, start looking for a website content to suit your 2020 website visitors.

Who are your primary website visitors?

Know your customers, website visitors prior than they know about your products and services. Your content intention defines who your primary visitors are in this search dominating digital age.

Where are your visitors from?

Your website redesign process should think of modern age groups, their tradition, culture and language. Your content development plan should address these factors.

What interests your target audience?

This can be defined in your content plan either intentionally or socially. If your looking for intentional customers, your content marketing plan should be planned to target them. If you want to socially connect with everyone, your content development should focus on social education too. Keep this thought process in your website redesign brainstorming sessions.

What different content types should be present in your newly redesigned website?

  • Web page content type talks about products, services
  • Blog page content type that share your knowledge and educate the community
  • Visual content type including images, charts, presentations and infographics
  • Audio and Podcast marketing content types
  • Video content types
  • News, events publishing media content types
  • Social media content types
  • Marketing and sales with business oriented content types

Here is a cool infographic that explains about content marketing strategy.


How to build lead generation channel along with website redesign strategy?

Tech analyst Gartner’s latest worldwide IT spending forecast (July 2019) projects a total of $3.74 trillion in 2019 (0.6% growth over 2018) and $3.88tn in 2020 (3.7% YoY growth).

Source: Gartner/Chart: ZDNet

Every business needs a strong digital lead channels. Business without digital presence will find it difficult because the competition is also growing exponentially.

Here are some of the strong digital lead generation channels for the future

  • Website – Your digital face to the world
  • Social Media – Connecting people socially in digital age
  • Mobile Apps – Easing people’s living quality with communication technology
  • IOT Apps – Easing the business intelligence with technology

Some of the digital lead generation channels that can produce solid results quickly

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Read the above points that explains the SEO strategy to utilize this lead generation channel with your website redesign process.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing. paid advertising on Search Engines

Google PPC ads are most popular. Outsource PPC services if your business is looking for continuous lead generation.

Social Media Marketing – community engagement through social education and awareness

Facebook posts, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds, Linkedin business posts, Instagram photos sharing are best community engagement factors

Social Media Advertising – paid ads on social media platforms

  • Facebook Ads give good lead generation results for B2C and small businesses
  • Linkedin Ads works well for B2B lead generation process
  • YouTube Ads works for lead generation process in the entertainment industry

Webinar and special campaigns

Conducting webinars, virtual conferences attracts specific interest groups and lead generation process saves lots of money for large enterprises

What is a website redesign checklists? Where can I find website redesign examples?

Following a checklist will help you align and achieve your goals. Here are some of the website redesign checklists, examples, ideas, case studies, tools and resources.

We believe our blog will help you to build an amazing website redesign strategy. All of the above points are from our own experience. Do share us your comments if any.

ColorWhistle, a web design and digital agency in India, provides website design and web development services all over the world.

Partner with us for your next website redesign and development.

Why Should you Redesign your Website?

Why should you redesign / revamp your website?

From a business point of view, redesigning a website is often ignored.

Your website might be performing well and may have been doing a good job for the last however many years.

The question should not be ‘Is the website doing okay?’ but rather ‘Could it be better?’

Let me ask you a question,

Have you ever landed on a website belonging to another company and just been blown away by what you’ve seen?

Some websites are just so well designed that you can’t help but be impressed and want to take some time to look around and explore the site. 

When well designed, these sites will offer perfect synergy between their design and the message that the company is trying to communicate – making you more likely to be interested in making a purchase or at least visiting the site again.

Why should you redesign/revamp your website?

According to Blue Corona, ‘48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

Blue Corona

Many of your prospective leads the first impression will be based on the look and feel of your website.

We’ve compiled some compelling reasons as to why you must consider a website redesign.

1. Changing face of the internet

The thing to remember here is that the internet is constantly changing and new designs sensibilities are forever emerging that change the standards that we expect when we’re browsing websites.

In just the last few years, for instance, responsive website development has become an absolute must as more and more web users are now browsing using mobile devices.

Flash has essentially died its death and instead we now have HTML5. The resolution of the high-end monitor has gone from sub HD to 2K or even 4K, while fashions have also changed.

In short, there is a world of difference between the way you would design a website today and the way you would have designed a website even just a few years ago.

So it stands to reason then, that if your last site redesign was more than two years ago, you’re probably looking rather outdated with low-resolution images and old-fashioned sensibilities.

This makes a world of difference to the first impressions you create when someone visits your website and essentially it could be losing you a lot of potential customers.

2. You still care

Redesigning your website tells your existing audience that you still care about your website and that you are still at the top of your game. It makes them stand up and take notice of you and it can even be advantageous from a marketing perspective – a redesign for a big website can actually be newsworthy meaning you might just get some media coverage.

3. Rebranding your business

A redesign can also be a good way to communicate a change of direction for your business. If you are re-branding yourself, if you are refocusing on other aspects of your business or if you’re trying to shake negative associations – then redesigning your site is often a great way to give yourself a fresh start and to hit that ‘reset’ button.

Of course, you might also choose website revamp services, because you want to make some changes. Perhaps you need to add a few pages to your site and this won’t really work with your existing layout and set-up. Or maybe you’ve seen a cool feature on another site that you want for yourself.

It may even be a new backend for your site you’re interested in – you might want to find a WordPress web development company in order to move your site over to the WordPress CMS so that you can more quickly and easily upload and manage content on your site. This could potentially save you hours and that way provide an excellent ROI.

4. Letting go of the old

Some companies and individuals can find themselves feeling sentimental when it comes to getting rid of their old site. Perhaps they think it’s a ‘waste’ of their previous work, or maybe they have just grown attached to the design they have.

While this is understandable, it’s a mistake to let that influence your decision making. Your old site design has done its job over the last few years and if you hang on to it then it will actually hurt you more than it will benefit you.

The longer you leave it, the more outdated your old set-up will become and you’ll have to change it eventually. So better to get it done quickly and reap the benefits for as long as possible. By doing a website redesign, you’re letting others know that you can adapt to change.

5. Include a better content strategy

70% of people would prefer to learn about a company through an article rather than an advertisement. Having excellent content improves everything from SEO to customer retention.

That said, if you’re planning to make some changes to your content strategy, a website redesign may be wise. That way, all the different types of content you plan to post from eBooks to blogs to case studies will be easily findable.

6. Your competitors have adapted to change

It is not wise to revamp your website every time your competitors change theirs. But if those changes help them to improve their search engine ranking and end up pushing you down the search results, then it’s time to make changes.

And, if you think that you can achieve your goals quickly on your competitor’s website rather than yours, it’s time for a change.

7. How often should you redesign or refresh your website?

According to Orbit Media Studios, The average website lifespan is 2 years 7 months. Actually, it was 2.66 years which is 2 years, 6 months and 27 days, but close enough.

Regardless of your industry, the shelf life of your website is relatively short. Look at how fast technology moves, five years ago, no one visited websites on mobile devices. Now almost half of your website traffic comes from smartphones. Not only mobile, from responsiveness to parallax, dozens of technologies and trends are in practice.

8. Signs your website needs a redesign

So, irrespective of the age of your website, here are some questions you must ask yourself.

  • Is your website mobile friendly? Is it responsive? (if not, you need to
  • immediately get in touch with a website redesigning company
  • Does it look better than your competitors?
  • Are visitors complementing your website?
  • Does my website look modern?
  • Are you experiencing growth with your current website?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘no’, then you’re in desperate need of a new website. All of the above questions will give you an indication that your website is broken at some level and needs to be fixed.

Above all, the best website redesign test is asking yourself if the website needs to be improved. But if you are asking, then it’s probably time for a redesign. Think about it, why else would you be asking?

9. How much does a website redesign cost?

The cost of a website redesign depends on two major things,

  • What are you looking to achieve through a website redesign?
  • What is the worth of your website?

Similar to a car, the more you expect from your website, the more your likely to spend. Therefore, it is difficult to define the cost of an average website redesign cost. We have tried to break down what it approximately costs.

FactorsWhat does it include?How much does it cost to redesign a website?How much does it cost for SEO & lead generation? (Recommended)
Simple website redesign5 – 10 CMS pages, Ready made ThemeUSD 650USD 250 to USD 2500 per month
Custom website redesignDesign, CMS, Code / Theme OwnershipUSD1750-USD 5000USD 350 to USD 4500 per month
Advanced multi-functional website redesigneCommerce,Membership, Payments, APIs, Automated business functionsUSD3500-USD 20000USD 1500 to USD 15000 per month

10. How long does it take to redesign a website?

It depends.

Every website is unique and every redesign depends entirely on what you aim to get out of the final product. Do you want a redesign a simple template-based website or an e-commerce website with loads of customization? Your answer to questions like these will give you a rough idea on how long it’ll take to redesign websites.

Here is a rough amount of time that will take to redesign a website.

  • A simple website redesign will take 5 working days
  • A custom website redesign will take 15 working days
  • Advanced multi-functional website redesign will take 30 working days

This is just an approximate time frame, you’re requirement will play a major role in the time it takes to complete the redesign project.

How can ColorWhistle help with website redesign projects?

The whole point of this article was to educate you that updating a website just for the sake of updating will never work. 

A lot of work has to be done during a website redesign, to get a better idea take a look at our website redesign checklist. Keep in mind that your job is not over once you redesign your website. 

You must also maintain your website properly to get the expected results for a longer period of time.

Our highly experienced team at ColorWhistle has the expertise to redesign websites in order to make it worthy of your work and vision. Be it custom website designs, plugins, or digital marketing services. 

We want you to succeed. We are always here to help and guide you throughout the entire process.

Give us a call or send us an email today. We’ll help you make the most out of your website.

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Real Estate Website Design Idea and Inspirations for 2021

The real estate industry is huge and competition is also steep.

These days most of the real estate customers begin the search for a home, online. So your online presence i.e. your real estate website design is the first real impression they have about your company.

In this digital age, the need for engaging and effective real estate websites is critical as it helps you to stay one step ahead of your competition. If your real estate website design isn’t sending a right message to the users, you’ll find it difficult to convert those users and lure them into your funnel.

With that being said, how can your real estate website design inculcate a sense of trust to users and encourage them to select your brand for their real estate needs?

Below you’ll find some of the amazing real estate website design inspirations that can help you give both a pleasant and engaging user experience.

22 Best Relators Website Design Ideas

It is easy to get overlooked by potential clients as so many agents are competing in the real estate market. In order to rise above the competition, you have to market yourself effectively. Having your own real estate website is the best way to maximize the growth of your business. Take a look at these awesome real estate agent websites and get inspired.

1. relator.com


2. Redfin


3. Ken Wyder


4. Kalaydo.de


5. iproperty


6. Hotpads


7. Harvest


8. Domain


9. Brelteam


10. Beller


11. SwissFineProperties


12. Rew


13. Little Real Estate


14. ImmoStreet.ch


15. Homesearch


16. EstateBlock


17. ZipRealty


18. Immobilean scout24


19. TheRedPin


20. HomeSales Real Estate


21. Sotheby's


22. Renthop


14 Top WordPress Real Estate Website Design Ideas

Whether you want to create a real estate website or simply list properties online, these are some great selections of WordPress real estate websites to choose from. By taking these websites as an inspiration, you can create a modern and stylish real estate website Design.

Wordpress ad

1. Dirt


2. Compass


3. Wilkinson & Jeansonne


4. VishSidhu


5. InvestmentRealEstate


6. ForRent.com


7. Zumper


8. Nola Realty


9. Homely


10. Homekoala


11. Dreamtown


12. BLU Real Estate


13. CharlieKiers


14. View


12 Best IDX Real Estate Website Inspirations

IDX (internet data exchange) is the most common software standard that enables realtors to integrate listings from the multiple listing services (MLS) database into their own websites. Take these websites as an inspiration to integrate IDX into real estate websites.

1. StreetEasy


2. LakeCountryRealty


3. SaraLeeParker


4. BathurstCoastalProperties


5. BostonLuxuryFlats


6. Denis Arnautovic


7. Greg Noonan


8. Klein Real Estate


9. Joechiovare


10. Nada & Tom


11. RealtyTrac


12. Movoto


… And the list just doesn’t end up here. Apart from the ones we have highlighted above we have a very good collection of stunning real estate designs in our pinterest board. We keep updating our pinterest board every time the trend gets updated. Do click below and and get access to more inspirations in our board. DO follow us if it was worth it 🙂

Winding up

It is obvious that you have to make a great first impression on your potential clients. Having a strong real estate website will help you to establish trust with your website visitors.

The above websites contain certain qualities, from static menus paired with parallax scrolling to a clean, flat design with a simplistic color scheme dedicated to inspiring you for your next project.

After going through these real estate websites, we hope you got some idea to create your next real estate website. To save more, outsource real estate web development projects to a experienced web development company.

If you want to create a unique real estate website design that reflects your brand, our highly-experienced real estate website developers at ColorWhistle are ready to help! Contact us today for a free consultation.