Digital Marketing Pricing Packages – Build Custom SEO Pricing Plans

Digital Marketing is an ever evolving bundle or package of marketing strategies that help businesses reach their audience in this wide vast digital space. While the marketing trends around the industries keeps changing, it’s very important for every business to also go with the flow, try and test different strategies and stick to what works well for their niche.

A digital marketing services agency plays an important role in getting businesses achieve their goals in terms of brand visibility, lead generation and client retention. There are a lot of agencies out there who offer digital marketing packages. We at ColorWhistle honestly feel that there can never be a ‘one package fits all’ approach when it comes to digital marketing.

Let’s see why.

Businesses of multiple sizes – from a startup to an enterprise, of multiple locations – from a small local town to a big city, with a budget ranging from $500 to millions of dollars are trying various ways to boost their online presence with digital marketing. There are so many factors that need to be considered even before planning for digital marketing. A predefined package cannot do the full justice to your unique business needs.

Custom Digital Marketing Packages - The Need

So, if a general digital marketing package doesn’t fit all the business, how can one build their own custom digital marketing package? That’s all the stuff that we are going to discuss in this blog in a detailed way.

At the end of this blog, you will be able to plan, strategize and build a custom package on your own or atleast get the knowledge of what to expect from a digital marketing agency when you approach one. You can read more about the questions you can ask when you hire an seo agency here.

Ready to learn about how to customize and build your own digital marketing package? Let’s start right away!

Monthly Digital Marketing Cost For Startups, Small Business and Online Businesses

Common Elements In A Digital Marketing Packages

  • Technical Audits
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Website Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Online reputation Management 
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Blog Optimization
  • Customer Support

Types of Engagements with a Digital Marketing Agency

You can engage yourself in multiple ways with a digital marketing agency. There has been quite a lot of debate about whether you should have a digital marketing team inhouse or hire an agency to do the work. But we strongly recommend hiring a digital marketing agency as you can get a variety of services and a big pool of knowledge base, because an agency is constantly in the business and is more aware of the trends that surround every industry. Also digital agencies are experts in doing the math (Like keyword strategies, link building strategies etc.) for you while you can concentrate on the other end of your business.

Let’s see how and where we can start once you decide to start outsourcing or switch (in the right way!) to a new digital marketing agency.

The Quick Digital Marketing Basics

Lots of terminologies are used around digital marketing and it’s very essential to know the basics to start with. This helps you to understand the terminologies and tools we are going to discuss later in this blog.

  • SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

    SEO services enables you to understand or define how your customer searches for you and reaches you via search engines. By having a clear SEO plan you can improve your visibility and ranking in search results

  • SEM Services (Search Engine Marketing)

    SEM is the practice of using paid advertisements to appear on search engines results page

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)

    PPC is one model of internet marketing where the advertisers pay a fee every time their ad gets clicked

  • Local Search Marketing Services

    Local SEO services enable you to find a place in the local competition and promote your business online, locally

  • Content Marketing Services

    Content marketing services help you to promote your business via content. Content here may refer to blogs, ebooks, white papers, vlogs, infographics and much more

  • Email Marketing Services

    How many promotional emails do you receive a day? All these are strategized and executed on an assumption that you will become the advertisers customer one day 🙂

  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)

    All the ads, posts you see in social media are aimed at pulling your attention towards their brand or products. How many products have you known or bought just by seeing a facebook or an instagram ad? Worth a thought right?

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation is the process by which you define the customer journey and behaviour with help of a CRM. Imagine you have a big customer base and you plan to nurture all your prospective leads on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. A marketing automation tool will be of great help.


In addition to all the above listed tactics, there are remarketing, influencer marketing, online PRs, affiliate marketing, online reputation management, voice based marketing, AR/VR marketing etc.

Remember, Just building a responsive website and adding Google Search Console or Google Analytics will not help you generate traffic or gain clients. These are just tools built to monitor the activities around your website.

Digital Marketing - The Initial Plan

No work is successful without planning. According to Internet live stats, There are over 79,000 searches per second on Google. It’s very evident that if you are entering into this big bubble of the internet, you will have to compete with the big fishes who are already leading their way with smart digital marketing techniques and strategies in their respective industries. So planning is the first and the most important step.

Here are the questions you should first get answers for.

Digital Marketing for Enterprises and Established Businesses

1. The Why

First, understand why digital marketing is essential for your business. It’s not like you invest $XXX on day 1 and see results on day 5. It takes a minimum of 6 months to 12 months to see actual results. With the right strategy you can even aim for $XXXX in return. If you are looking for immediate results there are methods like PPC (Pay Per Click) or print ads, but that’s a one-time spend & return technique. General digital marketing is more about tailoring multiple techniques together to get a combined output

2. The What

What are the goals of your business? It can be anything like to make your brand visible, to bring in more traffic, to make your audience see your products everyday, to sell your products, to build a community or customer base etc. Defining the goals in the first hand helps you to focus on them and take the right direction with the right strategies and tools

3. The Who

Now that you know some basics and have structured what your goals are , it’s necessary to write down who your audience are. Are you looking to do it for local or global? These questions will lead to the next question which is considered the tricky part in the planning process

4. The Where

Now with a clear picture of what you want and who your business is going to serve, it’s time to see where your audience is actually coming from. Will they search for you organically? Or are they mostly on Facebook and Instagram? Or are they entrepreneurs who are mostly on LinkedIn? Determining these will help us get a holistic view of what actions need to be taken to get them right in the place they are.

5. The Tools

When all of the above questions are answered, now it’s the digital marketing agency’s role to determine the strategies and come up with relevant tools that will work for your business. The right tools combined with the right strategy will enable easy monitoring and easy analysis of how your strategies are performing.

digital marketing tools infographic

Before beginning the actual work, it’s necessary to take a full audit of the website or the social media page and see how it’s performing currently and areas of improvement. This will help you to compare details and numbers after your digital marketing agency starts work.

The below video will help you get more information around this subject.

From all the above information, let’s see how we can start customizing digital marketing packages for small businesses.

As each small business is unique in its own way, it’s better to start with SEO, Social Media and a minimum of one paid marketing technique. There should be discussions on which channel works and how much you can invest in either of the channels.

For example, if you are having a budget of $6000 a year, and expect a 10X return on the same, it's necessary you work from the reverse and understand which product or service will yield you the result and through which channel.

Takeaways from this section:

  • Know the basics before choosing any generic digital marketing package
  • Do the math – Determine what your business actually needs from digital marketing
  • Ask Questions – The right questions enables a great partnership with your agency
  • Have measurable, practical goals and work towards it for ‘real results’

‘Channel Focussed’ Digital Marketing Packages

Digital marketing strategy can be defined in a lot of ways.

At ColorWhsitle, we try different ways at multiple channels to achieve any particular goal for our own website.

For example, if our goal is to achieve 1000 visitors a week (from 850 approximately), we first lay down all possible ways to generate traffic to our website. These are quick goals in an already SEO built website.

We can start writing informative blogs, pin more information that our audience is looking for in pinterest and start posting more informational articles in other social media channels that link back to our website.

‘One strategy works for all’ is never an option with Digital Marketing. Also, digital marketing is not a one time activity. It’s a continuous activity like what sales is to any business. There should be constant exploration, updation and transformation in this process.

For example, a blogger who aims at more traffic to his/her blog is totally different from an automobile spare parts store owner looking for more customers to buy online. So, the packages have to be custom tailored for both of them to achieve their respective goals.

We can find quite a bunch of channel focused packages we can concentrate on and they are explained briefly in the following section.

SEO Packages:

80% of shoppers start their search online. So it is essential you have a strong SEO built in your website. This paves an organic way of people landing to your website by just clicking on the link from the search results. SEO is considered the most powerful technique in Digital Marketing as this is the foundation if you are having long-term goals. The same can be achieved by optimizing your website for most searched keywords. Writing original content with proper user intent keywords also makes the search engines automatically suggest your page when your optimized keywords are searched for. There are a few subtopics we can cover here.
  • Ecommerce SEO Packages

    If you are looking at boosting your ecommerce store ranking, then you’ll have to give special attention more than traditional SEO. If you are using any of the ecommerce platforms like shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Woocommerce etc., then its essential to have a custom ecommerce SEO strategy. Aiming at techniques like product markup, product SEO copywriting, product image optimization, product descriptions, professional copywriting, content promotion etc., you can ensure that your ecommerce store will achieve the defined goals through a period of time consistently.

  • Local SEO Packages

    Local SEO is another essential SEO practice where you enable your customers to find you locally and you remain on the top of their mind whenever they search for the products your business is associated with. Without local SEO you might miss on the most qualified leads in your neighborhood which in turn affects your sales. Local SEO aims mostly on the ‘near me’ keywords which is the most searched way to look out for a product or a place on mobile preferably. Activities like Google My Business optimization, building local citations, local keywords targeting, ratings and review management, link building, analyzing user experience(UX) can help achieve a better ROI in local SEO.

  • International SEO Packages

    The process of optimizing your website for specific countries and for specific business is termed as international SEO. Structuring your website’s URL for international sites, language-targeting your website, tailoring your content based on the users language, currency, time zone etc., plays a key role to achieve success with international SEO. Moz has created an international SEO checklist for more clarity. Keep exploring and apply new skills to work to achieve desired results in international SEO.

  • Enterprise SEO Packages

    Increasing your sales and boosting your online dominance are the key areas enterprise SEO targets at. Search always dominates the buying funnel. With a perfect enterprise SEO strategy your business can always remain at the top of the search engine results that in turn boosts your sales and market dominance. With a proper SEO audit, conversion analysis, social media strategy and earned media your business can generate more qualified leads and achieve impressive close rates.

Social Media Packages:

Social Media packages are built to improve customer base, generate more traffic, maintain/nurture existing clients, increase brand awareness, client satisfaction etc. With social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc you can promote your company and its services or products and obtain maximum visibility online. Also these channels make ways to collect feedback and improve customer loyalty via ratings and reviews etc.

Email Marketing Packages:

Email marketing is vastly used to nurture your prospective leads to conversion. Not all users who visit your website become a lead instantly. So it’s essential you nurture them via email marketing with all the useful information they would like to receive with their consent. Email Marketing is proved to amplify your growth with a very impressive ROI. Creating a custom email marketing strategy paired with the right tools gives results for every penny invested.

Content Marketing Packages:

Content marketing is always our favorite subject at ColorWhsitle. Content marketing focuses on boosting traffic and guiding your users to turn into customers with the genuinely built ‘user-intent’ content. Content marketing is educating your audience about your brand, its expertise, products or services. Hubspot says that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. So the ultimate purpose of content marketing is to create and share articles/videos/images that are downloadable and shareable in visual media.

PPC Service Packages:

Pay Per Click services are one form of digital marketing where you can see results overnight. These paid ad services enable you to get quick conversions and have a very positive ROI. When you include PPC in your custom digital marketing package you also include a percentage for your digital marketing agency as an execution fee. This includes activities like custom ad graphics and landing page creation to maximize the performance of your ad

You can create multiple packages and customize them by mixing and combining the above Digital marketing tactics to obtain results for your business.

Pretty much information..right?

Let’s see some of the players in the market who have created digital marketing packages and some tools that will make our life easier to handle all the techniques discussed above.

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks. “

Neil Patel

As the digital marketing pro has rightly quoted, today’s digital marketers live and die by DM tools and plugins that enable hassle free management and accurate reporting and monitoring of the activities they carry out. Let’s have a quick look at the popular tools that digital marketers use.

Popular SEO Tools

popular SEO tools for digital marketing

SEO tools are built to help digital marketers optimize, analyze and track their activities easily. Some of the popular SEO tools are

  • Google Products (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Ads). Have a look at this detailed guide to know more about all the tools google offers to boost your online presence with SEO
  • Ubersuggest helps you fix your daily SEO needs by giving more insights on domain overview, keyword suggestions, content ideas and backlink data. You can compare and rework on the content pieces that are performing well in your niche with this tool.
  • Screaming Frog, Xenu have created popular tools for SEO analysis like Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Xenu’s Link Sleuth respectively. These tools come handy when it comes to link building and Website Crawling and they claim much more benefits with their tool
  • AHrefs offers a multitude of operations with the help of its All-in-one SEO toolset. Its helps to optimize your website, analyze your competitors, study what your customers are searching for, learn from your industry’s top performing content, track your ranking progress and much more
  • SEM Rush helps to manage your SEO, advertising, content, and SMM. You also get a 7 day free trial to test your skills with the platform

Popular Local SEO Tools

popular local SEO tools for digital marketing

Local SEO tools are built to analyse, manage and monitor your local SEO activities via streamlined channels. Some of the popular local SEO tools are listed below.

  • Google My Business helps you to manage your business listing. Your free business profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps
  • Moz Local enables a quick and easy location management. You can manage real-time profile, cleanse data, manage reviews, integrate deep google and facebook and much more
  • Tripadvisor enables sponsored placements, ges the business advantage of instant booking and improve visibility of your business with ratings and reviews with the help of their promotional tools
  • Trustpilot is a review platform open to everyone. It is used to share your experiences to help others make better choices, and help companies up their game.
  • Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle and air, or public transportation. Enabling Google Maps in your landing page helps your customers find you and reach you

Popular Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing tools are built for easy maintenance and management of social media channels. As the number of social media channels keep increasing day by day, it will be a smart move to manage them via these custom tools. Some of the popular tools are given below.

social media marketing tools for digital marketing packages
  • Buffer tools help brands share their stories and build their brand in a much easier way. It also helps to visually plan and schedule your social media campaigns, measure and report the performance of your content to build a positive engaging community.
  • SocialBee offers social media management tools, training and teams. It helps to automate your social media posting with their SocialBee App
  • HootSuite offers you essential tools for effective social media marketing. There are multiple plans and you can check them here

Apart from these there are a couple of more tools like Social Oomph and Friends+Me etc. You can have a sneak peak at more such tools here.

Digital Marketing Pricing Packages Across Different Countries - US, UK, Canada and India

As discussed in many sections in this blog, the pricing for digital marketing also differs based on locations. The price for the custom packages we create depends on the location based PPC campaigns, the multiple GMB pages, landing pages and the geo-specific factors that affects your digital marketing strategy. If these are not considered your digital marketing plans might get overwhelmed or may under-perform.

For the same set of digital marketing activities like SEO, Indian websites quote and average of INR 30000 per month . This starts from $950 for USA with a minimal determined initial investment. UK’s average pricing starts from £495 while Canada’s digital marketing packages ranges between $500 to $1000  based on the tactics they provide for each pre defined package. While there are a lot of differences in the price range, one should decide on a Digital Marketing agency only after detailed discussions and mutual understanding

Inspiring Digital Marketing Case Studies

Here are a few digital marketing case studies to prove the point that effective usage of the above tools will help your marketing efforts return maximum ROI.

  1. Here is a case study about how the British Museum Increased Social Media Engagement by 126% with the help of HootSuite
  2. Learn How Benefit turns cosmetics into connection using Sprout Social
  3. Read this detailed case study about how Hubspot grew Transfunnels retainer by 50%
  4. “Marketo will really help marketing achieve its vision”, says Fujitsu after working with Marketo. Watch the video here

Top SEO packages players in the market

When it comes to Digital Marketing there are multiple players who offer right from one single technique to a bundle of all techniques that are available to explore.

In this section, we will see some of the niche players who offer packages for specific marketing channels. We have explored and highlighted very few of them so that you get an idea of how they have bundled them.

SEO pricing packages with examples

SEO pricing packages are built to mainly focus on keyword research, link building, on page optimization, basic website setup etc. Few examples of SEO packages are given below

  • Page Traffic – has classified their SEO packages based on Keywords as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Click here to view their pricing packages
  • DigitalGuider – has packages laid down monthly, based on keywords and landing pages. They have four packages termed basic, silver, gold and premium. Click here to explore more about their pricing packages

SMM pricing packages with examples

Social Media packages are created based on number of channels, ads, campaigns, remarketing and much more. Here are some of the SMM pricing packages for you to get an idea on how these are bundled.

  • WebFx – has bundled social media packages based on the number of social media channels. The cost ranges from $500 to $10000. You can have a look at them here
  • Solomofy – Solomofy has classified their seo packages based on the number of social media posts and creatives per month. They have three packages termed Social, Social Pro and Social Pro+

Digital marketing pricing packages with examples

Digital Marketing packages are bundles based on all the marketing channels and tactics discussed above. While none of the digital marketing pricing packages will completely fit for any business, most of them allow customizations based on case to case basis with a minimum engagement promise. Here are few samples to show how a few companies have bundled their digital marketing pricing packages

  • Elsner – has created packages based on minimum engagement from three months to 6 months. Their packages range from $699 to $4999 from small business to enterprise level customers
  • Intelligence Marketer – has categorized packages based on business size – small business and enterprises. Their pricing packages start from $1100 and you can have a look at them here

How to Build a Custom Digital Marketing Package?

We have just seen how you can take a ‘channel’ focussed or a ‘brand’ focused approach when it comes to planning for Digital Marketing. Deciding the direction can be done with your Digital Marketing Partner or with your existing knowledge about Digital Marketing.

The actual work of a digital marketing agency begins here.

Once you have all your questions answered and a solid plan to market your business online, choosing the digital agency and agreeing upon the right terms enables a fruitful commencement of a digital marketing project.

You either work with an inhouse team or outsource to an Agency or work out a 50-50 approach. With this you can get advantage over cost and you can try various techniques to achieve a desired result.

Few points to note:

  • Reporting and monitoring are the key activities that enables continuous engagement within the team
  • There should be constant communication between the team and client to understand progress and monitor data. A dedicated team will yield more desirable results
  • Data is everything. Understand data and act accordingly. Do not pull yourself back from learning and unlearning to be more efficient in your work

Takeaways from this section:

  • Digital marketing packages can be bundled based on channel or brand
  • You should analyse and understand what tactics and what tools will help you reach your goals
  • A digital marketing agency will be able to customize a package for you only after a few detailed discussions about your business
  • There are a lot of success stories in the internet but one strategy cannot work for another

Step by step guide to build a custom package for SEO

With all the above knowledge we have gained till now, let’s see how we can create custom packages for SEO, SMM, PPC and Digital Marketing automation and finally a hybrid digital marketing package too.

Just to reiterate, there is no hard and fast rule to create these packages, but we have tried to arrange them as steps so that you can take a direction from there.

digital marketing for small businesses

Custom SEO packages for budget lesser than $500 a month

  • Step 1: Find a Professional SEO Agency to build a responsive, mobile friendly website
  • Step 2: Setup all Google / Search engines (Bing, Yahoo etc.) related website and social media properties
  • Step 3: Discuss and define your content marketing strategy (Target audience, Keyword Strategy, Lead Generation materials) with your digital marketing team
  • Step 4: Define and determine SEO maintenance and Social media maintenance activities for content distribution
  • Step 5: Monitor activities, measure the effectiveness of the strategies with data and generate insightful reports for further actions
  • Step 6: Repeat step 3 to 5 every month

Custom SEO packages for budget below $1000 a month

  • Step 1: Find a Professional SEO Agency to build a responsive, mobile friendly website. Ensure your website loads properly in all browsers with a good loading speed
  • Step 2: Setup all Google / Search engines (Bing, Yahoo etc.) related website and social media properties
  • Step 3: Discuss and define your content marketing strategy (Target audience, Keyword Strategy, Lead Generation materials) with your digital marketing team
  • Step 4: Define Link Building strategies. Build quality link hubpages (Skyscraper technique) for more search traffic
  • Step 5: Build links across quality directories
  • Step 6: Create more re-purposeful content
  • Step 7: Define and determine SEO maintenance and Social media maintenance activities for content distribution
  • Step 8: Monitor activities, measure the effectiveness of the strategies with data and generate insightful reports for further actions
  • Step 9: Repeat step 3 to 8 every month

The above two packages are just samples based on your budget.

If you have more bandwidth you can opt for more activities like outreaching for a guest post, influencer outreaches, video SEO, webinar and lead magnet programs, podcasts, PR and other promotional methods

The area to explore is more.. and the more you put in effort, the more optimal your results will be.

Step by step guide to build a custom package for SEM/PPC

Search Engine Marketing majorly involves activities around Paid search ads, Paid search advertising, PPC (pay-per-click), PPC (pay-per-call), CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) etc

The approach and planning differs based on what you’re trying to market. Is it a product or service?

We have tried to take a general approach and tried to lay down the steps you can follow when creating a custom package for SEM and PPC

  • Determine a keyword strategy. Analyse and compare what your competitors are positioning themselves with the help of tools discussed above and arrive at a decision
  • Understand how bidding works. If you’re outsourcing to a Digital marketing agency, talk to them about your budget. You can set budget weekly, daily or even per campaign basis
  • Set up the campaign and get ready with the creatives like ad graphics, ad copy and landing pages if necessary based on the channel
  • Determine the audience and test run a sample project
  • Redefine and rework wherever necessary

Remember, you cannot get it right the first time itself.

You must have the patience and skill to analyse and shift strategies based on how your ad is performing.

As said above there is no one rule that works for everyone. Running a campaign is like art. You need search engine experts who are ready to handle it with passion and care to get your goals achieved.

If you are hiring a Digital Marketing Agency to do the work for you there will be a fee for campaign management, campaign monitoring & report, ad creatives and campaign setup that might account roughly between 10 – 25% of the ad budget.

Step by step guide to build Social Media Packages

Social Media maintenance is easy if you understand the basics and the way each of the social media channels operate.

We can bundle social media maintenance in two ways. One with paid ad campaigns and another without paid ads and just maintenance

SMM without running paid ad campaigns

  • Step 1: Create all the necessary social media channels with branding and proper description and with all the relevant links to access your website
  • Step 2: Start creating posts with attractive graphics and information that is useful for your audience
  • Step 3: Start building your customer base by increasing your followers, likes and ratings & reviews if applicable
  • Step 4: Keep your audience engaged and encourage positive conversations in your channel by polls, questions and other valuable information
  • Step 5: Repurpose content amongst all the social media channel for maximum distribution of information about your products and services
  • Step 6: Monitor and generate reports monthly to know how your Social Media marketing has performed


The biggest advantage of this Social media marketing package is that it can be started from budget as small as $200.

The success of every social media marketing is measured in increase of followers, more positive reviews and more traffic into your website via your social media posts and lots of engagement in the comments section. This will in turn improve your brand visibility and increase loyal customer base in your social media channels.

SMM with running paid ad campaigns

Knowing how to market your services or products across various social media channels has become a mandatory skill, as there are billions of people active across various social media channels on a daily basis.

Running social media ads will help you expand your reach, promote your products, improve brand awareness and build a loyal customer base. Running ads in these platforms are also aimed mostly at these criteria.

The major difference between SEM and SMM is you can get the conversion happening in the social media channel itself without driving your client to a landing page. That’s a lot of time saving and there is all possible of a sale happening in a single click within the same window.

Here are the steps you can follow when you have decided to run a social media ad

  • Step 1: Do all the steps 1-6 from the ‘without ad’ criteria. It helps to keep your social media channels engaged
  • Step 2: Decide on the social media channel. Is it facebook (small business and niche interest based)? Instagram (small business and solopreneurs)? Linked In (medium to enterprise b2b client)?
  • Step 3: Ad graphics play the biggest role. Are you going to use a video or Image? Make it quite attractive
  • Step 4: Ad Copy (title, description and ad copy) is important too. Ensure you follow the rules of the respective social media channel
  • Step 5: Decide on the budget and bidding strategies. Define your audience. Mostly all the social media channels have a step by step guidance material for ease of use.
  • Step 6: Monitor and download reports and measure your activities has a good article to talk in detail about SMM. Do have a read.

When it comes to running a social media ad via an agency, there will always be a handling fee of 10-25% based on your arrangement with the agency. This cost is for the ad setup, ad campaign management, ad creatives and social media channel handling.

Hope now you have a clear understanding of how you can plan for a social media campaign and management or what to expect from your digital marketing agency.

How to Budget a Custom Digital Marketing Packages for a Year

What we discussed above are packages for individual tactics like SEO, SMM and PPC. But now we will see a hybrid of all these that comes under Digital Marketing.

Determining the budget for marketing is one among the few initial tick items. With businesses, marketing budgets are allocated on a yearly basis. This vastly helps in determining goals based on the budget and work towards it.

Budgeting for your Digital Marketing Activities are based purely on the size of the market, size of the organization, your location and the products or services you are trying to project and finally the audience’s interest.

For example, if you are budgeting for a travel tech website, it’s essential that you decide how your audience should absorb you.

Is it business travel? Or leisure travel? The promotional activities will differ based on all the multiple factors how you project your business.

If your annual digital marketing budget is $12000, you can split them into 12 as monthly budgets of $1000 or convert them into quarterly ones based on the demand you have seen in the previous years.

At times marketing budget needs to be doubled during vacation times to convert more leads. It can be determined based on the previous experiences or based on demand.

Preparing yourself for a complete year also helps you to distribute work evenly, wait for progress and revisit your digital marketing techniques if either of them didn’t work.

Digital Marketing Automation Packages and Maintenance

Marketing automation is mainly looked out for in established businesses. Once you have your basic SEO setup and content marketing strategy in place, it’s time to think about automating your lead generation process via a CRM. This helps to nurture and engage your leads and move them further ahead in the sales curve.

A CRM might sound a lot to manage, but it opens the door for a variety of ways to reach your customer and monitor what works and what doesn’t in one single place. Right from simple tools like MailChimp to complex tools like Marketo, there are plenty of Marketing automation tools available in the market.

With the use of marketing automation you can easily automate repetitive tasks and avoid the hassle of getting into a monotonous routine with your prospective lead list.

Marketing automation involves activities like behavioral tracking, email marketing, lead generation, lead management / nurturing, user onboarding, customer retention, social media marketing, analytics / performance monitoring and much more.

Don’t Delegate, Automate is a good read under this topic.

Popular Marketing Automation Tools

  • Marketo has solutions for every digital marketing need. You can carry out a variety of marketing activities like marketing data environment, content personalization, cross-channel engagement, experience automation and much more. You also have customized solutions to attract and convert prospects, grow customer relationships, scale up your marketing and much more,
  • Hubspot offers Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow. They have multiple products like Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub, CMS hub etc. You can increase your traffic, connect with leads, close and manage leads with multiple support tools.
  • MailChimp is a popular marketing automation platform where you can start instantly. They help to boost sales with shoppable landing pages, grow your audience with signup forms and find new customers with digital ads. Whether you’re looking to take your business online for the first time or scale your existing business, mailchimp offers the tools you need to sell more
  • Get Response is a comprehensive marketing software platform that helps you create content, boost sales, and increase traffic to your website. Integrated email marketing, autoresponders, and landing pages let you automate essential tasks and launch effective marketing campaigns. Advanced analytics make it easy to track conversions, leads, and ROI, and learn what your customers want. Customizable template scenarios do the work for you – no coding necessary. (As defined in their website)
  • Active Campaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.They offer features like automation segmentation, contact management and email marketing. You can get access to advanced reporting, integrated forms, site tracking, migration services and much more.
  • Keap (a.k.a InfustionSoft) is the most powerful product, offering an all-in-one solution that provides advanced marketing and sales automation, fully customizable campaigns, and powerful app integration. You can check what all they offer here
  • Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to create automated workflows called zaps. The main advantage of using zapier is there is no coding knowledge required. You can learn more about zapier here

Outsourcing Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is more of an expert’s work that will help you strategize and take the right directions. Most of these marketing automation tools offer certifications and it would be easy if you hire a certified marketing automation expert for knowledgeable suggestions in the respective platforms.

With marketing automation comes activities like connecting with the respective APIs with your form outputs to track lead generation and to enhance lead nurturing.

In addition to these automation tools we can take help of monitoring tools like Hotjar, Webengage etc to add more value to the automation tools you use. Few tools like MixPanel, Adobe Cloud, KissMetrics etc to help you track events, conversions, and your users’ behavior.

Get in touch with a digital marketing agency who specialize in these marketing automation tools to handle your digital marketing like a pro..

Sample Digital Marketing Packages with scenarios

Now that we have mostly covered A-Z of digital marketing, let’s see how we at ColorWhistle built custom digital marketing pricing packages for our clients. We have used generic names to maintain anonymity of our clients.

Scenario 1:

John Doe is a small business owner and has just built his own website with a wordpress template. He needs to start with Digital Marketing with a possible low budget. He also plans to do aggressive digital marketing after 6 months. So for now he just wants to get his website ready with the basics.

This is how ColorWhistle proposed a low budget digital marketing package to the client

SEO basis organic digital marketing package

The above was a basic start up digital marketing package that involved tactics from SEO and SMM. With this basic approach the client will be able to slowly build his customer base and start ranking in the search engines.

Scenario 2:

Patricia has a small consulting company for six sigma and lean sigma and has a website for almost 8 years without much engagement. When they approached us we helped them get a good responsive website, post which we created a custom digital marketing package for both maintenance and ad campaigns.

Here is the bundle we arrived at after multiple brainstorming sessions.

SEO organic and ads based sample digital marketing package

Scenario 3:

Robert is a cardiologist and runs his own clinic. When he realized the importance of having a website and benefits of digital marketing, he approached us and we helped him get a new shining website with all the app integrations for doctors and suggested the below bundle for digital marketing.

SEO organic ads content marketing based sample digital marketing package

Constant updates and monitoring helped the doctor with more appointments and more customer engagement was planned via research papers and informative blogs to improve his community base.

Scenario 4:

Sharon owns a consulting company that serves enterprise clients on a large scale. Their website was old and outdated with minimal SEO activity. Colorwhistle helped revamp their website with the latest trends and for digital marketing we opted for marketing automation as their customer base was huge.

Together we chose Marketo, Getresponse, Salesforce & Zappier to automate lead generation, campaigns and email marketing successfully with that tool. 

Here is the package we created for that client

SEO organic ads content marketing and marketing automation based sample digital marketing package

Digital Marketing Packages FAQs

1. What Are Digital Marketing Packages?

Packages that cover all the SEO and Marketing activities included as one are Digital Marketing Packages. They are a combination of various marketing activities to enable successful lead generation, Brand Promotion and Brand Awareness of any particular brand.

2. Why should we opt for a digital marketing package?

As Digital Marketing Packages are tailored with multiple activities, it’s better to take them as a bundle. Packages are cost efficient and time bound. This will help to measure and understand the behaviour and performance of any Digital Marketing Strategy.

You can also discuss and custom tailor your Digital Marketing Package based on your business needs

3. How much does a digital marketing package cost?

Usually a Digital Marketing Package starts from $399 and scales up based on the number of keywords, number of social media channels and the size of the business. It’s better to thoroughly understand the contents of the package and then decide whether it will suit your business.

4. What is the difference between hiring a digital marketing agency and subscribing for a package?

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency is like taking their expertise to craft a custom strategy and plan Digital Marketing activities based on your goals and business needs. While, subscribing to a digital marketing package is availing the contents of that package alone for a particular cost.

We recommend hiring a Digital Marketing Agency as it will open up opportunities for more discussions and marketing planning which will in turn enable a healthy strategy and execution for your business.

5. What will be included in a digital marketing package?

Below is an exhaustive list that can come under any digital marketing package. A combination of any of the below items which will suit your business will pave way for a custom Digital Marketing Package.

  • Basics – Setup / Configure
  • On-Page Metrics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Google Ads Setup
  • FB Ads Manager / Pixel Ready
  • Linkedin Ads Ready
  • YouTube Ads Ready
  • Twitter / Quora / Pinterest / Reddit Ads Ready
  • Upto 15% of Ads Budget
  • Blog post / Infographic
  • Social Media Creative + Content
  • PDF / PPT / YouTube / Quora Answer / Linkedin Pulse Post
  • Directory listing + Link building
  • Ads Campaign Management + Reporting
  • Paid Directory Listings (Optional)

6. How will the reporting be when subscribing to a digital marketing package?

Reports are generated on the monthly or quarterly as per client agreement. The report will contain the whole list of activities that took place. The changes in the traffic, the performance of social media, blog posts etc.

Reports will help you monitor the overall behavior and performance of your activities and enables you to tweak/change your plans accordingly

7. How will the digital marketing package cost calculation be - Hour based or Activity based?

Digital Marketing Packages can be weighed and calculated both ways. If you are looking for an hourly engagement, like 25 hours a month, the cost can be calculated based on that. If you are looking to do just SEO and Social Media Marketing the same can be calculated based on the efforts needed to achieve your goals with them.

Consultative Approach of ColorWhistle in Digital Marketing

We at ColorWhistle strongly believe that a consultative approach is the only way to approach digital marketing. We have worked across several niche businesses like a business consulting company, a digital conferences company, few tours and travel companies, a web design agency, kitchen manufacturers company to boost their sales with digital marketing.

The interesting part is none if these companies had the same set of digital marketing channels used or the same set of strategies or budget. We tailor each package to the respective client needs to achieve their business goals.

Also, we do not boast that all our strategies worked. But, constant monitoring and consulting and brainstorming with the client helped us achieve more results than we expected in certain cases. So it’s never a one way traffic or one idea works for all types.

At ColorWhistle, we try to listen, strategize and then execute and involve the client in all the stages to get maximum ROI.

Are you ready to build your Digital Marketing package with us? Do contact us and let us know your thoughts.

75 Small Business Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

If you are planning to create a small business website, it should clearly reflect your company values. According to Clique, 94% of people say web design is the reason they mistrust a website. Since you have only a few seconds to make an impression, it is important to show your business message with good clarity.

Finding the most creative small business website design ideas is the most challenging part.

To help you with this, our ColorWhistle team has collected 75 small business websites from different industries that will give you some much-needed inspiration.

Small Business Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

In no particular order, here is a list of small business websites for your inspiration

Over to You

When creating a small business website, a lot of careful planning is required because it is going to be the marketing tool of your business. So, when you start planning, consider our amazing list of small business website design inspiration. It will help you get started and give you an idea of how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

If you need any help from professionals to build your small business website, feel free to get in touch with our ColorWhistle team. We have worked with a variety of small businesses and helped them to establish an amazing online presence. From building a responsive website to creating an attractive e-commerce store, we can create a website that will meet all your requirements. Contact us or give us a call +1 (919) 234-5140 to get started.

Which small business web design did you like? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

COVID -19 Awareness Ad Design Ideas and Inspirations

At present, the world is combating the COVID-19 outbreak. Many companies are actively discouraging gathering in crowds and encouraging work-from-home. To say that this pandemic has undertaken our lives is an understatement.

As we are adjusting to the new normal and learning to live with COVID-19, many brands are giving importance to spreading awareness to connect with their consumers. It is clearly reflected in their digital ads. Through unique ads, brands are continuing to achieve their business objectives even in these unprecedented times.

In this blog, we have gathered creative COVID-19 graphics of famous brands to understand how they have been using it to connect with their target audience.

Let’s dive in.

Innovative COVID-19 Awareness Ad Design Ideas and Inspirations

To Sum Up Our COVID-19 Awareness Ad Design Ideas and Inspirations

Due to COVID-19, consumers seem to be spending more and more time online and consume more information related to the pandemic. As you build your next ad campaign, remember to update your messaging and keep your consumer’s best interest in mind like the above ads.

If you need any help to create such unique ads for your brand, do reach out to ColorWhistle. Our graphic designers can help to create COVID-19 awareness ads and help you connect with your customers. Contact us or give us a call +1 (919) 234-5140 to get started.

Which ads did you like on our list? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Digital Marketing Case Studies That Brought Amazing Results

Reading effective digital marketing case studies is one of the best practices to gain inspiration from other businesses. It helps you learn more about how digital marketers actively reacted to get results for unique situations.

Case studies provide in-depth knowledge about the uncommon situations faced by digital marketers, steps they took to overcome, and the end-results obtained.

As you can learn more from the other marketer’s mistakes, going through case studies will never become vain. You can avoid mistakes in your digital marketing activities and also take similar approaches to the issues you are facing.

In this article, we have covered a wide range of case studies under different aspects of digital marketing, that includes content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and much more.

Let’s take a look.

Best Digital Marketing Case Studies for You

Here, we have listed the best digital marketing case studies that reveal the works of expert digital marketers.

Content Marketing Case Studies

Here, we have curated the best content marketing case studies that really worked well and brought amazing results.

1. On-site Retargeting

iSpionage faced a problem in retargeting the readers from their referral blog website to their main website. To fix this, the site placed an on-site retargeting popup on their blog posts.

This made them increase their blog referral traffic by 58% and received up to 5.47% Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Moreover, 4,144+ popup impressions were generated, more than 227+ people were redirected to the main site. To learn more about the case study, click here.

Takeaway – By implementing an on-site retargeting technique, you can educate visitors about your services, create awareness regarding your offers, and drive traffic to your content.

2. Trending Topics

Lawrence of Morocco gained coverage from the Game of Thrones buzz by designing and promoting a map that listed all the filming locations found in the Game of Thrones series. Click here to learn more about the case study.

This brought over 11,300+ visits to the website and outlets in top-tier publications like Washington Post, Mashable, Business Insider, and many more.

Takeaway – By making the best use of trending topics that have gained a massive outreach across the world, you can easily achieve more traction for your brand.

3. Trifecta Content Marketing Strategy

College Raptor proved that it is possible to scale a startup from 0 organic traffic to 100,000 visitors per month within a year using the trifecta content marketing strategy. If you are curious to learn more about this case study, click here.

Takeaway – Content that falls under three categories that include evergreen, social viral, and link building will support you in dominating your SEO rankings. The number of backlinks and media outlets can be increased with the usage of public data and viral content.

4. User Acquisition Content

Fractl’s dating app Sapio leveraged user acquisition efforts that led to a 3,072% spike in weekly app installs in just 5 weeks. Click here, if you like to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway – Understanding your target audience and publishing personalized content at the right time through powerful influencers will add value to your content.

Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Below, we have lined up the best social media marketing case studies.

1. Usage of #Hashtags

Vogue India launched a social awareness initiative regarding the empowerment of women. They created a two-and-a-half-minute video with 99 high-profile women and hashtag #MyChoice. It went viral on the internet that attracted 2M+ views in two days. Click here to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway – Effective usage of catchy hashtags on your social media posts with popular influencers can boost your social media awareness.

2. Social Media Walls

Tinkham Veale University Center has innovatively built social media walls with keyword-rich content and user-designated #hashtags. It encouraged a number of attendees from all over the world for participating in the events. If you like to learn more about the case study, click here.

Takeaway – Curating your conferences, workshops, etc with the venue details on powerful social media walls is a super promotional point for your events among the aspirants.

3. Social Media Campaigns

AstraZeneca has taken an initiative called #LVNGWith exclusively for connecting lung cancer attacked people with their loved ones. People were invited to leave their answers on Facebook and Instagram for this question – How will you spend your #GiftedDay? Click here to learn more about the case study.

#GiftedDay is such an amazing social media content series that earned half a million views in less than 24 hours, increased 500% of shares, doubled their number of followers and over 1,500+ people newly joined the LVNG With community and many more.

TakeawaySuccessful social media campaigns are helpful in creating awareness among the audience and connecting people from all over the globe.

SEO Case Studies

Here, we have consolidated the best SEO case studies that established a stunning presence on the relevant search results.

1. 6-Step SEO Process

UAV Coach was striving to gain traction in the competitive organic search results.

Robbie Richard’s 6-step SEO process supported the UAV Coach to outrank global brands like Mashable, climb to better rankings on Google, generate over 152,732+ visits, drive 11,065% of recurring organic traffic in 6 months, and get many other perks. Curious to learn more about the case study, then click here.

Takeaway – Upgrading existing content with SEO strategies will generate long-term exposure, build authority in your industry, capture quality leads, and eventually convert them into valuable customers.

2. E-commerce Transactions

Search Logistics assisted a furniture-seller who had a website that was hit by Google penalty and lacked in keyword-optimization techniques. SearchLogistics redesigned the website, built the domain authority through link building, managed the site structure issues, and many more. Click here to learn about a detailed explanation of the case study.

Within 6 months, they were able to experience the positive impacts on the website like a 122.27% increase in organic traffic, a 336% in e-commerce transactions, a 369% in revenue, etc.

TakeawayRedesign your business website, create quality content, and build effective links to enhance your visibility on the results page for relevant search queries.

3. SEO Achievements at Affordable Budget

Exposure Ninja supported an accountancy firm that followed a basic online marketing approach. It helped in redesigning the website, researching relevant keywords, optimizing the blog content, etc. To read the detailed case study, click here.

These effective SEO practices resulted in a 293% increase in leads, a 156% in site visitors, and a 31% in requesting for consultation.

Takeaway – With smart SEO tactics, it is easy to make a mark in the SEO search results at a shoe-string budget.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Case Studies

Below, we have broken down the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) case studies that worked effectively.

1. Adwords’ Quality Score

A large number of well-established firms and ad creative regulations have reduced the quality score of InterTrader in AdWords. It negatively affected the average ad positions, impressions on search results, and Cost-Per-Click.

Seperia supported InterTrader in maintaining Adwords’ quality score. This resulted in improving the CTR by 0.81%, average position by 6.1%, and quality score average by 3.3%. Click here to learn more about this case study.

Takeaway – Smart implementation of excellent PPC strategies can bring optimal results like great exposure, numerous CTRs, high average position, low Cost-Per-Click (CPC), etc for your PPC advertising campaign.

2. Revenue Generator

Truprint/Snapfish wanted to improve the overall performance of its PPC advertising activities. Being a premier Google partner Click Consult could whitelist Truprint for a range of exclusive Google beta features.

It brought exceptional results in increasing the revenue by 355%. Also, there was a reduction in the disruption activities of the newly revamped website. To elaborately learn about the technologies used for running this successful PPC campaign, click here.

Takeaway – By focussing on Google Shopping Campaign, Bing Shopping, dynamic remarketing, and many other tactics, you can easily get returns on your PPC investment.

3. Quality Leads

One of the clients of Spinutech was mindful of driving quality leads and high revenue to its website through PPC advertising campaigns.

With the effective use of AdWords, Spinutech could bring amazing results to its client’s website at the end of four-months campaign optimization. It increased the total number of branded leads by 85.71% and decreased the overall Cost-Per-Click (CPC) by 45.02%. Click here to learn more about the study.

Takeaway – By making the best use of high-search volume keywords, it is possible to reduce the CPCs and target the right audience who are interested in your products and services.

Video Marketing Case Studies

Here, we have curated the best video marketing campaigns that really worked in impressing the right viewers.

1. Social Message

Canadian Tire’s advertisement video portrays a small Canadian boy seated in a wheelchair who was encouraged by another small kid to play basketball games. This advertisement about wheels turned out to be one of the viral marketing videos in 2017. To learn more about the case study, click here.

Takeaway – When your brand message is associated with a social cause, it turns out to be a psychological motivator that urges viewers to follow your brand. It evokes strong feelings in viewers at the same time conveys the brand message.

2. Impressive Content

Android’s Friends Furever video campaign depicts featuring clips of unlikely animals playing and enjoying together.

According to Unruly, a video ad tech company this impressive video was shared more than 6.4 million times and gained the specialization of the most-shared video in 2015. If you like to learn a detailed explanation of the case study, click here.

Takeaway – With eye-catchy video content, it is easy to promote memorable brand messages to the desired audience.

3. Power of Influencers created an excellent video marketing campaign that incorporated speeches of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg about the importance of learning coding languages.

This video marketing campaign bought more traction to the website. Click here to take a look at the detailed explanation of the case study.

Takeaway – With the help of popular influencers, you can spread your brand message in an even more steadfast manner.

Below, we have lined up the best voice search case studies.

1. Mobile Voice Search

Typing search queries can be cumbersome, error-prone, and even dangerous in some usage scenarios. Users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices when doing web searches.

In November 2008 Google introduced Google Mobile App (GMA) for iPhone that included a search by voice feature. GMA search by voice extended the paradigm of multi-modal voice search from searching for businesses on maps to searching the entire World Wide Web (WWW). To learn more about the case study, click here.

Takeaway – By integrating mobile voice search, you can effectively provide the best user experience to your target audience.

2. Webpage Content Curation

Anglian Home Improvements had answers for three different FAQs curated on the same page at a single URL. This did not provide the best user experience and affected Google rankings too.

Epiphany Search supported Anglian Home Improvements by listing the FAQs on different pages with optimized content that best suits featured snippets.

As a result of this voice search strategy, the website marked significant visibility on voice search queries by driving 13 inquiries per month. Click here to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway – Based on the high search volume keywords, you have to create quality content. This helps search engines to easily recognize your content and display it before your target audience.

Over to You

Digital marketing case studies are useful for you in making the right marketing decisions. If you like to learn about the performance of a digital marketer, case studies will greatly help you!

Are you looking for a professional digital marketing service provider? At ColorWhistle, our expert digital marketers can help you with tailor-based services that best match your business objectives.

Feel free to get in touch with us via message or call +1 (919) 234-5140 at any time. We are ready to extend our arm of support to you!

Did we miss any interesting digital marketing case studies? Comment your thoughts in the box below. We are glad to hear back from you.

6 Effective Financial Advisory Business Lead Generation Strategies

Are you looking for the best strategies to generate leads for your financial advisory business?

Being a financial advisor, the growth of your business depends on the quality of leads that are generated on a regular basis. With the help of prospective leads, you will be able to boost your sales, increase your revenue, and outgrow your competitors.

Before planning for the lead generation strategies, it is imperative to understand your audience and your local competitors. This will help you build tailor-based smart strategies that bring about quality leads to your online financial advisory business.

To help you blow your whistle among the prospective audience, we have broken down the best lead generation strategies for your financial advisory business.

Generate Leads Using the Best Lead Generation Strategies

By implementing the best working lead generation strategies, you can easily captivate prospects to your financial advisory business and march forward with a band of quality leads.

Let us embark on adding more pearls to your crown.

1. Create a Dedicated Professional Website

According to a report Cdn2.Hubspot, over 28 million financial advisors have their own business website. Having a professional website for your financial advisory business is similar to holding an online visiting card.

With aesthetic web design, you can easily create a positive impression. Users’ first impressions are 94% based on web design, visual appeal, and navigation.

Further, domain name places a big role in transforming your website into a powerful lead generation tool. For instance, Capital Investment Advisors’ website – has boosted its online reach to a great extent.

Having a website for your financial adversary is no longer a luxury but comes under necessity. Here, we have given a few tips for you to consider while building a website for your financial advisory firm.

  • Choose a perfect domain name and web hosting platform
  • Select a friendly CMS
  • Take inspirations from other financial advisory websites
  • Create attractive content that best reflects your services
  • Optimize keywords for search engine rankings

Do you have plans to design a professional website for your business? At ColorWhistle, we create websites with stunning design elements, user-friendly features, and upgraded technologies that generate quality leads for your business.

2. Publish Blogs Regularly

Blogging is one of the lead generation approaches that showcase your expertise to the prospective audience. By integrating the blogging section on your website, you can easily drive more prospective clients and engage current clients.

By delivering quality content to the users consistently, your website becomes favorable to search engines as a result lead generation can exceed beyond your expectations.

Statistics that Prove Blogging has Brought Amazing Results

As a leading content service provider, ColorWhistle can write blogs for your financial advisory website and make you captivate qualified leads into your funnel. Feel free to reach out to our skilled bloggers.

3. Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Social media visibility is the greatest asset responsible for capturing quality leads to your financial advisory firm. Sysomos, a social media software provider, and Marketwired, a business news data channel found that 40-60% of people use information from social media for making investment decisions.

Being active on social media platforms will support you in promoting word-of-mouth, connecting with the right audience, and attracting prospects to avail of your services. According to a survey, 80% of financial advisors have gained new leads through social media.

Here, we have outlined a few tips to generate quality leads from your active social media presence.

Tips for Gaining Leads from Social Media

  • Understand your audience
  • Maintain a dedicated account on social media channels
  • Upload posts consistently during the peak hours
  • Collaborate with popular social media influencers
  • Make the best use of #hashtags
  • Showcase your achievements right then
  • Host social media webinars
  • Build online communities
  • Incorporate effective call-to-action on every post

Around 86% of the financial advisors who use social media reported that they have gained an average of $5 million in business. Are you facing difficulties in giving a leg-up for your business on the crowded social media platform?

Then, take assistance from our social media experts. We follow smart and ethical strategic approaches that make your social media profile a power-house for generating ideal leads.

4. Build Effective Landing Pages

In this lead generation game, landing pages have a significant part in nurturing prospects to become your clients. Using landing pages, you can prompt users to take the appropriate actions for offering the most personalized services.

A smart lead generation landing page will be comprised of a headline, offer a proposal, and have a call-to-action button. Reports prove that by making the best use of landing pages, it is possible to increase the conversion rate by 25%.

Importance of Landing Pages

Here are a few reasons why you should consider landing pages to be the ultimate lead generation tool.

  • Increase the average conversion rate
  • Convey the most focused messages to the target audience
  • Provide analytics report
  • Affiliate co-branding opportunities

Place effective call-to-action buttons on your website, blogs, social posts, etc for giving access to your gated services like newsletters, e-book, case studies, helpful guides, finance management courses, and others. These enticing offers serve as perfect lead magnets for invoking your website visitors to voluntarily attach their contact details.

By making the best use of these details, you can directly connect with your target audience and convert them into your potent clients.

5. Optimize Email Marketing

Email marketing is similar to an underground gold mining where you can capture quality leads toward your financial consultancy services. In 2018, more than 3.8 billion people were using email, and that number is expected to increase to 4.2 billion by 2022.

Important Things to Keep in Mind Before an Email Marketing Campaign

  • Check whether you have included a powerful subject line
  • Make sure you create content that engages the viewers
  • Add visual elements like images, graphics, and stickers
  • Identify the right time to begin your campaign
  • Make sure you are choosing the best email marketing automation tool
  • Check whether you have segmented your email subscribers into lists

Here is how Myra Wealth optimized all the elements of their new year’s email campaign that boosted the number of leads for their finance business.

Emails pave an amazing way to directly connect with your target audience and promote your business updates, services, and other business-related information.

Marketing your financial advisory business via emails provides a more personalized experience to your audience. Moreover, depending on the response of the users to your emails, you can even bring improvements in your services.

6. Encourage Visitors for Online Reviews

The online reviews from your clients will work silently to generate more ideal leads. Today, people search for anything and everything on the internet. This is where your online reviews take the call by inspiring viewers with stars and ratings.

Generally, people get attracted to the financial firm that has more appreciable ratings and reviews. Online reviews showcase your credibility and provide better opportunities to enhance your search engine rankings.

Only a crying child will have milk. Similarly, request your clients to submit their reviews and ratings before signing out of your website. Moreover, including a small note at the end of your email newsletter, with a link to your Yelp or Google pages, is a good way to encourage reviews.

When a prospective new client looks up your business online and sees that you have a number of positive reviews, they are more likely to visit your site or contact you.

In a Nutshell

Practicing effective lead generation strategies is the best way to enhance your online financial advisory firm.

If you like ColorWhistle to be your effective lead generation partner, then reach us via message or call +1 (919) 234-5140. We are ready to hold your hands on your business journey!

Are you facing any challenges while generating leads for your financial advisory business? Feel free to share it in the comments section below. We can help you clear it out.

WordPress Developer | Full stack Web Developer

Openings for WordPress Developer / Front-end UI developer in Coimbatore Location

  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Required education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Required experience: 3+ Years
  • WordPress programming experience: 2 years (Required) 
  • HTML 5 / CSS / Javascript  experience: 2 years (Required)

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • At least 10+ WordPress project development experience
  • Strong knowledge in WordPress Architecture and basics
  • Experience in custom WordPress Themes, Post-types, Plugin development, REST API
  • Knowledge / Experience in popular plugins like ACF Pro, Elementor Pro, Membership plugins, WooCommerce, Form plugins etc..
  • Experience in Genesis themes, X theme, Avada and Divi themes are big PLUS
  • Exposure to advanced WordPress development using GIT, GULP, SASS etc..
  • Experience or specialization in any of this industry is a big plus: eCommerce, Travel, Education, Health care, Real estate
  • Good experience in HTML5, CSS3 and JS libraries for sliders

Skills & Requirements

  • Ready-made theme based integration works are NOT CONSIDERED as relevant experience. We are looking for a fundamentally strong WordPress Developer who can code, talk and understand all the coding elements of WordPress
  • Effective communication skill is must
  • Minimum of 2 year experience with various WordPress project knowledge is expected
  • Those who have a strong front-end UI skills, and passion to build full-stack digital solutions can also apply
  • Inter-personal, team building skills are necessary
No recruiters / agencies please.

Top 60 Membership Website Ideas and Inspirations

Creating a membership website is the best way to get recurring revenue and build an online community.

If you want to create a successful membership website, it will be of great help if you can see what others have done. It will help your creative juices flow and give you a much-needed boost to create an impressive membership website of your own.

So, we went in search of some of the best membership websites and highlighted them here. In this post, we’ll cover some unique and interesting membership websites’ examples. From online courses, music lessons to nail art, we’ve got everything covered.

Get ready to be inspired.

Top Membership Website Inspiration

We have segregated the membership website inspiration based on the most famous niches. Take a look.

Sports Membership Websites

Online Course Membership Websites

YouPreneur Membership Website Inspiration

Religious Membership Websites

Study Gateway Membership Website Inspiration

Fitness and Wellness Membership Websites

ReflexionYoga Membership Website Inspiration

Art Membership Websites

Pencil Kings Membership Website Inspiration

Art Membership Websites

Guitar Tricks Membership Website Inspiration

Influencer Membership Websites

E-Commerce Membership Websites

Food Membership Websites

Dating Membership Websites

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the membership website examples in this blog will give you some inspiration to build your own membership website.

If you need any help to create your own membership website, do not hesitate to get help from ColorWhistle. Our team can help you create a website that will attract and engage your members and look good on every device. Send us a message or give us a call +1 (919) 234-5140 at any time, we can build a website that exceeds your expectations and support your goals.

Finally, let us know the best membership websites you liked in the comments section below.

Everything you Need to Know For a Successful Rebranding

So, you have decided that it’s time for a rebrand? Great! You have already crossed the hardest part – committing to a rebrand.

Letting go of what worked in the past to make changes to future-proof your brand requires forward-thinking. Congratulations – The hard part is behind you.

Rebranding without purpose or strategy is a recipe for disaster. Beyond sketches and designs, rebranding your company requires a strong company alignment and the flexibility to move ahead with the rebranding.

By working on a variety of rebranding projects, our ColorWhistle team has learned some amazing things including types of rebranding, the process, and some other important things that you need to remember when you want to reinvent the look of your company. We have also put together a rebranding checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

Let’s jump right into the topic and find out how rebranding can keep your company in shape.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is changing an organization’s name, logo, colors, or other structural parts of the brand image of a company to allow new perceptions to form in the minds of consumers, investors, and other stakeholders.

What Are the Types of Rebranding?

We have used our knowledge to categorize branding into 3 major types. This will help you identify the best type of rebranding that will fit your company.

1. Brand Refresh

This is the most common type of rebranding that refreshes your current brand. If there has been a slight change in the goals and objectives of your company, or if your company logo is outdated, your branding agency will opt for this. Tweaks and changes will be made for your visual identity to help you keep up-to-date with the latest trends that consumers want.

2. Brand Merger

A brand merger happens when there is a merger or acquisition or when your company welcomes a new management. This type of brand merger combines two or more platforms into one. For example, combining two logos to make one single logo.

3. Full Rebrand

A complete overhaul of a brand is a serious decision that impacts every aspect of your business. Companies will opt for a full rebrand when their products or services fail to resonate with the audience and keep them from reaching their maximum potential. With a complete rebrand, there will be little to no resemblance to your previous brand.

What Are the Top Reasons for Rebranding?

The motivation behind a rebrand is a combination of several factors. Here are the top reasons why corporates rebrand.

  • Changes in business ownership such as mergers, acquisitions, and demergers usually result in an immediate rebranding
  • Changes in brand positioning and the brand promise of a company results in rebranding to make the transformation visible to all the stakeholders
  • Changes are necessary if the organization plans to use its brand internationally
  • Changes in the market situation or digitalization demand companies to reinvent themselves to better fit the current digital age
  • Changes are made to remove any negative association with a brand
  • Changes in the organizational structure like the appointment of a new CEO
  • Changes are made to increase business returns and save costs

In addition to these common reasons, there are a multitude of other reasons for rebranding. No matter the reason, it is important to make the right choice. Additionally, you may have to convince all the stakeholders in your organization to opt for a rebrand. 

What Does a Rebranding Process Look Like?

Every business is unique. But, there are some core building blocks that will be present in every rebranding process. Your rebranding process will look something like this.

1. Discovery Phase

Your rebranding agency or brand team will dive deep into your current brand and do thorough research to understand your business context. In this stage, these are the areas that will be given the utmost importance to:
  • Competitor research

    Finding points to set you apart from competitors
  • Market research

    Discovering what your customers want and expect from you

2. Creative Phase

Once all the data is collected related to where your current brand is and where you likely want to be, the next stage in the rebranding process is to develop your visual identity. In this phase, importance will be given to the following:
  • Develop a messaging approach

    Elevator pitch, user personas, and key features and benefits your product or service offers
  • Visual identity

    like color palette, logo, fonts, artwork, illustration, and any other brand marques

3. Execution Phase

Your rebranding agency or team will be ready with the approaches, visuals, and brand names and taglines if applicable. Here are some aspects that will be concentrated in this phase.
  • Collect feedback from stakeholders

    Giving feedback to the creative team so that contradictions can be removed before the actual execution
  • Check the brief

    Review everything on the brief to check if everything is covered to your satisfaction and if the revisions match the original scope
Once the feedback is resolved, the rebranding agency will give you the final deliverables.

A Simple Rebranding Checklist

We have put together this rebranding checklist, which will be useful for any business that is planning to take a bold move to secure the future of their company by refreshing their brand. Make sure you tick all these for a successful rebranding.

About Your Company

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Brand style guide
  • Tagline/slogan description

Digital Assets

  • Web domains
  • Changes in website content
  • Update visuals in your website
  • Social media accounts (new graphics and notify all your followers)
  • On-page SEO: titles, keywords, meta descriptions, etc
  • Web feed (RSS) links
  • Business directories and web directories
  • Google My Business Listing

Marketing Materials

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Brochures, flyers and other education materials
  • Case studies, white paper, testimonials, etc
  • Newsletter/e-newsletter templates
  • Digital banner ads, TV and radio spots if applicable
  • Videos and product demos
  • Launch email campaigns and PPC campaigns notifying customers


  • Business cards, email signatures, and addresses
  • Letterhead, envelopes, labels, and any other related items
  • Server and file names
  • Computer logins
  • New email addresses and signatures

Human Resource

  • Employee agreement
  • Training materials

Legal and finance

  • Tax documents
  • Contracts, statements, and invoices
  • Accounting software

Other Points To Keep In Mind

  • Set up a plan to communicate the changes internally
  • Fix deadlines and goals
  • Device a plan to get proper trademarks for your new brand
  • Hire a lawyer to make sure all the legal paperwork is proper (optional)

What Are the Key Components of Rebranding?

The essentials involved in the rebranding is crucial for the entire project because they are the foundation upon which the other parts are built. We have listed some of the key components that you need to pay attention to when you are rebranding.
  • Values

    Brand values are the heart of every company’s culture. They must always be future-proof and actionable. So, if you establish your values properly, you will be able to take your rebrand to the next level
  • Logo

    The logo of your brand has to reflect who you are. Use your brand values as a base to select color schemes, shapes, and lineage that aligns with your company
  • Website

    Your website is the most important piece of branding you have. Most people will visit it before making a purchasing decision. So, make sure it’s user friendly
  • Message

    A mission statement describes your company from an internal point of view. Whereas brand message is externally focused. So ensure it makes a promise and fulfills the need for your products or services as it is the value proposition

What Are Some Successful Rebranding Case Studies?

Here are some successful rebranding examples for your inspiration.

1. Made in Bhutan

The country developed a strategy called ‘Made in Bhutan‘ to promote its goods, services, and tourism. The rebranding helped the country to be associated as a country that is happy, strong, and a provider of high-quality tourism. Click here to view the complete case study.

2. Uber

The company was struggling internally and was looking for a much-needed change. So, they decided to rebrand to gain a fresh perspective and to get a solid re-starting point. Their rebranding communicated safety and trust to the audience. Click here to view the complete case study.

3. Typeform

The company wanted to narrow down its focus, be more human-centric, and distinguish themselves from the competitors. So they decided to rebrand. Post the rebrand, their new quirky visuals showed empathy and helped to establish a new emotional connectivity with the users. Click here to view the complete case study.

4. Dunkin

They wanted to move away from just being a donuts seller and wanted to appeal to coffee lovers and expand their customer base. Their new typography and brand name change helped to achieve everything wanted. Click here to view the complete case study.

5. Ogilvy

The advertising, marketing, and public relations agency.decided to re-brand to focus on their heritage. The rebrand truly transformed them into a classy mark. Click here to view the complete case study.

6. BMW

Recently the automotive giant redesigned its logo to represent more openness and clarity. It has been the biggest redesign in over 100 years. Click here to view the complete case study

7. Hewlett Packard

The logo of the company’s logo was dull, beige, and old-fashioned. So they decided to revamp the logo design. The new logo design led to an immediate stir in the design world. Click here to view the complete case study.

8. Mindtree

The IT solutions company took a rebranding initiative and announced a new mission, values, and logo. The aim behind the rebrand was to of becoming a billion-dollar company. Click here to learn more.

9. Wipro

This leading global information technology introduced a new brand identity to rearticulate its values and keep up with the clients’ expectations. Click here to learn more.

10. Pepsi

The soft drink company rebranded its cans with a new tagline ‘For the Love Of It’ with an aim to celebrate the pop and fizz. Click here to learn more.

11. Coco-Cola

The company launched new branding and new flavors for its diet coke recently to capture its younger audience. Click here to learn more

Are You Thinking About Rebranding?

The benefits of rebranding will not only impact your overall marketing efforts, but they can also make your company more profitable. Reaching new potential clients, standing out from your competitors, showcasing your expertise, and expanding the influence of your products and services are some of the benefits you can enjoy by giving your brand a new look.

That said, there is a lot to consider when rebranding. It requires a commitment to your culture, clients, and bottom line. So seeking the help of a professional rebranding agency can help you make this important transition stress free.

A rebrand can be as simple as developing a new strapline for your business, name change, logo redesign, or even a website redesign. No matter the size of a rebrand, a professional agency can carry out the work with diligence and care.

If you’re considering rebranding your business, our ColorWhistle branding experts can help you. From initial planning to the final roll-out, we will formulate an excellent rebranding strategy that will help your business grow or expand to new markets. Contact us or give us a call +1 (919) 234-5140 anytime. We look forward to working with you.

Best Digital Marketing Tactics for Membership Websites

Digital marketing is the lifeblood of a successful membership website. No matter the size of your membership business, it is one of the best ways to expand your business.

However, to build your membership business and grow your revenue, you need the best digital marketing strategies by your side.

The problem is membership marketing strategies are dime a dozen. So picking one may seem hard. Well, you don’t have to pick one. The most effective tactics are intertwined and rely on each other’s strengths to succeed.

So, which membership marketing strategies will be best for your business and relevant for consumers today?

Find out more in our breakdown of the most effective membership digital marketing strategies for 2020.

How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote a Membership Website?

Membership websites are no different from marketing your online courses. In fact, you can use the same techniques with a little customization to promote your membership website.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on one thing like blogging or SEO. but to make the most of your efforts, you must juggle with as many marketing activities as possible. For example, here is a list of priorities juggled by professional marketers on a daily basis,

  • Content marketing – Blogs, content distribution etc
  • Visual marketing – Infographics
  • Video marketing – Webinars, how-to videos
  • Search engine marketing

The majority of marketers invest their time in websites, email marketing, event marketing, and even field sales. And so should you.

But what should you do?

Should you focus on blogging or SEO or invest all your efforts on social media?

Well, the right answer is ‘all of the above’

Here are some of the easiest digital marketing strategies to reach prospective members.

  • Focus on content marketing – These days, content marketing is the rage as they are one of the most promising ways to attract and convert prospects. According to wpforms, 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. Writing blogs, creating ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube, and hosting webinars are some of the popular content marketing tactics for membership sites
  • Have a testimonial page – Dimensional Research says, 90% of people who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. So, testimonials is a fantastic addition to your website as it humanizes your services and helps users take a leap of faith to trust you
  • Promote content on social media – According to IBM, 55% of buyers do research via social media. So, social media is a great way to attract potential members. You can either go via the organic way or through paid promotion on social media
  • Activate advocacy – Use referral marketing to attract new members. You can incentivize referrals by simply asking members to refer your organization and attaching a reward or use digital certificates to inspire referrals
  • Improve your membership offers – Make your membership structure more desirable by offering a free trial, short-term memberships, increment billing, giving a guarantee, and providing multiple tiers of membership
  • Search engine optimization – In today’s online world, SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing initiatives. According to Online Live Stats, Google receives over 77,000 searches per second.It helps to get more qualified traffic to your website. New SEO trends such as voice SEO also helps to improve your online visibility
  • Email marketing – According to OptinMonster, on average, email marketing has a 4400% ROI.The main goal of email marketing is to stay on top of your potential members mind and offer existing members’ useful information. You can send personalized content, like product coupons to keep them coming back
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – PPC is one of the most cost-effective paid advertising methods. According to smallbizgenius, Paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent – a 200% ROI rate. It can help you rank for high volume keywords and improve conversion optimization. When PPC is combined with SEO, it will amplify your marketing success

Phases of Membership Digital Marketing Success

You have to fit all your digital marketing strategies together and make sure they work. To do that, you can break down the plan into action steps by following 3 simple phases of membership digital marketing. Let’s take a look at them.

Membership Digital Marketing Phase 1: Preparation Work

This is the phase where you devote time to create your digital marketing launch materials. The main areas for which you’ll be creating content are landing pages, promotional graphics, emails, etc. All the creative work is completed at this stage so you can be fully prepared during the actual launch. You must also be prepared to write some extra content for an email or social media post during the launch phase.

A. Create a launch flow document

From the 1st point of contact to membership conversion, create a solid workflow. This will help you see the bigger picture and give you an idea of the possible ways through which members can come in. You can mind-map the launch flow to get a better view.

B. Create content

Now it’s time to craft your content. Refer to the flowchart to make sure you don’t forget to create content. Here are some different forms of content you can create to give an idea to your potential customers on how your actual paid membership will look like.

  • Email sequences
  • Video scripts, blog posts, or module previews of your membership site
  • Social media promotional copy
  • Sales and thank-you pages
  • Online advertisement copy Facebook ads, PPC etc
  • Content for live streaming video or sales webinar

C. Create graphics

Make sure you keep everything professional by creating innovative graphics. If you don’t have a professional by your side, then it is high time you hire a graphic designer. An experienced designer will help you create graphics as per the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Even though hiring a professional is an investment, it will definitely pay you off in the end.

D. Create email sequences

Once your content and graphics are ready, you can start creating email sequences. For instance, you can create sequences such as promotional sequence, purchase sequence, and shopping cart abandonment sequence. If this is hard, you can also get help from marketing automation experts.

E. Do a trial run

When all the necessary pages in your membership websites are live, you have to perform one important action, testing. Go through the op-in to purchase like an actual customer and see how everything works. There may be a few glitches, you’ll definitely be happy that you caught it before it went live.

Membership Digital Marketing Phase 2: Pre-Launch and Promotion

This is the phase where you can pre-order offers to get the word out. In this membership digital marketing phase, you are actually building awareness and spreading the word to your soon to be members.

A. Make use of paid advertisements

Usually, any type of paid ad will work. But, the crucial thing is that your potential members must be active in that medium.

You can go one step ahead and segment your audience based on the cold audience who have never heard of you before, targeting ads on people who have already been on your site, and current members who know about you.

You can run ads on Facebook, Google, or Pinterest so that people can be aware of your free content. People can also register for the webinars you run so they can experience your teaching style.

B. Social media posts

Through paid ads, you can reach a bigger amount of audience, but you must never underestimate the power of social media. A well-crafted social media post can bring a lot of unexpected revenue. You have to keep one point in mind, not everyone will see your social media post, so make sure to schedule posts at different times.

C. Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to bring organic traffic to your membership website. Without having a strong library of content, it will be hard to convince people to keep coming back. Also, you cannot post one be done. Blog writing is something that has to be done regularly.

D. Use your email list

Make use of the email list you have built and share the good news by sharing a series of emails to your subscribers. Similar to social media posting not all your subscribers will view your announcements. So schedule emails with more than one touchpoint.

E. Make use of affiliates

If you are an established membership website with an affiliate program in hand, then make use of it by sharing graphics and content with them so that they can present your membership website to their followers.

Membership Digital Marketing Phase 3: Launch

The launch begins soon after you start seeing the sales roll in. This stage is quite tricky. Even though you did a lot of preparation, there is still a lot to be done. So, stay present, keep an eye on the response, if necessary make changes to clarify a point or send an email to address concerns. Plus, if the results are not satisfying enough, make sure to revisit the flow chart and see where you can improve. Make sure to keep a ‘what worked’ and ‘what didn’t work list to make improvements next time.

What Type of Membership Websites Can Benefit From Digital Marketing?

Here are the various types of membership models that can benefit from digital marketing. They make up the majority of the membership sites that you will see.

  • Online course
  • Online community
  • Product membership websites
  • Service-based membership websites


Creating a membership website is exciting as it gives you an amazing way out to ditch the 9-5 job and become your own boss. No matter how well you have calculated the pricing structure of your membership website or created an excellent membership model, you still have to market it. Keep these following tips in mind,

  • Combine different digital marketing strategies to get the most out of your efforts
  • Membership websites need social proof, so make sure you display enough testimonials
  • Best marketing methods are always free, but the fastest way (ads) of promotion isn’t. Make sure you combine both to earn fruitful results
  • Create explainer videos and tutorials on YouTube to attract more crowd
  • Host webinars to drive up lead generation

Digital marketing needs a few tactical decisions, some bravery, and a lot of hard work. If you’re up for the challenge, that’s great. If not, you can always get help from professional digital marketing agencies. At ColorWhistle, our experts can formulate custom and result-driven digital marketing strategies. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, revenue, awareness, or loyalty, our team can help.

Get in touch or call us +1 (919) 234-5140 at any time. We can create a variety of digital marketing strategies to reach your unique goals.